The Ultimate Guide: Best States To Visit In The United States By Month

The United States of America is home to captivating states, natural allure, and a blend of history and modernism. Whether you live in the United States or another, you must agree that the USA has plenty of the best states to visit.

The glamour of resorts, National parks, museums, hikes, or mountains, every state has its own status and attractions.  The best states to visit in the United States by month is a chance to embrace the diversity of the USA. In this complete guide, we will explore the top states in the USA that are highly recommended to visit by month.

States: Best To Visit In The USA By Month

When it comes to visiting the states by month, the possibilities are endless and it becomes challenging which choose first to start your venture. But, here we compiled a list of 12 states, that you can explore in 12 months (January to December) for an unforgettable experience.

1. January_  New York

January_  New York

NYC offers lots of attractions to explore and walk around outside. The charm of the city is at its peak, especially in the Christmas and New Year period. The period starts from the 24th of December to the 4th Of January. It is the best time to discover the gems and potential warmth of the city in the cold.

Why Should You Visit New York In January?

If you are a winter lover then nothing is quite mesmerizing than visiting New York City in January. When you are in NYC in January you feel that there is magic in the air, Bustling streets, Occasional ambiance, and snow falling just seems out of the world.

Things To Do

See the masterpiece by Goya

Experience Dine in the Dark

Taste mouthwatering Cuisine

Stroll around streets

Relaxing holiday at NYC Spas

2. February_ Chicago


The shortest month of the Year “February” feels like the longest due to its freezing weather. Visit by the lead to enjoy every second that you spend at your favorite destination. Cozy evenings by the fire, hot cappuccinos, and cool air attract several visitors to Chicago.

Highlights Of The Month

Valentine Day

Lunar New Year

Black History Month

Mardi Gras

Further, there are plenty of activities that keep your souls happy and make the most of your travel. What activities you can do with family or friends?

Explore Alpine in the City

Enjoy a hot tub boat with your partner

Check out the Titanic Exhibition

Go to Disney’s magical exhibition

Book resorts for Valentine’s Day

3. March _ Colorado


Do you like snow? Oh, if yes, then March is the best month to visit Colorado. Typically it is the snowiest month, which is why a great time to enjoy snowfall and sports like snowshoeing. March is an ideal month to explore the beauty of Colorada.

Places To Explore In Colorado In March

Garden of Gods

Rock Mountain National Park


Steamboat Spring

Beaver Creek

Activities To Do In March

Celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day in Colorado

Enjoy the Unique March Festival

Catch a game at Ball Arena

Frozen Dead Guy Days

Hit the slopes after dark

Finding your favorite restaurant

Weather In Colorado In March

The weather remains pleasant in March. It normally starts at 50 Degrees and ends at a Maximum of 58 Degrees. 50° to 58° is average.

4. April_ California


There is never a bad time to visit California. Every month, weather, and ambiance have distinctive value. But the springtime is the golden time to visit California. The blooming wildflowers add colorful poppy mountains giving this April an even more exciting vibe.

Tips For Spring Travel In California

Find Accommodation in Advance

Pack layers to be prepared for both warm and cool days

Consider fewer crowds for high-experience

Think about road trips to explore nature’s beauty

Weather Of California

Californa mild and plesant in April

Beside the Coast, the temperature ranges from 60° to 70°

Inland areas 24-29°C

Events In California In April

April 6_ Battle of the Brews Sonoma

April 11–14: Pebble Beach Food & Wine Festival

April 12–14_ Temecula Valley Bluegrass Festival

April 13–14_ Festival of Books

April 10–23_ San Francisco International Film Festival

April 11–28_ Dark Arts at Hogwarts Castle

5. May_ Wyoming (home of Yellowstone National Park)

May_ Wyoming

Wyoming is a state of untamed spirit that opens your mind to majestic natural beauty and builds a sense of freedom. May means it’s time to adventure with your family. That’s why the famous attraction in Wyoming “Yellowstone National Park” offers plenty of activities for kids or those who visit Wyoming for the first time.

Wildlife Viewing Spot

May is the best time for wildlife viewing such as bison bears, elk, and wolves.

Nearby Attractions

Old Faithful
Grand Teton National Park
Devils Tower National Monument
Buffalo Bill Center of the West

Highlight of the Yellowstone National Park

Spring runoff from melting snow thus, it’s an ideal time to see the supreme waterfalls of the park at their peak flow.

Things to Do in Yellowstone National Park

Hiking and Boating
Experience Geothermal Features
Wildlife viewing

6. June_ Washington DC

Washington DC

June is a fantastic time to visit Washington DC. It is head of American Historic Sites. The Lincoln Memorial, the White House, the Smithsonian Museums, and much more you will find here.

Detail of Washington DC in June

Weather and Tempertaure

The weather remains pleasant and the average  temperature is 18-30°C

Highlight of Washington DC

The cherry blossom festival is a famous event that occurs in the spring of June a beautiful sight to be held.

Things To Do In Washington DC In June

Experience National Symphony Orchestra

Go to the Kennedy Center

Smithsonian American Art Museum

Enjoy the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum

Go to the White House

The Phillips Collection

Visit Artechouse

7. July_ Hawaii


Are you dreaming of exploring Hawaii? Well, that great place to go to, but from weather to crowds and prices everything is important for making the most of your experience. That is why, July is the best month to visit Hawaii, July brings warm yet dry weather along with beautiful ocean conditions.

