Best Cultural Travel Destinations To Visit This Year

If you’re in the mood for adventure to discover the best cultural travel destinations, I suggest you set off on a journey to discover some of the ancient civilizations that defined and shaped our world today. Most countries could make this list, but here are my personal top 10 cultural destinations for history enthusiasts and culture buffs.

1: Explore Bhutan

Bhutan, a landlocked mountain kingdom, is set high on the mighty Himalayas. It remains a hidden paradise, accessible to only a few. The domain unites its colorful religion with spectacular natural surroundings. Festivals are rich expressions of Vajrayana Buddhism when people dress in their finest clothes and jewelry. The many fluttering prayer flags line high ridges, and monasteries perched precariously on sheer cliffs join in, giving the aura of a long-forgotten time.

2. How to Experience Culture While Traveling to Cambodia:

Cambodia’s landscapes range from tropical beaches, remote jungles, and rice paddies to sugar palm plantations. Yet most people come here for reasons other than the scenery: to visit magnificent ancient temple ruins, such as Angkor Wat, Angkor Thom, and Ta Phrom. If you have more than a week in Cambodia, consider combining your trip to the ancient temples of Angkor Wat with those of Borobodur in Indonesia and Bagan in Burma.

3. Enjoy Cultural Travel Experiences in Japan:

Travelers to Japan can explore the country’s ancient temples and shrines and its famous geisha districts while visiting history-rich Kyoto in the gorgeous imperial city of Nara and the colorful capital of Tokyo.
You can travel to Japan year-round, although winters in southern Kyushu and Okinawa are mild and summers in northern Hokkaido are cool. If you go during late March or early April, you can enjoy the glorious cherry blossom season. Typhoons typically hit Japan from the end of August through September, but they usually stay out at sea and hit land only as thunderstorms. Autumn—lasting through November—is one of the best times to visit Japan: the days are pleasant and slightly relaxed, and the changing red and scarlet leaves contrast brilliantly with the deep blue skies.

4. Let’s Learn about education travel & culture in Central America:

Guatemala’s Tikal is arguably the most impressive Mayan site in the world. It includes some 3000 buildings, such as tombs and altars, a palace, and an incredible 9-story temple pyramid. Other famous Mayan landmarks are found in Belize and Mexico, with Chichen Itza and Tulum being the most famous. These temples stand in a background of pristine jungle, exotic wildlife, tumbling waterfalls, and tropical beaches are considered the best cultural travel destinations around the world.

5. Wonderful & Best cultural travel destinations Spots in Greece:

The birthplace of Western civilization, Greece, is home to sites ranging from the Paleolithic Era to the Roman Period. On the mainland, outdoor cafes brim with activity during the sun-filled days, while restaurants offer everything from fresh seafood to traditional Greek cuisine. You can also visit the islands, a quick ferry ride away.

6. Give Egypt a chance  – Cultural Travel All Over:

Touring ancient monuments from the southern tip of the Sinai Peninsula to the shores of the Mediterranean, a holiday in Egypt will give you a taste of its rich history and diverse culture. Giza’s most famous area is home to the Great Pyramids and the Museum of Antiquities. To witness humanity’s most exemplary architecture and craftsmanship firsthand, you need to travel to Luxor. You can visit the Valley of the Kings (with tombs dating back thousands of years) and Karnak Temple, which stands above Thebes, formerly known as ancient Memphis.

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Bonus cultural travel experiences here:

After you’ve seen a photograph of the iconic Inca ruins, nothing can prepare you for the sense of awe that Machu Picchu elicits. Its Incan architecture clinging to rock and jungle, this magical place is best seen on foot. And while not everyone can climb the Inca trail, which is why the train ride and bus ride should be on everyone’s bucket list, this is one experience that shouldn’t be missed by those who make it to Peru.

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