12 Amazing Places in Brazil To Visit During Your Stay

Brazil is one of the top countries to visit in your holidays. There are amazing places in Brazil that have a rich and unique history, as well as natural wonders and destinations that have become famous throughout Brazil. Here are 12 places in Brazil worth visiting when you are on holiday exploring this beautiful country.

1. Pao de Acucar (Sugarloaf Mountain)

Pao de Acucar (Sugarloaf Mountain)

Pao de Acucar is the most famous landmark in Rio de Janeiro. It’s a mountain range with a peak resembling an upside-down cone, located in Tijuca Forest National Park. The park is excellent for hiking, so you can explore this beautiful area yourself or with friends!

2. Iguazu Falls

Iguazu Falls

Iguazu Falls are one of the most powerful waterfalls in the world and can be found on the border of Brazil and Argentina. The falls are a must-see on any trip to Brazil, as they are one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World.

Iguazu Falls is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site, meaning that they have been designated as having cultural importance or value over time by members from around the globe (including Brazilians). If you’re looking for something unique when visiting this area: look no further than Iguazu Falls!

3. Salvador de Bahia

Salvador de Bahia

Salvador de Bahia is the capital of the state of Bahia, in northeastern Brazil. It’s also one of the most popular destinations for tourists visiting Brazil, so it’s no surprise that there are so many places you can visit here.

Salvador de Bahia is a beautiful city with fantastic beaches and plenty to do outside your hotel room (or hostel). There are plenty of things to see and do during your stay here: from museums to music festivals; from traditional markets to walkable neighborhoods; from beachfront restaurants with delicious food like seafood platters made fresh by locals who sell them directly from their boats at low prices!

4. Merians Islands – One of the best Places in Brazil

Merians Islands

If you’re looking to explore the ocean and discover some of its most beautiful islands, Merians Islands are a great place to start. Located in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Brazil, these islands are part of the archipelago known as Fernando de Noronha—a popular tourist destination largely uninhabited.

Most visitors are daytrippers or short-term visitors (usually just tourists on cruises). If you want to stay longer than that, though, there are some places where you can stay overnight.

Santa Maria Island is home to several restaurants serving typical Brazilian cuisine, including seafood dishes such as fish stew and grilled beef steak with garlic sauce; it also has an open-air bar serving drinks and living music entertainment at nighttime!

Fogo Island offers exceptional views over its surrounding waters, so if you want something unique, this may be your best option because there’s nothing quite like seeing dolphins swim right next door while having dinner at one of the many restaurants located throughout this small island community.”

  • 5. Ilha Grande
  • Ilha Grande

Ilha Grande is a small island off the coast of Rio de Janeiro. It’s a popular tourist destination and one of the amazing places in Brazil with several beaches ideal for swimming or relaxing on the sand. Ilha Grande is also home to many wildlife species, including monkeys and birds. If you want to see these creatures up close, you should go scuba diving!

6. Pantanal


The Pantanal is a large wetland area in the south of Brazil. It’s one of the most extensive wetlands in the world and home to many species of animals, including jaguars, capybaras, and caimans.

The Pantanal is so big that it takes up an entire region called Mato Grosso State—the second-largest state after Paraná (the capital city). The wetlands cover more than 1 million square kilometers (386 thousand square miles), with annual rainfall averaging between 1,000 millimeters (40 inches) and 2,000 millimeters (80 inches).

7. Cristo Redentor (Christ the Redeemer)

Cristo Redentor (Christ the Redeemer)
Cristo Redentor (Christ the Redeemer)

Cristo Redentor (Christ the Redeemer), also known as Corcovado, is a statue of Jesus Christ overlooking Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The statue was built in 1931 and stood at an altitude of 1,856 meters (6,000 feet).

It’s 38 meters tall! That makes it one of the world’s tallest bronze statues. It weighs about 30 tons and took 13 years to complete—it can be seen from almost anywhere in Rio de Janeiro because it’s located at the peak of Corcovado Mountain.

