6 Best Free Travel Guides and Why To Choose Them

Before deciding to go out on a new journey, it is always important to know about a new location. A traveler is always eager to know about a new destination. Free Travel guides are the best solution to overcome this problem. They provide good knowledge of the culture, traditions, and history of a specific location. They provide the latest information about the attractions and sites. So it is always important to seek help from professional tour guides while traveling to a new destination.

Here is a list of best the travel guides and why you should choose them.

1. Lonely Planet’s Shoestring Guides:Lonely Planet’s Shoestring Guides

If you are traveling on a budget, then Lonely Planet’s Shoestring Guide is a best option as a Free Travel Guides. They help you to plan how to travel on a small budget and provide the most updated information on the destination you are willing to travel. These guides give tips on how to save money and time and blend in with the locals to get around.  The Lonely Planet’s Shoestring Guides provides information to backpack and solo travelers about the cheap accommodations. These guides show how to travel by local transportation and save money. This transportation aspect is a good reason to invest in tour guides for budget travel.

2. Fodor’s Travel As Free Travel Guide:Fodor’s Travel As Free Travel Guide

The most interesting fact about the Fodor’s Travel guides is that the guides are composed by the individuals who live in a location. The guides provide information about the local tradition, culture, and people of a specific location. Fodor’s Travel provides information in every format from print guidebooks, e-books, and a website. It also provides suggestions on food, hotels, cruises, transport, luxury, and budget a traveler could dream of. Fodor also provides you the tools and insights to need to encounter during the trip.

3. Rough Guides To Get Travel Tips:Rough Guides To Get Travel Tips

Rough Guides is a British travel guide that provides customized trip services to travelers according to their needs. The guidebooks cover over 200 destinations around the world and provide up-to-date knowledge about a destination a traveler needs to know. Book a tailor-made trip with Rough Guides to make your trip extraordinary. All the travel plans are tailored according to your likings. This tailored perspective is a good reason to plan your trip with Rough Guides. They also provide travel tips to travelers about how to get around in a new destination. Rough Guides offers information in every format from e-books to handy pocket guides.

4. Ruba – Great Travel Guide:Ruba - Great Travel Guide

Ruba is the latest travel site that provides visual guides of best destinations around the world. It does not only provides reviews on hotels and restaurants, etc but also provides full guide reviews of the best places. It engages its users with visual displays of high quality to enjoy travel research. These visual guides are written by travelers who have been to destinations. Ruba is emerging as the best tour guide that engages its customers by using high-quality visual guides.

5. Trip Advisor – Best Source To Get Tourist Attraction Info:Trip Advisor - Best Source To Get Tourist Attraction Info

Trip Advisor is the largest online travel guide in the world that provides both travel research and user reviews. It features reviews on restaurants, special lodging, tourist destinations, hotels, and travel experience. Trip Advisor is a must-visit website if you are looking for suggestions about a location. You can follow travel experts for recommendations that suit your interest. Trip Advisor also provides travel videos to the travelers and can also write your own reviews.

6. Yahoo Travel – Free Travel Guides:

Yahoo Travel - Free Travel Guides

Yahoo Travel is a site that provides guidebooks, travel booking services, booking tools, and daily articles. Moreover, you can also make your own profile, add travel photo albums, plans, and add maps of the places you have visited. Yahoo Travel has a mobile version available at the Yahoo website.

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