10 Awesome Solo Travel Destinations To Visit In 2023

Solo traveling gets you a chance to make you learn so much about yourself, meet beautiful strangers, make new friends, and see many vibrant landscapes. Traveling solo as a woman in solo travel destinations gives you an opportunity to find out who you are in new surroundings and without anyone around you to influence you. Here are 10 solo travel destinations for females that are awesome for solo female travelers in terms of their safety, sociability, spirituality, and solitude.

1. Enjoy Solo Travel in Lombok, Indonesia:Enjoy Solo Travel in Lombok, Indonesia

People in Indonesia have great respect for women and are very kind and friendly towards them. Lombok is a place in Indonesia where females particularly can enjoy nice beaches, stunning waterfalls, and a social laidback atmosphere. Lombok is cheaper and a wonderful alternative to Bali. Females can enjoy the great nightlife in Lombok. Beaches with half a crowd of Bali gives you the chance to swim with manta rays and stay in a real treehouse. It is a place worth-visiting for females traveling alone.

2. Traveling Alone in Siargao, The Philippines:Traveling Alone in Siargao, The Philippines - Travelistia

Siargao Island is a beautiful dream adventurer place for females. If you are a surfing enthusiast than Siargao is a perfect place for you. Females can go on a solo motorbike adventure where roads are easy and smooth. The atmosphere on the island is very relaxing and laidback. As a female backpacker traveler, you can stay at hostels if you want to stay for a little longer. The best thing to do while visiting Siargao is Sohoton Cove. Get yourself a chance to talk to strangers at cafes and hangout with surfers on the beach. Siargao is the best solo travel destination for women.

3. Adventure Solo Tour in Big Sur, California:Adventure Solo Tour in Big Sur, California - Travelistia

Big Sur is one of the safe places to travel alone as a female. It is one of the most beautiful coastlines in the world. Camping in Big Sur is the perfect opportunity for solo female travelers. Big Sur is known for its pristine scenery and natural features. It is a great place for female travelers to connect with nature, walking along the beach, and sitting in the meadow. Female travelers can enjoy hiking, camping, swimming, and other outdoor activities. You can entrance yourself by a world of emotional, tough, imaginative, and poetic writers for long ago. Big Sur travel guides can help you to explore, stay, and dine at the beautiful coastline in California.

4. Enjoy Natural Places in Yllas, Finland:Enjoy Natural Places in Yllas, Finland

Yllas is the highest fell in Finland with a great variety of slopes. Pure untouched nature and the breathtaking scenery is the perfect backdrop for safaris, skiing, snowshoe, and ice fishing. The locals are so friendly especially if you head to the female-owned-and-run Aurora Estate. You can make new friends and enjoy together the authentic beauty of the place. You can enjoy the beautiful mountain landscape by cycling, hiking, or by paddling on the river. It is one of the beautiful solo travel destinations to catch the sight of the Northern Lights if you are traveling alone.

5. Visit El Chalten As Solo Traveler:Visit El Chalten As Solo Traveler

El Chalten is a small mountain village located in Argentina. El Chalten has stunning natural scenery which is a beautiful spot for climbing, walking, going on excursions, and expeditions. Female travelers can hire a guide for peace of mind and other activities. El Chalten has enormous trials to take and explore adventures. You could join glacier hikes, go on camping excursions, and learn how to climb the rock, all of which can adjust solo travelers. There is no better spot in the world to enjoy the beauty of nature. It is the best adventure destination for female adventurers.

6. Sossusvlei, Namibia:solo travel

Sossusvlei is a popular landmark with its white salt pan, Deadvlei, and red dunes. Namibia is warm and dry and the sky is incredible for stargazing. You can enjoy the scenic flights over the dunes with small planes and hot air balloons in the morning. Sossusvlei is notable for its fascinating and surrealistic landscapes. All the female backpacker travelers can enjoy camping accommodations which makes it easier for them to make friends if they are traveling alone.

7. Vacations To Take Alone in Berlin, Germany:Vacations To Take Alone in Berlin, Germany

Berlin is the best city for solo female travel. It is the best place for a woman to travel alone that suits their needs. Traveling alone in Berlin doesn’t feel awkward as the city is extremely important in individuality. It offers opportunities to enjoy nature, and connect with people and yourself. This city has a low violent crime rate that’s the reason females can travel safely in this city. Berlin features an amazing café culture and varied nightlife. The city is known for the plethora of art galleries, landmarks, and museums to enjoy.

8. Enjoy Solo Travel Tours in Tokyo, Japan:Enjoy Solo Travel Tours in Tokyo, Japan

Japan is one of the best countries for a solo female traveler to visit. The culture in Japan respects the value of being alone. It is known by the capital of dining alone. Many people are hesitated to eat alone, therefore, Japan encourages low-interaction dining where people can eat without saying a word. There are many interesting things to do that include museum where one can easily spend hours in, themed cafes, and beautiful parks which are perfect for people watching. The city is also ranked as one of the safest cities in the world in terms of low crime rate making it comfortable for females to travel alone.

9. Maui, Hawaii Can Be A Solo Travel Destination:Maui, Hawaii Can Be A Solo Travel Destination

Hawaii is the best place to visit if you are traveling by yourself especially for females. Maui is the best island for a single woman depending on the safety, best nightlife, and hotels. However, you can make friends with people while snorkeling, hiking on the waterfalls on the Road to Hana, and a surf school, particularly for women. Maui is very safe and the crime is limited to theft.

10. Places to Travel By Yourself in Quebec, Canada:Places to Travel By Yourself in Quebec, Canada

Quebec is the safest and friendliest place to visit for female solo travel destinations. It offers endless beauty to offer to its visitors. Experience delicious foods, friendly locals, and great accommodation choices. Quebec is relatively inexpensive if you are traveling alone on a budget. Enjoy unoccupied adventures, food, and hospitality in a beautiful part of Canada. Know about solo travel tips from your tour guides to get around the city.

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