8. Olinda


Olinda is a city in the state of Pernambuco, one of the best places in Brazil and located in the Northeast Region of Brazil. It is located in the Recôncavo region, a semi-arid coastal plain.

The city was founded by Afonso de Albuquerque and his brother Sebastião de Albuquerque on August 22, 1563; it was named after Olinda de Andrade (1541–1603), daughter of Francisco de Andrade, who remained an influential figure during its early years as well as being instrumental in naming nearby towns after his daughters including São Mateus do Prado (now Chaves).

The first structure built was a chapel dedicated to Nossa Senhora dos Remédios which still stands today and serves as a reminder of what this part used to look like when Portuguese colonial settlers arrived here from Europe.

They were Seeking fortune through trade or farming. Still, They later abandoned this land due to a lack of resources such as food supplies available here compared with other parts closer to Rio Grande do Norte region, where sugar plantations flourished. It’s because there were no taxes placed upon them at all times during those times, so, therefore, they could easily afford higher prices for commodities such as cotton cloth produced locally due mainly.

Because labor costs were lower than anywhere else within Latin America so, therefore, consumers would buy these products without hesitation whatsoever.”

9. Lencois Maranhenses National Park

Lencois Maranhenses National Park

Lencois Maranhenses National Park is a Brazilian national park located in Bahia. It covers an area of over 1,300 square kilometers and is considered one of the most pristine regions in Brazil. The park was named after its main attraction—the Lencois Maranhenses Desert—which contains several natural attractions such as caves, valleys, and waterfalls.

Lencois Maranhenses National Park has been designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2001 due to its unique geological formations and biodiversity (over 500 species).

10. Fernando de Noronha Marine National Park

Fernando de Noronha Marine National Park

Fernando de Noronha is a group of 21 islands located off the coast of Brazil in a protected marine park established in 1996 and is now one of the largest areas designated for conservation. It’s home to thousands of small fish, seabirds, other wildlife species, and some rare plants such as mangroves.

The islands are also known for their beautiful beaches with white sand beaches, clear water, and turquoise waters that are perfect for snorkeling or diving if you have your equipment (or if you don’t mind paying an extra fee).

Fernando de Noronha was first inhabited by indigenous people who lived there until European settlers forced them out during colonization times in the 1500s when Portuguese explorer João Gonçalves Zarco discovered this area while searching for gold mines near present day the Rio Grande do Norte state capital city Natal (which means “new town”).

He named it “Fernando de Noronha” after King Manuel I, who permitted him to establish a settlement there but later revoked such privilege due to complaints from other colonists who wanted more land than what had been agreed upon in the first place back then; however, the king returned later on again denying any further claims made by those colonists so now we know why anymore?

11. Amazon Rain Forest

Amazon Rain Forest

The Amazon Rainforest is the largest in the world and is home to thousands of species of plants and animals. It’s also where 20% of Earth’s oxygen comes from, making it an excellent place for hiking and exploring!

If you’re planning on visiting Brazil, visit this fantastic place first!

12. Parque Nacional da Tijuca

Parque Nacional da Tijuca

If you love nature, the Tijuca National Park will illuminate your soul. The beautiful greenery, gorgeous lakes and waterfalls, an exciting culture, and incredible architecture make this park one of the best places in Brazil to visit on vacation. Located just 15 minutes outside Rio de Janeiro, getting it is also simple.

After renting a car in Rio, you can drive to the park in 20 minutes. Plus, there are stops along the way that can provide additional breaks if needed.


Brazil is one of the most beautiful countries in the world to visit. There are so many things to do and see that you will not want to leave! This country that is full of natural wonders, culture, history, and people. It has everything you need for a great adventure!

From breathtaking views of the largest river in the world to some of the most naturally beautiful beaches you’ll ever see, Brazil is a place that will not fail to impress you. This article was made with one goal: to make your trip to Brazil as smooth and worry-free as possible. Just enjoy yourself. It’s Brazil!

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