6 Useful Tips For Solo Woman to Stay Safe While Traveling

About half of the business or adventure travelers internationally are females. The travel industry is especially focusing on making traveling and accommodations more secure because of the high ratio of female travelers. Women need more care and precautions during international traveling. Solo women travelers are more vulnerable than men. In this article, we are sharing some of the most amazing tips that can help you stay safe if you are planning to travel as a solo woman.

1. Know the Destination:

Always make sure that you have had enough research on the particular destination where you are going. You need to take one step extra precautions while traveling alone. Do not show people that you are a visitor or you don’t know the routes or roads. Avoid pulling out your pin location on the google maps. Always research before choosing the destination.

2. Choose your Accommodations with Care:

Choose a well-reputed hotel that is national and offer good food.  You can also check the reputation of the hotel using google maps or online social media of that hotel where you are planning to stay. Try to get hotels that offer only women living floors. When you are out of options in large hotels, go for a small motel or hostel because small hotels are normally run by females most of the time. Don’t stay until you find a good hotel.

3. Do not Trust any Stranger Quickly:

If you are a woman and traveling alone. Make sure that you do not get noticed by strangers especially if you are in some town or area where people aren’t enough visitors. Whenever any stranger approaches you, try to make the conversation short and do not accept any kind of coffee or tea invitation so quickly.

4. Beware of new Friends:

Limit your alcohol consumption and don’t trust strangers easily. Think before you make new friends and after some time or brainstorming, don’t rush for merry or a quick bed nap.

6. Know How to Defend:

Many police departments offer self-defense classes and you should take some if you are new travelers and want to explore the world. If you are not into physical stuff, at least educate yourself on personal safety.  Try some personal safety devices but unfortunately when traveling abroad, these devices might stay at home. In case, if you are staying for a longer period, you might want to order one.  If you are traveling with some travel agency or company, you need to consider asking them for such devices.

6. Protect yourself in the hotel:

If you are making room for accommodating yourself in a hotel, you are safe enough if the hotel rated good and marked as safe. But there are still some tips that you need to follow:

As a solo woman traveler, your sign should be as first initial or you can also put your husband’s name if you are married. Use Mrs. Instead of your first name.

Keep a visiting card of the hotel including the name of the hotel, address and telephone number and carry it in your purse or handbag all the time.Make sure that your clerk tells you the room number in person where you are staying. This will help you not to reveal your hotel room to other strangers. Leave a sign on your hotel room saying “Do Not Disturb” when you are gone.

Leave a radio on while you are gone so that others might get an idea that there is still someone in the room and you are not staying alone. Secure the windows upon arriving in the hotel room (when you were out exploring the local places) and make sure that windows are intact. Make a short inventory of your belongings upon arrival in the room again. Always get help from the security staff of the hotel and don’t hesitate.

We do hope that these tips will help you stay safe when visiting any foreign destination as a solo woman traveler. Travelistia always helps many female tourists find the safest and best destination around the world and make sure that such tips and methods come handy for thousands of readers.

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