Things To Do In Hawaii

Take a Tour of Pearl Harbor

Head to Secret Island Beach

42nd Prince Lot Hula Festival

Fireworks and Celebrations at Ala Moana Center

Kailua Fourth of July Parade, Fireworks, & Airshow

First Friday Honolulu Art Walk in Chinatown

Mō‘ili‘ili Summer Fes

Weather Of Hawaii

The temperature remains normal, especially in afternoons ranging from mid-80s to low 90

Surrounding Attractions

Island of Hawaii


North Shore of Oahu




8. August_ Alaska


One of the most breathtaking attractions to visit in August is Alaska. There are lots of animals wandering about, snow-free trails, growing wildflowers, and picture-perfect weather.

If you visit Alaska during this period, you’ll have plenty of time to discover and take in the most wonderful scenery that Alaska has to offer. In addition, a mass of amazing things to do that will help you to gather lifelong memories.

Events In Alaska In August

Blueberry Arts Festival

Salmonfest Alaska

57° North Open Water Challenge

Galway Days Irish Festival

Alyeska Resort Blueberry Festiva

Anchorage RunFest

Tanana Valley Sandhill Crane Festival

Things To Do

Ports of Call Tours

Nature and Wildlife Tours

Whale Watching

Day Trips

Hot Springs & Geysers

Hiking Tours

Night Tours

9. September_ South Florida

South Florida

South Florida has many things to do and is a terrific place to explore in September. The weather remains a bit warm and sunny but it’s still nice and beautiful outside, you can enjoy it with fewer people around. In September, there are so many amazing events and activities that ensure you have a fun-filled trip.

Activities To Do In South Florida

Visit The Horrorland

Watch Van Gogh’s masterpieces

Eat your way favorite food

Party with The Wharf

Enjoy a night of music Under The Stars

Festivals In South Florida In September

Halloween Horror Nights Orlando

Orlando Tattoo Show

Harvest Holler Corn Maze

Suwannee River Jam

Dessert Wars

Florida Fin Fest

Smokin’ in the Pines BBQ Festival

10. October_ New Mexico

New Mexico

New Mexico offers a lot of exciting attractions to all ages visitors. In October, New Mexico offers events, attractions, and attractions and experiences. Whether you are a food lover, have an interest in culture and historic spots, or love music, or sports there is something for everyone.

Things To Do

Experience Albuquerque

White Sands National Par

Visit Santa Fe

Carlsbad Caverns National Park

Explore Roswell

Bandelier National Monument

Chaco Culture National Historical Park

Best Hotel To Stay

Comfort Suites

Ramada Plaza by Wyndham Albuquerque Midtown

Hotel Albuquerque at Old Town

Must Visit Attractions In Mexico

Taos, NM


Gila Cliff Dwellings National Monument

White Sands National Park

Las Cruces

11. November_ Minnesota

November_ Minnesota

Explore Minnesota’s vast range of entertainment choices and lures. Explore the state’s cities and towns for world-class sites, historic sites, and cultural attractions in November before looking into the landscape for amazing natural wonders.

Things To Do

Smell the roses at Munsinger Clemens Gardens

See migrating swans along the Mississippi

learn about lunchmeat

Honor the sacred traditions of native American pipemakers

Go disc golfing

Weather In Minnesota’s

The average daily temperature drops by 16°F, from 50°F to 34°F; it rarely goes below 19°F or rises over 64°F.

12. December_ New Orleans

In New Orleans, December is not the same. All month long, there are one-of-a-kind holiday fiestas and activities, unique NOLA cuisine and handmade juices, and some of the year’s most keenly awaited honorable events. If you’re thinking of visiting Crescent City, New Orleans in December it’s a superb idea.

Events In New Orleans In December

Christmas Eve

Celebration in the oaks

Luna fête

Greenway supernova

New Orleans French Film Festival

Tet fest: Vietnamese new year

Things To Do

Free Concert on Tuesdays

Enjoy Christmas Activities

Go to a Free Wine Tasting

Tour the luminous structures of City Park

Spend Christmas Eve cruising the Mississippi

Plan a Reveillon Dinner

Admire the Christmas decorations of the old houses

Final Thoughts:

The World offers an array of exciting and stunning places to visit every year. But, some states to visit in USA are categorized by month to make the most of your experience.

From historic places to art and cultural attractions, you can enjoy the world’s attractions. Hopefully, this guide help you to know the attraction highlights according to months.


What is the best state to go on vacation in the US?

The best state to go on vacation in the US all depends on personal preferences and budget, but California, Hawaii, Florida, and New York are popular options.

What is the #1 tourist state in the US?

The #1 tourist state in the US is Florida, known for its theme parks, beaches, resorts, restaurants, and vibrant cities like Miami and Orlando.

What is the #1 place to vacation in the US?

The #1 place to vacation in the US is hard to find because all are stunning. But New York and Hawaii are famous for their bustling nightlife and outdoor activities.

What is the number 1 tourist destination in the US?

There is no number 1 tourist destination in the US. Some most visited places include New York City, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, the Grand Canyon, and Yellowstone.

Which state in America is best to visit? 

There is no single “best” state to visit in America as each state has its unique pulls and charm. It eventually depends on individuals’ interests and preferences that they want to visit first.

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