10 Top-Rated Historic Places and Landmarks in Georgia, USA

Georgia is a part of the U.S state. It has an extremely diverse culture and has so many historic places and landmarks and adventure filled things to experience. This city is found in various filmed shows and movies due to its perfect sights.

Georgia is among the best places to visit and the place for going to the next trip. This city has a lot much to explore including various historical sites and landmarks. The Following are the top ten places in Georgia that you just need to visit on your next trip.

1. Cultural Tour at World of Coca Cola:world-of-coca-cola-in-atlanta-georgia-travelistia

The world of Coca-Cola is the top priority museum that is located in Downtown Atlanta, Georgia. You can catch various inspiration corners in this place that includes the vault where its secret formula is stored, multimedia attraction of this famous beverage, beverage lounge to meet a 7-foot tall polar bear, and you get to taste over 100 different beverages that are made by the world-famous Coca Cola brand.

You can also get its online tickets from their website. Along with this, you can also check their operating hours and additional safety measures information before visiting this place. However, this is the must-visit adventure travel place in Georgia.

2. Historic Tour at Juliette Gordon Low Birthplace: travelistia - home

Juliette Gordon Low Birthplace is among the most visited historic places in Georgia. It is the founder of girls scout as she recruited girls from all over the town.

This place was designated as a historical landmark as it honors the first girl’s scout and it motivates the future girl scouts to catch a bit of motivation to begin her life. It is open to the public for general tours as it is available from Monday to Saturday.

3. Enjoy Cultural Tour at Savannah Historic District:Historical place Savannah Historic District

The Savannah historic represents the old city at the time of civil war. This place is a fusion of culture, museum, art, and gracious mansions. It is found as a warm and friendly place as you can walk under old beautiful trees that drape over the walking path.

You can also catch the attraction of Juliette Gordon Low Birthplace slightly further than this place. You can find great service, lovely rooms, beautiful location, and what more! People love to travel here as it is extremely informative and jam-packed fun. Your trip to Georgia is incomplete if you haven’t made a stop at Savannah’s historic district.

4. Cultural Tourism Visit at Georgia Aquarium: Cultural Tourism Visit at Georgia Aquarium - travelistia

Georgia Aquarium is a home for aquatic species that has more than thousands of aquatic animals. There is a long 100-foot acrylic tunnel through which the visitors can walk and experience uncharted water. It is expected that the Georgia aquarium will expand its aquatic gallery featuring sharks in the fall of 2020.

You can also avail of different types of special offers so it won’t cost much. Moreover, you can also reserve your tickets online by visiting their website. There are no fee charges for children under the age of 3.

5. Culture Trip At Atlanta Botanical Garden: Culture Trip At Atlanta Botanical Garden - Travelistia

Atlanta botanical garden is one of the most premium gardens where you will discover beautiful plant collections. The main objective of this garden is to provide knowledge, education, and a beautiful display with the splendid beauty of nature.

You can spend a day with your kids by exploring different colors and shapes of displays that will catch tourist attraction. There is a massive indoor waterfall that captures the attraction of all visitors. This woodland garden is a must-visit place, however, the visitors can enjoy the beauty of the garden at the end of October till December.

6. Explore Centennial Olympic Park, One of the Historic Places and Landmarks:

:Colorful Centennial Fountain - travelistia

Centennial Olympic Park is the top tourist attraction and one of the best historic places and landmarks in Atlanta, Georgia which is occupied in the area of 22-acre.

The park is built on the theme of the Olympic Games. This place captures visitor’s attraction during the events of musical concerts, Independence Day, or fireworks display. There is a beautiful fountain of rings that is controlled through a computer system to display beautiful lights and water movement with synchronized music. You can also see various types of sculptures that are scattered in the park.

People love taking pictures and recommend its visit as the place is safe for everybody. This park has also received a downtown economic impact award in 2016 as it is indicated as the most attractive place since 1996.

7. National Center For Civil & Human Rights:

National Center for Civil and Human Rights – Travelistia

The center for civil and human rights captures cultural attraction that links the present Global human rights movement with the American civil rights movement. You can see various exhibitions that describe the history of civil rights.

There are different types of innovative labs and institutes that provide training to people regarding human rights. This is a safe place for visitors if they want to experience any culture trip because the visit leaves behind the inspired and empowered sentiments.

8. Mestia – One of the Historic Places and Landmarks:Mestia - travelistia

Mestia is on of the best historic places and landmarks and adventure filled spot for hiking in Georgia. It is a beautiful mountain region and one of the top tourist destinations in Georgia. One cannot get lost in this town as it is very easy to navigate.

You can travel to mestia via train, helicopter, and bus. However, due to rapid weather changes, you cannot fly to mestia as the flights get canceled. There is also a historical-ethnographical museum in which unique icons and manuscripts are reserved.

9. Fort McAllister State Park:One of the Best historic places - Fort McAllister State Park - Travelistia

Fort McAllister State Park is the historic park in Georgia that is home to Fort McAllister that is a best-preserved earthwork fortification from the civil war. The park is beautiful with its live oak trees and Spanish moss hanging from the tree.

The park also houses a museum that showcases civil war artifacts. A state park is a perfect place for hiking, boating, camping, and fishing. Many annual events are organized at the state park. The park also hosts daily programs that provide information on soldier life, crafts, weapons, and wildlife habitats.

10. Old Fort Jackson:Enjoy culture trip at Old Fort Jackson - travelistia

Old Fort Jackson is one of the best historic places and landmarks in Georgia. The fort was built to protect the city during the 1812 war. The fort houses a museum operated by the Coastal Heritage Society.

Old Fort Jackson delivers high-quality engaging programs for visitors. Guests can watch a cannon demonstration and also learn about different drills. Take a guided tour to learn about the stories of the soldiers who fought here and explore the historic museums.

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