10 Best Safe Places To Travel Alone As a Solo Female Traveler

Traveling alone is nothing more than a challenge in anyone’s life. Traveling alone as a female gives you an opportunity to figure out who you are in new surroundings and without anyone around you to influence you. As a result of safe places to travel alone, you become closer to yourself and you eventually came out stronger. Also, you completely rely on yourself and that boosts your confidence.

Here is a list of 10 best safe places to travel alone for the first time as a solo female traveler.

1. Spain:Solo traveler in Canada - Travelistia

Spain is the best vacation destinations for the first time solo female travelers. The culture in Spain is incredibly social and friendly. Enjoy your alone time by visiting small islands, going on a group tour with other solo travelers, and watching a Flamenco show in a cave. Moreover, experience the real-life Cinderella Castle and taste the flavorful Rabo de Toro. Walk around the tourist areas but be aware of the surroundings. The country also offers inexpensive accommodations to solo female travelers traveling on a budget.

2. New Zealand:Traveling as solo in New Zealand

New Zealand is one of the safe places to travel alone for female travelers. It is recognized as one of the safest countries in the world in terms of no violence and crime. Spend your time by visiting Goat Island for the country’s first marine reserve, enjoying culinary tastes at Waiheke Island, and taking culture tourism to Te Papa Tongarewa Museum. Besides, make your trip adventurous by sky diving over Lake Taupo, biking around Hastings, and kayaking along the peninsula. Budget-friendly accommodations are also available for women traveling alone.

3. Thailand:Thailand

Thailand is a popular destination for solo backpack travelers. Due to the deep-rooted Buddhist culture, the country has a low crime rate that makes it easier for females to travel alone. Make your solo trip memorable by doing scuba diving on islands, enjoying the elephant experience at Elephant Nature Park, immersing in a Songkran Festival, and exploring Kanchanaburi on a train. Also, experience the amazing views by lazing at the white sand beaches. Learn about travel tips from tour guides to get around the country.

4. Iceland:Iceland visit - travelistia

Iceland is a first-time destination for many solo female travelers. The country offers beautiful landscapes and a rich history to explore. You can never get bored of this place as it has so much to offer to travelers. Venture to Iceland for observing Jokulsarlon glacier lagoon, glazing at the ecstatic Northern Lights, wandering through the Reykjavik streets, and lazing in the water of the Blue Lagoon. Furthermore, make your trip a lifetime experience by doing adventurous activities like hitch-hiking, lava caving, snowmobiling, and whale watching. Know about the solo travel tips from the tour guides to travel comfortably around the country.

5. Malaysia:Malaysia tour as solo traveler - Travelistia

Malaysia is a perfect destination for solo travelers. The country has so much to offer to travelers such as attractive nightlife, beach, culture, heritage, and famous attraction sites. Enjoy your visit by getting absorbed into the visual marvel of the Batu Caves, touring to Petronas Twin Towers, shopping in Petaling Street, and enjoying local food at Jalan Alor’s street food market. However, the off-the-beaten-path experience is still the best to be enjoyed. Malaysia is one of the safe places to travel alone. It is also the best destination for cultural tourism if you want a first culture tour abroad.

6. Japan:

Japan - Traveling as solo

Japan is the best places to travel for first-time solo female travelers. The country offers a number of new experiences to solo travelers with its captivating life. Make new friends by taking a Tokyo food tour, creating your personal toy story at the Yamashiroya Toy Store, immersing in the pulsing music at The Robot Restaurant, and wandering through the Ueno Park. Moreover, enjoy experiencing the magical animation studio at The Studio Ghibli Museum.  The country is also marked as one of the safest countries in the world on the basis of low crime.

7. Argentina:Tourism in Argentina - Travelistia

Argentina is considered one of the safest countries for women traveling alone. The country offers wonderful nightlife to travelers from bars and clubs to walking alone in the streets. Experience the beautiful ice field views at Los Glaciares National Park, wandering through the San Telmo Market, and catch the awe-inspiring sight of Iguazu Falls. Also, don’t forget to explore Argentina’s first-class wine country and the cultural capital of Argentina. Budget-friendly accommodations are also available for solo travelers to make their trip peaceful and comfortable.

8. Germany:SOlo traveler in Germany - Travelistia

Germany is the best place for females to travel alone that suits their needs. The country has a low violent crime rate that’s why females can travel safely and comfortably. Take a half-day walking tour to explore Berlin, entertain yourselves at Legoland theme park, and a night cruise on the River Main to make your solo trip perfect. Despite a modern country, the country is also home to many historic areas where history lovers can enjoy their visit. Also, don’t forget to taste the delicious German cuisine served at the restaurants.

9. Canada:Solo traveler in Canada

Canada is generally a safe places to travel alone for female travelers. It is a great place for travelers who want to experience different cultures and outdoor fun. The country inspires every traveler with its rich history, architecture, and pristine beauty of nature. Also, enjoy your visit by walking through the Butchart Gardens, enjoying rides at Canada’s wonderland, and learn about the culture, art, and history at the Squamish Lil’wat Cultural Center. Experience delicious foods, friendly locals, and great accommodation choices for female travelers.

10. California:Traveling alone in california - travelistia

California attracts a number of visitors with its vibrant culture and laid-back beauty of nature. Enjoy tour time in California by exploring the Warner Bros Studio, experiencing Tokyo and China in LA, and taking a walking tour to discover the amazing street art. Also, get a chance to experience the indoor skydiving to make your trip more adventurous. The country also offers different types of accommodations and dining facilities to solo travelers. California travel guides can help you where to stay, what to explore, and where to dine in the country.

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