7 Reasons to Read Megan Joy Beauty Fashion Blogger

The famous beauty fashion blogger, Megan joy, is a Christian woman, who love to write blogs for many years. In her blog, Simply Megan Joy, she covers most of the niches regarding fashion (clothes, hairdo, style, beauty, etc.), travel, music, literature, and lifestyles.

In her beauty fashion blogs, she inspires readers in joyful and funny manners. Her way of writing is very unique that keeps her readers to stay in touch with her blogs, for a long period.

She is also a great Irish dancer, she is a remarkable musician and knows how to play 4 musical instruments, an incredible horse rider, and a great archer. Megan Joy also wrote a few novels and one of them is in the process of getting published.

Megan joy beauty fashion blogger is run by an independent woman, who creates her ideas and even sews her own designed dresses.

Her fashion blogs are full of fascinating photos, in which she was wearing her own stitched clothes. She also loves to share videos of short films created by her.

Let’s find out more details about Megan joy beauty fashion blogger.

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Megan Joy Blog Publishes the Followings:

1.Vintage outfits blogs

LADY OF ROHAN // FIELDS OF PELENNOR and RECREATING LIZZIE BENNET’S BROWN FROLICKING FROCK, are Megan Joy’s top-listed beauty fashion blogs. She recreates the dress of Elizabeth and encourages other women to make their vintage outfits.

2. Pro Tips About Fashion

Megan joy’s blog is enriched with a lot of pro tips related to style and fashion trends. She wrote blogs to help the audience about how they look classy, what fashion is in trend, how to do makeup that goes best with the fashionable dress, and also give guidelines about the hairdo.

3.Passion for Sewing

SIY (SEW IT YOURSELF) is a category in her fashion blog, GARDEN DRESS and EASY 30 MINUTE T-SHIRT REVAMP is top rated SIY blog, which provides step-by-step guidance to those who have a passion for sewing. Megan Joy Beauty fashion blogger is an amazing platform to get information about how to design and create your clothes.

4. Wrote about Literature

Megan joy also writes poems and literature work in her fashion blog for those who adored literature, nature, or art.

POEMS OF OLD // ALL NATURE HAS A FEELING is the great work of Megan joy.

5. Inspiring Travel Stories

Megan joy beauty fashion blogger is not only famous for fashion tips but also gets fame through her inspirational travel blogs. She shared her adventures with the audience for their motivation. She encourages readers to travel more and discover every possible thing.

6. The best beauty products

The wait is over for the women who are facing issues regarding beauty products. Megan Joy has an excellent experience in beauty products. She has a list of recommendations for the best cosmetic products for women.

7. Engage the Audience with Quizzes

The best thing about Megan joy beauty and fashion blogger is her quiz-taking activity. This is a fun experience for the audience to check their knowledge. This is also a great source to interact with the audience.

HOW MUCH DO YOU KNOW ABOUT JANE AUSTEN? And CAN YOU GUESS WHO SAID THESE “PRINCESS BRIDE” QUOTES?  These are great quizzes she penned for their audience. You can visit her blog for more quizzes.

Final Thoughts

Megan joy beauty and fashion blogger is for women, who are very much concerned about fashion trends, styling, cosmetics, makeup, and hairdo. You can follow her on her Megan Joy social media forums for guidance and tips.

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