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In the United States, June means the start of summer. A decent time for getting away from work, schools, and wherever else you’ve been in the past few months. Climbing temperature, calm breeze, and a new dream holiday plan, all these things can make you more excited to choose your next adventure destination around the world. When everyone is busy packing their stuff or planning their international travel and you

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No one wants to get sick while traveling with the objective to enjoy their holidays. It is said that traveling can make our bodies endure a lot of stress and this stress can decrease our immune system, leaving us vulnerable to sickness. With the vacation days so precious – particularly in the U.S. where people get 17 days on average per year (according to U.S Travel Association). In such a

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Most of the people are doubting that coronavirus will end in the coming summer or how long will it stay? Coronavirus outbreak has stopped the world and people are stuck at home, considering the only option to save themselves from this deadly virus. In such a crisis, people who planned their holidays or vacations are now worried and asking their travel agencies for a refund or hold for an unknown


The Coronavirus COVID-19 is affecting 176 countries and territories around the world. There is 1 international conveyance cruise which is containing more than 600 people in (the Diamond Princess cruise ship harbored in Yokohama, Japan). Since the late December reports, over 200,000 people have been infected and over 8,500 people have died from the dangerous coronavirus, which is officially named Covid-19 by World Health Organization(WHO). As the virus is continually

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Costa Rica’s beautiful terrain, landmarks, lush forests, and diverse wildlife, everything you can think of, this amazing destination has. Pacific coast is the best spot for beach lovers and northern plains are famous among nature lovers. Costa Rica has a very diverse culture and places where a tourist can never get more excited than ever. This beautiful country has a lot to offer who wants to explore majestic spots for


Italy is a European country with a long Mediterranean coastline, beautiful destination for spending an awesome vacation. Are you planning a trip or a family holiday? If so, be ready to catch some of the most impressive information and after reading this article, you will fall in love with Italy. This amazing country has an incredible history, especially it’s capital “Rome” is associated with cultural and war history. There are

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Traveling with family is a responsibility if you are the guardian and it is very important to consider traveling to safe destinations with count on budget. Thousands of people travel around the world to enjoy their summer vacations with their loved ones. Whether you’re staying somewhere for a day or seven days when you are traveling with family, here are some of the most amazing and effective tips that you

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About half of the business or adventure travelers internationally are females. The travel industry is especially focusing on making traveling and accommodations more secure because of the high ratio of female travelers. Women need more care and precautions during international traveling. Solo women travelers are more vulnerable than men. In this article, we are sharing some of the most amazing tips that can help you stay safe if you are

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If we talk about the beauty of Europe, there is no match for it. There are beaches, beautiful palaces, castles and historical places that can impress the tourist to stay for a lifetime. For example, if we talk about the beautiful castles and palaces, one can get imprint the lavish lifestyle in his/her mind while visiting the majestic palace or castle. If you are an adventure lover and thriller, you


Europe is home to some most beautiful beaches in the world. Thousands of adventure lovers take a break in their summer holidays and heed to the exotic beaches with their friends and family. Tourist explores wonderful beach destinations like Croatia, Morocco, Spain, the Atlantic coast in Portugal and many others. Here at Travelistia, we have collected some of the most amazing and exotic lists of beaches which will lure you