Where to Travel in June: Unique Adventure Places to Visit Around the World

In the United States, June means the start of summer. A decent time for getting away from work, schools, and wherever else you’ve been in the past few months. Climbing temperature, calm breeze, and a new dream holiday plan, all these things can make you more excited to choose your next adventure destination around the world.


When everyone is busy packing their stuff or planning their international travel and you are still slaving at work, that’s not fair. June is the month of adventure-filled holidays. Dust off your passport and get ready to select one of your favorite summer spot for visiting your next overseas adventure travel destination.

  • Peru – Machu Picchu

For many regular travelers, Peru is one of the most amazing destinations for adventure-filled vacations. It summons the thoughts of hiking whenever the name “Peru” is called. There are ruins of Machu Picchu which are incredible and offer an amazing view. In June, Peru is bursting and seems with adventure opportunities, and the country will be blessed with warm weather with the cool evening. In June, there will be no rain and you can enjoy the season with full velocity. Visit travel sites like Trips Advisor, Travel USA and Expedia for more vacation packages and locations.

macchu picchu

You can visit the Inti Raymi festival which is known as the biggest festival in South America. It will be an ongoing event for almost nine days. There will be a huge gathering wearing masks in the streets of Cusco, performing ancient rituals, and having a joyful time with their compadres. Things to see in Peru: Machu Picchu, Hacienda San José in Chincha, Paracas National Reserve, Colca, Canyon in Arequipa, Uros Floating Islands in Puno, Nazca Lines, Kuelap Fortress and Desert Oasis Huacachina.

  • London, England, and its Green Spaces:

If you are a nature lover, England has a special place for you. It is famous for its rainy and grey seasons and places. In June, the cities buzz with life, parks filled with people and smile spreads all over the faces. When the sun is out and there is nothing people have to do, they grab a beer and head to the city’s green spaces for some relaxing time.


If you are looking for the same type of place, then Primrose Hill would be the perfect spot for you to visit. This hill offers some breathtaking views of the city.

  • France for Watersports:

France is the best place to visit in the incoming summer. Visit St. Tropez that conjures up images of the rich and famous private yachts. It is recommended that you spend four days here to enjoy jet skiing, water skiing, paddle boarding with your name pasted on it.


After being exhausted on water, you can enjoy the sunbathing by laying down on a beach with a glass of red wine, a bowl of Moules-Frites, and a dish of mussels and fries.


Enjoy scuba diving at St. Tropez or relish the Sentier du Littoral (a coastal walking route). This is one of the most well-known routes in snake shape along with the peninsula, offering breathtaking views and sights of the sea.  You can also enjoy the rugged, sandy beaches or some water trails that are only accessible by the boat while visiting the best travel destinations.

  • Whale Watching in Iceland:

Summer season is the best time for the whales to appear on the shores of Iceland. In June, blue whales, humpback, minke, killer whales, and fin, all pass by the island waters for migration purposes. For almost three hours from the Old Harbor in Reykjavik, you can enjoy watching whales of an airplane size (=3 busses size). Your guide on a cruise along with you will surely let you get an eye on wandering whale and flicking tail from miles away.

whale watching

In Iceland, you can find adventure-filled places like Thingvellir National Park where you can enjoy amazing geysers and Gullfoss waterfall. Sólheimajökull Glacier is also an incredible place to wander for hours in June. Summer seasons are full of opportunities for adventure lovers and backpackers.

Say goodbye to your office, grab vacation packages with travel insurance from a reputable travel agency and go hiking for a great time. You’ll thank yourself when you enjoy your whole season wandering and enjoying crazy places across the globe.

Michael James

I’m Michael James, a professional travel writer and photographer passionate about adventure travel. Together, through my writing and photos, let’s discover the hidden gems and must-see wonders of our planet.


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