14 Amazing Places To Go When Visiting Montreal

If you want to explore the Quebec region of Canada, Montreal is the place to go. There are endless things to do in this city! In this blog, we are going to discuss the best 10 places that you can enjoy when visiting Montreal. Let’s dig into more details here.

1. Chinatown

It is situated in the area of De la Gauchetiere and is well known for its mouthwatering Asian restaurants along with grocery stores and food markets. The presence of prominent Chinese gates marks the presence of the colorful neighborhood and in the 1860s the area was habituated by the Chinese laborers who came for construction purposes and started a life of their own. Today this area showcases diversity and is no more exclusively Chinese but is a popular hotspot for the locals and the tourists.

2. Mc Cord Museum

If you are an ardent history lover so visiting Mc Cord Museum is a must as it houses an incredible collection of more than 20,000 objects including clothing, quilts, handwoven textiles, and accessories that takes us down memory lane. Moreover, it beautifully showcases the Canadian history and the lifestyle of native people. and also has antique furniture, household items, sports goods, toys, and so the list goes on. In a nutshell, if you are interested in knowing the lifestyle of indigenous people so it is an amazing opportunity you don’t want to miss on!

3. Place Des Arts

Canada is a great place to visit as it caters to the taste and passions of all types of visitors. No doubt Place des Arts is the largest visual and performing arts complex in Canada. This huge complex has several halls and rehearsal centers for flourishing the art of music, dance, films, theater, and events. Moreover, it is well designed and decorated with amazing artwork, fountains, waterfalls therefore it’s a treat to sore eyes and a visual experience you don’t want to miss on.

4. Pointe-À-Callière

For the never-ending love of history and archaeology, this place is a must-visit. Pointe-A-Calliere is characterized by a modern building that showcases the Montreals early period and a glimpse of the colonial days. Later the government buildings replaced the old markets and the parade ground but underneath still it has the remains and remnants of those early periods.

The exciting part is that it is all still there underneath and if you want to explore those old streets, markets, and the civilization so this place is all good to go.

It is not only incredible but by walking on the original stone-paved streets, ground floors, and drainage channels you can feel and relate to those colonial days. Therefore, the wonderful history unfolds in a series of stages through beautiful artwork, maps, and exhibits. Hence, there is a huge influx of locals and tourists to explore the secrets of the Montreals history.

5. Parc Jean Drapeau

If you are visiting Montreal during summer so it’s the right time to visit the Parc Jean Drapeau Park. It offers a wide variety of entertainment and fun spots to cherish your summer vacations as it houses the following attractive places for the visitors:

  1. An amusement park
  2. Environmental museum
  3. Montreal casino
  4. A beach
  5. An aquatic center
  6. Formula one racing track
  7. Largest outdoor concert venue

6. St. Joseph’s Oratory

It is the famous tomb of Saint Brother Andre the founder of Saint Joseph Oratory as the building rises more than 30 meters above the Mount royals summit so it’s the highest building in Montreal and it goes against the municipal code of Montreal as it violates the height restriction which doesn’t allow any skyscrapers, building from exceeding the height of the mount royal. Because of its height, it is quite prominent even from a distance of several kilometers. The overall vibe and ambiance of the Saint Joseph Oratory leave the visitors spellbound.

7. The Botanical Garden

The garden is quite famous for hosting the famous Summer Olympic Games in the year 1976 and no doubt is a site that’s worth visiting. It is not only visually attractive but creates a positive impact on its visitors as the calm and soothing nature of the botanical garden leaves the visitors spellbound. Moreover, the outdoor gardens are extremely beautiful and house Chinese and Japanese gardens containing a wide variety of plants like alpine, medicinal, aquatic, and even toxic plants. The diversity of this botanical garden makes it so popular and therefore, is a perfect example of supporting biodiversity as it contains an Insectarium, huge arboretum, and ponds to support the birds. So if you are a huge fan of nature so visiting this place is a must and an experience you want to cherish for a lifetime.

8. Old Montreal:

For all the history and old school lovers the old Montreal is the best place to visit. In the recent times, the place is restored with great love, care and affection thus making it a popular spot for the tourist and the locals. Moreover, it’s a perfect blend of historic and the latest attractions and takes you down memory lane. Therefore, if you are in the search of a quiet, romantic place to enjoy dinner or take s stroll through the city so this place is all good to go.

9. Mount Royal

Mount Royal Park was designed by the renowned designer Frederick law who also designed the famous New York Central Park. This park was inaugurated in 1876 and offers exciting services and activities to explore the beauty of the park. If you love outdoor activities and are an admirer of birds, trees, and plants so it’s an ideal choice.

10. Notre Dam Basilica – Places to Go

It was built in the year 1956 and is Montreal’s oldest catholic church and is famous for its design and structure. No doubt, this place is a hot tourist spot throughout the year for both the tourists and the locals.

11. Underground City

Its official name is “RESO” and it is a memorable experience on so many different levels as it gives a break from the busy city life. It consists of an extensive work of almost 20 miles of underground tunnels and paths that gives ab easy and wide access to a variety of shopping malls, theatres, museums, nightclubs, restaurants, and the list goes on. The diversity of Montreal makes it one of the special places to go and it never fails to impress its visitors across the globe.

12. The Barbie Expo

It is the best place so far to showcase the Haute fashion available under one roof. If you have an eye for fashion, class, and style so do visit this upscale mall because it houses more than 1000 dolls and is the largest Barbie expo center and an experience you truly want to cherish.

If your looking for world-famous designers under one roof so this place is the best to visit and you can find all the high-class designers like Ralph Lauren, Christian Louboutin, Armani, Christian Dior, Bob Mackie, and the list goes on.

13. Sainte Catherine Street

If you are in search of expensive or local brands so there is one spot that can solve all your problems and provide stuff at an affordable rate. Yes, that’s Sainte Catherine street and it’s the downtown of Montreal and you could easily spend hours on this nine miles long street as it offers a wide variety of cafes, restaurants, and bars to provide utmost entertainment to the visitors. Above all, it’s easily accessible either through the bus or the subway. So if you are looking for a great shopping variety so visit this place to explore the other side of Montreal.

14. Montreal Museum of Fine Arts

Do you know it is the most visited museum in Canada, founded in the year 1860? It is an amazing place for the art lover as it houses 41,000 works in its museum. Moreover, it has mind-blowing antique and vintage furniture that takes you to places. so if you are in search of art, fashion, theatre, and design this place satisfies all your curiosity under one roof. So if you are traveling, visiting these places is a must to save both your time and money.

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