10 Best Places To Travel on a Budget in 2020

Traveling on a budget keeps you connected to yourself to know what you want and who you really are. You don’t have to pay for luxury services and therefore you save so much money for yourself. You can visit on a budget to so many budget-friendly countries around the world. Furthermore, none of the countries is really very expensive if you know certain budget travel tips and tricks to travel around the best places to travel in a country.

Here is a list of 10 best travel destinations if you are traveling on a budget.

1. Enjoy Budget Friendly Beach Holidays in Fiji:Fiji-Travelistia

Fiji is one of the best places to travel and a dream destination added to the wishlist of every traveler. This place is very affordable if you are traveling on a budget. Despite the high-priced resorts, you can also manage to enjoy perfect beaches, world-class diving, friendly locals, and delicious seafood. You can save your money by taking public transport to get around or shop at the local markets. Moreover, you can also entertain yourself by watching free entertainment at bars and restaurants in the evening. Travel guide websites can help you to plan your affordable travel.

2. Cultural Best Places in South Korea:South korea-Travelistia

South Korea is one of the underrated tourist destinations and one of the great places to travel in the world. Quaint villages, serene mountain ranges, big markets, and Buddhist temples attract tourists. The country offers a plethora of opportunities for tourists who are traveling on a budget. The most inexpensive way to get around is by using public transport. Also, you can save your money by staying at hotels that are away from the Downtown Area. Avoid eating at western restaurants that are quite expensive and shop at the local markets. You can entertain yourself by visiting the National Museum of Korea, Gyeongbokgung Palace, and many more attraction sites.

3. Feel the Diversity in China:China-Travelistia

China is a great travel destination for budget travelers. Traveling around the country becomes cheaper when you travel off the path by train. Make your way to smaller cities in China where lodging, food, and all other fun activities cost much less as compared to large tourist areas. Save money by staying in a community room or Chinese hotels or shop at local markets if you are traveling alone. Moreover, get a chance to entertain yourself by walking around the Beijing Olympic Park, eating food at budget-friendly prices at Wangfujing Snack Street, strolling through the historic hutongs, and much more.

4. Cheap Vacation Destination – India:India- Travelistia

India is a cheap vacation destination if you are traveling on a budget. Budget travelers usually visit this country because traveling cost in India is lower. You can find cheap hostels, cheap foods, and cheap transport to get around the country. Avoid visiting in the peak tourist season as the prices of everything reach the sky. You can save your money by eating at hotels that are not serving visitors. Enjoy your time by visiting the most iconic site Taj Mahal, enjoying the landscape at Kerala, and indulge in the festivals of Hindu religion by visiting Varanasi.

5. Adventure Filled Places in Eastern Europe:Eastern Europe - Travelistia

Eastern Europe is the most affordable part of the continent. It is a dream destination for every backpack travelers around the world. You can save money by taking a free walking tour, using tour radar, eating local food, and also shopping at the local markets. Enjoy your visit to Eastern Europe on a budget by visiting Prague Fairytale Old Town, indulge in walking the walls of Dubrovnik, and hiking in Slovakia. In addition, backpack travelers can stay at the Arkabarka Hostel that offers budget-friendly room rates. Know about budget travel tips before visiting Eastern Europe.

6. Best Places to Travel – Thailand:Thailand - Travelistia

Thailand is one of the adventurous places to travel, one of the  most budget-friendly travel destinations and should not be skipped. The country is quite cheap for backpack travelers to get around. If you are traveling on a budget, save your money by eating at the local restaurants, shopping at the local markets, and staying at the affordable hostels. Enjoy your time by strolling through The Flower Market, attending free concerts at Lumpini, and walking down Soi Cowboy to enjoy a perfect nightlife. Moreover, art enthusiasts can make their way to Thailand Art and Culture Center that requires no entrance fee.

7. Budget Friendly Travel Destination – Vietnam:Vietnam - Travelistia

Although, Vietnam is quite an expensive country, but still you can enjoy visiting Vietnam on a budget if you know certain budget travel tips. You can save money in two ways during your travel in Vietnam. Firstly, you can save money by staying in affordable accommodation. Secondly, you can save money by eating local food as the Vietnamese food is quite healthy and affordable. You can enjoy your affordable travel in Vietnam by catching a beautiful sight of waterfalls, visiting The Prison Museum, doing fun activities at Ly Son Island, and much more. Taking the bus is the cheapest way to get around the country.

8. Malaysia:Malaysia - Travelistia

Despite being the best travel destination for tourists, you can still visit Malaysia by not breaking your bank. Following the best budget travel tricks can make it easier for you to travel to Malaysia on a budget. The country offers many affordable accommodations for backpack travelers. There are a number of activities to do for budget travelers. Make your trip memorable by exploring Cameron Mountains, spotting wildlife at the Jungles of Borneo, and lazing at the gorgeous islands.

9. Portugal:Portugal - Travelistia

Portugal is a beautiful vacation destination especially if you are a backpack traveler. The country offers cheap public transport, good food value, and affordable accommodations to people traveling on a budget. You can easily enjoy visiting Portugal on a budget. The country offers many affordable activities to do that can greatly impact the budget. You can save a lot of money by eating at the local restaurants, shopping at the local markets, and staying at the affordable hostels. Also, you save your money by avoiding going to the popular tourist areas.

10. Australia:Australia - Travelistia

Australia is perceived as an expensive country but traveling around Australia is easier if you know about budget tips while wandering in the best places to travel. Make your way to Sydney as most of the attraction sites of the city are free or just a few dollars. The country offers cheap domestic flights and public transport to get around the country. Get a chance to climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge, to skydive over the beach, and snorkel the Great Barrier Reef. Moreover, you can also save your money by cooking your own food as the western restaurants are quite expensive. Australia is the best travel destination for backpack travelers.


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