7 Unique Ways to Connect With Local Culture While Traveling

Traveling around the world can benefit a tourist with some local cultural tastes and sense. If you are planning to visit some cultural destinations like Indonesia, India, Pakistan, Greece, etc. You better be reading Unique Ways to Connect With Local Culture.

1. Tierra Chiloe Hotel and Spa:



The hotel is located in the middle of the blue water of Chile’s Northern Patagonia on Chiloe Island. It is the most popular hotel destination on Chiloe Island. The beauty of this hotel is in its deep-rooted culture and timeless traditions. The prosper culture at Tierra Chiloe is reflected in each and every space within the hotel premises. The hotel is known for its breath-taking architecture which was motivated to build by the “palafitos” of the island. Catholicity is the prevailing belief in this island. Tierra Chiloe is also sharing its customs and stories with their guests. You can enjoy eating traditional curanto while listening to local festive musicians.

2. Topas Ecolodge:



Topas Ecolodge is a boutique eco-lodge situated in the mountains of Hoang Lien National Park. Topas Ecolodge is striving hard to protect the local culture and the surrounding environment. The lodge bungalow is made of white stone in a moderate chalet-style providing the magnificent natural beauty of Vietnam. The lodge serves traditional Vietnamese food with a European twist. Topas Eco-lodge provides the most culturally enriched experience. The beauty of the lodge is in its granite walls and wooden furnishing. The guests at the lodge enjoy socializing with the ethnic villagers.

3. Three Camel Lodge:


three camel

Three Camel Lodge is a luxurious eco-lodge located in the Mongolian Gobi Altai Mountain. The lodge is styled according to old Buddhist temples using customary wooden peg and natural stone. Three Camel Lodge is a blend of cultural and environmental sustainability. It engages its local residents to conserve cultural and natural heritage. The lodge also organizes evening cultural performances for its guests. The beautiful surrounding of the lodge leaves a phenomenal experience to the guests to endure forever.

4. Kapari Natural Resort:


Kapari Natural Resort

Kapari Natural Resort is situated in the village of Imerovigli. It is a perfect Vacation Destinations for couples. Kapari Natural Resort is a demonstration of the culture of the Cyclades. This resort is the home of Santorinian culture. The lodge also features the traditional Cycladic musical instruments. The interior of the Kapari is made of traditional material. Each room in the resort is designed in a modern and sophisticated manner. Kapari Natural Resort is known for its traditional Greek hospitality and is the second most visited destination in Greece.

5. Fogo Island Inn:



Fogo Island is located in Newfoundland, Canada. This is certainly the best place to visit in Canada. The interior of this soulful lodge is filled with handcrafted quilts, traditional outport furniture, and woven rugs. The experience at the lodge is magnified by the vibrant culture. This beautiful lodge is built on the concept of respect and sustainability for culture and nature. It also features a contemporary art gallery promoting international acclaimed artists. The Inn exists in beneficial interaction with the local community and celebrating its traditions and customs.

6. Sarara Camp:


Sarara camp

Sarara Camp lies in the Northern frontier of Kenya. Sarara is the magnificent tented camp set located on the edge of Samburu wilderness. Ask your travel guides to tell you the history of Sarara and their restoration effort that makes this place so exceptional. The tents are made high-ceilinged and capacious. Sarara camp represents a communitarian adventure with the local community. The adventure on the campsite includes mountain hikes, fly camping safaris, visits to the Samburu singing wells, and many other exciting adventures. The members of the semi-nomadic tribe are your safari guides telling you about the flora and fauna found there. Sarara camp was generated to support the Samburu community for their participation in wildlife protection efforts.

7. Zhiwa Ling Heritage:


Zhiwa Ling Heritage

Zhiwa Ling Heritage is the five-star hotel owned by the Bhutanese. It is a blend of Bhutanese heritage and culture with 21st- century technology. The hotel provides modern amenities to their guests such as spa, yoga class, fitness center, and much more. Zhiwa Ling was built to embrace the Bhutanese culture using textiles, artworks, and sustainable wood construction. Hiking trails are also found near this hotel that leads to age-old monasteries and typical villages. The main building of the hotel is made with paintings, raveled carvings, and antique Bhutanese textile collection. Let us know which popular cultural destination did you like the most? Comment below or contact us to share your travel story or if you know any Unique Ways to Connect With Local Culture.

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