12 Must-Visit Beaches in North Wales

We all know that Wales is a country where the natural beauty is captivating, and it offers plenty to see and do in the UK. And if you are on a search for the best beaches in north wales, you are no exception. But even though the most popular tourist destinations in north wales are Holyhead, Porthmadog, Betws-y-Coed, Caernarfon, Rhyl, and Llandudno, they aren’t all that make this place attractive. With their breathtaking sandy beaches and luscious nature, North Wales’ list of wonderful beaches is quite long.

So if you are looking for a new destination to visit during your holidays, don’t miss out on noticing these spectacular beaches in North Wales! North Wales is full of fantastic and beautiful beaches. Here’s a list of my top 12 beaches in North Wales and why you should visit them in your holidays.

1. Visit Barmouth in Your Summer Holidays

Barmouth beach is one of the best beaches in north wales, and you can find it on the outstanding holiday destination in wales. Barmouth beach is a soft sandy beach running for about 1 km between the river Mawddach and the Barmouth bridge. It is part of the Fairbourne holiday park, located on the western edge of Barmouth, and has approximately 150 camping and caravan sites and 50 lodges.

Sandy, calm and clear waters of the seas; splendid picturesque views from the headlands; cliffs, and floral/fauna flora make Barmouth, North Wales, a must-visit beach destination.

2. Conwy Could be Your Next North Wales Beach Destination

Conwy beach is a beautiful place to visit in North Wales. It’s located in the town of Conwy, just a short drive from the larger city of Llandudno. The beach is about three miles long and has several amenities for visitors, including toilets, changing rooms, and lifeguards.

Conwy beach offers plenty of options for people who want to enjoy the water but don’t want to swim. There are areas where you can walk along the shore or sit on a rock wall while taking photos of the scenery or other people enjoying themselves in the water. Suppose you’re looking for something more active than just sitting on a rock wall. In that case, paddle boats are also available for rent at various points along the beach so that you can go out into deeper waters without worrying about swimming skills or safety concerns.

Conwy’s location on the coast also gets windy at times—which makes it great for windsurfing! There are spots along the shore where you can rent gear or even use your own if you have one with you already; all you need is some basic knowledge about how windsurfers work and how much space there is between them.

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3. Enjoy at Fairbourne Beach Destination

Fairbourne Beach is a must-visit destination for any trip to North Wales. This beach is famous for being home to the last remaining Victorian pier in Wales and has been featured in Hollywood films like The English Patient, The World Is Not Enough, and Hot Fuzz.

The beach is wide and sandy with a gentle slope into the water. It’s great for families with young children as there are plenty of shallow areas where they can play safely without getting into trouble.

There are many things to do here too: visit the nearby Ice Age Centre or watch the seals basking on the rocks at low tide. Or why not simply relax under one of the many beach huts while enjoying a cup of tea from one of the cafes nearby?

4. Why Harlech is One of the Best Beaches in North Wales?

When you think of Wales, you probably imagine a land of mountains and mist. And while those are all true, there’s another side to this country—the beach!

The Welsh coast is one of the most beautiful in Europe, and if you’re looking for a special place to take your next holiday, be sure to check out Harlech Beach in North Wales.

First up: the sand! The sand on Harlech, North Wales Beach is some of the finest in Europe. Massive chunks of quartzite have been washed up here over thousands of years, creating what looks like a giant sugar cube underneath your feet. These grains are so large that they can even be used as ballast for boats!

The water is crystal clear, meaning that if you look down into it from atop a cliff or far above, you’ll see all kinds of cool stuff like sea shells and starfish swimming around below. The water also has high salt content, so it’s great for keeping your body hydrated during hot days at the beach—but be careful not to drink too much! And speaking of hot days at the beach… Harlech Beach is famous for its sunrises!

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5. Discover Adventure at Llandanwg North Wales Beach:

Llandanwg beach is an amazing place to visit in North Wales. It’s a beautiful seaside village that has been welcoming visitors for centuries. With its stunning views and excellent facilities, it’s no wonder why people come here every year!

1. Llandanwg Beach is One of the Best Places to Swim in North Wales. The water at Llandanwg Beach is clean and clear, so you can swim without worrying about getting sick or stung by jellyfish. The water is also shallow enough to walk out quite far without fear of drowning!

2. You Can Walk Along the Beach at Your Own Pace. With its beautiful scenery and excellent facilities, it’s easy to spend all day exploring Llandanwg Beach without feeling rushed or pressured into leaving early by crowds of other tourists. There are many different paths you can take depending on how long you want to stay at one particular location before moving on; this allows everyone from families with young children (who might want something more secluded) to couples looking for romantic moments alone together (who might prefer something more private).

6. Explore Shell island

Shell Island Beach is one of the most popular beaches in North Wales. It’s got everything you could want from a beach: beautiful scenery, clean water, great surf, and plenty of space for your entire family to spread out.

