Exploring Mayan Culture: Excursions to Archaeological Sites from Playa del Carmen

Playa del Carmen is one of the world’s famous resorts located on the Maya in Mexico. Other than luxurious hotels and stunning beaches, Playa del Carmen comes with an amazing world of ancient Maya civilization.

From Playa del Carmen, you can easily get into various archaeological sites and each archaeological site comes with a rich history culture, and Maya architectural structure. In this blog post, we are going to guide you in detail about exploring Mayan culture from Playa del Carmen on a road trip. Keep reading!

1. Chichen Itza:

Chichen Itza

Chichen Itza is must must-visited historical site and it is located just two hours away from Playa del Carmen. Also, this archeological site is the second most visited site in Mexico with a huge number of visitors. It is equipped with diverse historical architecture.

On this site, the star attraction that you must see named as old Kukulkan Pyramid which is 1500 years old, also known as “El Castillo”. So, don’t miss out on exploring this historical phenomenon and the rich history of Chichen Itza.

2. Tulum:

Tulum Ruins

Tulum is considered a must-see destination in Mexico with the ranking of third best historical sites in Mexico. The site’s amazing location comes with a stunning and natural view of the Caribbean Sea in blue vibrant shades of water.

You can enjoy intricate views here and get an idea to get a deeper understanding of Mayan civilization. Just because of having rich cultural heritage and stunning history, Tulum is one of the best places you should visit.

3. Ek Balam & Valladolid:

Ek Balam & Valladolid

Valladolid charming town is located just two hours away from Playa del Carmen and this old-designed archaeological site is the perfect escape from modern life and enjoy some time in the rich culture and traditions of the locals.

This town offers a unique, stunning, and aesthetic experience for visitors just because of having traditional clothing and elegant colonial architecture. Don’t miss out on exploring this ancient place because of having special colonial architecture and Mayan culture.

4. Coba:

Coba Mexico

If you want to explore the rich history of Mayan civilization, you can visit Coba to explore the rich architectural history and its situated hidden deep in the rainforest.

In Coba, you can bike through temples, ruins, and lush gardens to make your time memorable. Explore the stunning customs and traditions of this captivating destination and also immerse yourself in the rich old cultural history of over 1500 years.

Water Activities

While exploring the archaeological sites and rich heritage culture, swimming, and snorkeling is one of the region’s most beautiful experiences. You can experience the largest world underground river system with swimming and snorkeling adventures. During your stay at Playa del Carmen, you can experience some of the following water activities:

1. Cenote & Cave:

Cenote & Cave

It’s one of the best and most unique water adventures in Riviera Maya. Enjoy your company in the beautiful Mayan jungle, watch blue crystal clear waters, and embrace the beauty of this astonishing place. Don’t miss out on this beautiful adventure to enjoy a splendid and beautiful time.

2. Explore Puerto Morelos:

Explore Puerto Morelos

If you are in search of an extra-ordinary and beautiful travel experience in Mayan, you need to explore the hidden gem named Yucatan Peninsula. This unique town offers different types of adventurous activities like exploring the wonders of Riviera Maya’s cenotes.

If you are a snorkeling enthusiast, there are various destinations surrounding the Morelos. To enjoy marine life, the Great Mesoamerican Coral Reef is the second largest reef in the world. It is one of the inspiring adventures that you should not miss at any cost.

3. Adventure & Snorkeling:

Puerto Morelos Snorkeling

While enjoying the vacation in the Yucatan Peninsula, there are 20 stunning cenotes for you to swim, snorkel, and dive in. In this hidden natural wonder, explore the crystal clear, fresh, and calm waters of the river.

Also, you can enjoy some of the thrilling activities like jumping and zip lining into the water which will give you a mesmerizing experience. Book your tour now to get the most out of your Playa del Carmen experiences.

4. Private Boat Experiences:

Private Boat Playa del Carmen

Explore luxury and exclusivity by taking private boat experiences. From family fun to romantic getaways, you can explore the world’s oceans and waterways. Enjoy your company in comfort and relaxation while creating unforgettable memories.

In the Mexican Caribbean, you can enjoy a private escape by booking a private charter. By booking your charter, you can enjoy crystal clear waters without having any crowds. Also, you can swim with dolphins and it’s one of the unique magical experiences that captivates the hearts of many visitors.

The Riviera Maya is one of the famous destinations for fishing enthusiasts who can do deep-sea fishing under the water. It’s one of the best experiences that you could ever have at this place.

Famous Accommodations For Comfortable Stay

Tukan Hotel in Playa Del Carmen

Tukan Hotel is one of the best choices for visitors who visit Playa del Carmen and want to stay at one of the luxurious hotels with quality amenities and services. This hotel has all you want during a quality stay.

You can make your stay memorable at Tukan Hotel in Playa Del Carmen by enjoying a quiet environment alongside different quality amenities like free internet access, flat screen TV, 24/7 front desk support, and chill AC facility, etc.

In addition, visitors and guests can enjoy breakfast and pool during their visit. There are types of rooms like non-smoking rooms and suites with housekeeping, private balconies, and safe features.

Aloft Playa Del Carmen

In Downtown Playa del Carmen, this amazing hotel is connected to shopping center and offers two outdoor swimming pools. For a luxury and comfortable stay, choosing this classic hotels would be the best choice to make.

You can enjoy eating at a restaurant and drinks at local bar, available inside the hotel. Bring your pet along as Aloft Playa Del Carmen is very pet-friendly accommodation option for you to stay as long as you want.


Exploring Mayan culture will be one of the great experiences that you should try once in your life. In this blog, we thoroughly guided you on which archeological sites from Playa del Carmen are the best ones to explore. Also, we explained which water activities you can enjoy during your stay. So, without any further wait, pack your bags now and go explore the Mayan culture.

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