6 Awesome Things To Do In Bora Bora

Bora Bora is a very beautiful and charming island in the South Pacific. It is one of the places to go traveling during summer vacations as it gives relaxation and peace to mind. It is believed to be a paradise island on Earth. This is a famous luxury resort and one of the popular travel destinations. Papaya Purees and Banana are the most famous pudding served on Bora Bora.

1. Snorkeling:

Snorkeling is a must-to-do activity in Bora Bora especially when the water is crystal clear and wildlife is safe. It is done by boat or kayak. The famous location for snorkeling is the Langoonarium. Here the water is quiet and clear and one can have a beautiful view of discovering coral reefs and wildlife. Bora Bora provides a level of fun to snorkelers to explore the environment. The water is shallow and the living corals and fishes swim close to the snorkelers. Diving centers offer the chance to experience the beauty of coral reefs, fishes, and mystery of the lagoons.

2. Martina Beach:

Martina beach is a popular beach in Bora Bora and one of the best places to visit in your summer holidays. It is extremely crowded with visitors making its largest public access beach. Martina beach has a variety of resorts, eateries, and shops. The sand is silky soft and fuzzy. And the water is deep blue and clear. The calm blue water makes it a place for pleasure and relaxation. Restaurants in Martina offer a light snack for lunch and local specialties for dinner. Sunsets at Martina beach are worth visiting. Visitors from different parts of the world visit the Martina beach and enjoy themselves.

3. Parasailing:

Parasailing in Bora Bora provides a beautiful experience by flying over the sea under the colorful parachutes. These parachutes are pulled by the boats. Parasail offers the safest way of landing and takeoff from the boat. One can experience a beautiful view of the sea by flying above the sea in the air. This trip takes an hour and its experience remains forever. Parasailing is done under professional guidance. This activity is actually a fun ride for tourists.

4. 4WD Tour:

Adventure on Bora Bora 4WD tour is really exciting and thrilling. The only way to see Bora Bora from unreachable heights by foot thorough 4WD tour as helicopter rides is forbidden and not available. A Bora 4WD visit shows you the entire island which includes tough and steep parts where a regular vehicle can’t go. Faanui valley can also be reached by a 4WD tour where you can enjoy the sight of beautiful fruit plantation. 4WD tour is full of thrillers as you have no idea what will come around next while exploring best places to visit in your summer holidays.

5. Polynesian Fire Dancers:

Polynesian culture is known for its ancient known fire dancing. Fire dance is basically a symbol to bring light into the lives of people. You can feel the heat of the fire from 10 feet away. Their costumes are handmade and colorful and are made of grass, feathers, flowers, and pearls. Dancers dance to the beat of flutes, drums, and ukuleles. They dance so smooth and fast that it becomes difficult to photograph them. These traditional dance performances are performed at different resorts in Bora Bora.

6. Watching Sunsets:

Another beautiful experience in Bora Bora is to watch the sunset by taking a sunset cruise. Sunset cruise offers appetizers and cocktails etc. The sunsets of Bora Bora are magical and admired by the visitors. The reflection of the sunset on the water is so incredible and worth looking at. It creates a beautiful impression in the minds of the visitors. Every evening gorgeous sunsets are viewed by the visitors. Bora Bora is one of the best places to visit in your summer holidays with your loved ones.

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