As you walk down the path from the parking lot, you’ll pass through a tunnel that takes you into a unique cave system—the only one of its kind in Britain! The caves are home to a colony of bats, and as you walk through them, you’ll be able to see them hanging from the ceiling or swooping around above your head.

Once at the beach, you’ll find lifeguards on duty during the summer months and plenty of space for sunbathing or playing games in the sand with your kids. There’s also plenty of room for dog-walking if you’re bringing along Fido!

If you’re looking for something more adventurous than just relaxing on the beach all day long (and who isn’t?), then Shell Island has it covered too! Several rock climbing routes start there on-site, and kayaking and paddle boarding rentals are available if swimming isn’t enough exercise for your taste.

7. Traeth Gwyn Beach, Criccieth

Traeth Gwyn beach is one of the best beaches in north wales. It is a small but beautiful beach located near Aberdaron, and it is perfect for those looking for a quiet, relaxing holiday by the sea.

Traeth Gwyn is relatively easy to get to, as it is only about 1 mile from Aberdaron village. The beach is small but very pretty, with golden sand stretching along its length and crystal clear blue water gently lapping at its edges. There are also some great attractions nearby that you can visit if you have time: check out the Blue Lagoon or take a trip to the nearby town of Bangor for some shopping or sightseeing!

8. Y Fron Beach, Aberdaron

If you’re looking for a beach with great waves, Y Fron is the place to go! The waves are perfect for surfing and body boarding. There is also a well-stocked beach shop nearby if you forget to bring any supplies.

Y Fron is located in Anglesey, Wales, and is part of the Llyn Peninsula. It’s only about an hour away from Beaumaris Castle, which is definitely worth checking out if you have time!

9. Talacre Beach, Flintshire

Talacre Beach in North Wales is a must-visit if you want to relax, unwind, and have some fun in the sun.
Why? Well, let us count the ways! First of all, it’s an absolutely beautiful beach. You’ll be able to spend hours just taking in the scenery—from the gorgeous views of mountains all around to the blue-green water of the bay itself. And then there’s all that sand: soft, fine sand that feels so good under your toes when you walk along with it.

What’s more, there are plenty of things to do on this beach if you get bored just sitting around soaking up the sun (and trust us—you won’t). You can play volleyball or soccer on one of two courts near the water’s edge, or if you want something more relaxing (or need a break from your other activities), try some paddle boarding or kayaking! So come visit Talacre Beach soon—we promise it will be worth every second!

10. Porth Dinllaen, Gwynedd

If you’re looking for a beach worth the trip too, Porth Dinllaen is the place to go.
This little cove offers stunning views of the rocky coast and is a great place to go for some peace and quiet. If you’re looking for something more energetic, check out the nearby Surf Snowdonia, which has a huge wave pool, a surf school, and an indoor skate park. Whether you want to explore or relax, Porth Dinllaen makes the perfect stop on your journey through north Wales!

11. Rhosneigr, Anglesey

Rhosneigr is the perfect place for a family holiday. It’s got everything you could want—great beaches, beautiful scenery, fun activities for kids and adults alike, and plenty of opportunities for relaxation. Here are 12 reasons why Rhosneigr should be your next destination:

1. The beach is huge: You can even build sandcastles here!

2. There are plenty of places to eat nearby (and delicious ones at that).

3. There’s a water park nearby where you can blast on the slides or splash around in the pool with your kids.

4. You can take an exciting boat ride around the coast and explore the caves and cliffs of this picturesque location!

5. The weather is always nice here—it rarely rains in Rhosneigr!

6. You can go horseback riding along the beach or just walk along with it while admiring its beauty up close like royalty would do if they lived nearby… which is exactly what we do all day long too 😉

7. This area has been inhabited since prehistoric times, so there are many archaeological sites nearby (including one called “The

12. Benllech Beach, Anglesey

Benllech Beach is a beautiful, family-friendly beach located in Anglesey, Wales. The beach is accessible by foot or car. It’s great for everyone, including families with children and dogs. There are no lifeguards at the beach, so check the tide times before you go.

You’ll find plenty of parking spaces at Benllech Beach. The closest train station is in Bangor, about 20 minutes away from the beach by car. Some buses run from Bangor to Benllech and other nearby towns; however, these can be infrequent depending on when you’re visiting during peak season (May through September). You may have better luck using public transport during off-peak months (October through April).

North Wales has some of the most beautiful beaches in the UK, with many of them holding their own against the likes of the Mediterranean and Caribbean. From the awe-inspiring beauty of Snowdonia National Park to the rugged scenery of Anglesey, there is something for everyone to enjoy.

Whether you’re looking for a traditional sandy beach, a secluded cove, or a wild rocky shoreline to explore, the 12 beaches mentioned above in North Wales are our favorite. If you like the article, share it with your family and friends.

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