The Best Holiday Destinations to Visit in Europe for 2020

If you are planning a perfect vacay in 2020, then Europe comprises ideal spots for your holiday destinations. It offers a penalty of choices with one of the best places to travel with amazing landscapes, stunning beaches, incredible cities to make your holidays fantastic. Whether it is a family trip, a city break, a tour with friends, or a romantic getaway, you can explore Europe to witness splendid eye shots. To make it even more memorable you can discover beautiful markets and beaches, especially during a festival. Well! If you want more inspiration about the great travel destinations in Europe, then you have landed at the right place to get some travel tips. Come on, let’s start exploring Europe’s elite tour destinations below:

1. Consider Top Travel Destination Colmar, France:Consider Top Travel Destination Colmar, France

Colmar grabs first place on the rostrum of top travel destinations in Europe. Anyhow, it is well deserved! Being the capital of Alsace wines, it offers a whole bunch of leading spots for history buffs, food, music, and culture lovers, and a perfect destination for the lovers. Colmar is one of the best places to visit in the world at Christmas. Its magical charisma multiplies with incredible Christmas lights and peerless market attractions. Also, it is the scenery and worth a detour during spring, culture, and music festivals. Colmar hosts dazzling spring markets and various cultural events during these days. It is said that Colmar is the sunniest city among the other popular vacation destinations. You can visit other vine estates or can walk along the vineyards on the trip.

2. Cultural & Adventurous Visit to Athens, Greece:Cultural & Adventurous Visit to Athens, Greece

You can add Athens to your perfect holiday destinations list. Because it is a blend of traditions and modernity with trendier and constant evolution. You can view museums, shops, restaurants, and bars in this aesthetic city. Athens is well-known for preserving civilizations with an incredibly dynamic and lively open-air museum. If you are a history lover, then you must visit Athens. As it has marked itself among the best places to travel that merges past with the present with the right proportion of grunge and grace. It is a city of exceptional contrasts and paradoxes, that effortlessly invented courtesy to its visitors. Athens is one of the top travel destinations with spectacular Mediterranean landscapes, electrifying nightlife, and the booming art scenes.

3. Enjoy Natural Tour at Tbilisi, Georgia:Enjoy Natural Tour at Tbilisi, Georgia

The Capital of Georgia, Tbilisi, is a trendy option for your holiday destinations in 2020. It is enriched with architecture, culture, and cuisine diversity. The wow factor is magnified with the mingling of Magnificent Haussmannian buildings, some neo-classical, and Soviet buildings. Note your travel tips while visiting such a respectful city. Climbing the top of the Tbilisi and viewing the captivating Kartlis Deda statue is one of them. Other best places to travel are a panorama of the Georgian capital, the thermal baths, the Mtatsminda Amusement Park, the Peace Bridge, the new theatre, the Peace Bridge, and many more. Tbilisi looks astounding during spring and dazzling in winter with Christmas lights, decorations, and market

4. Incredible Places to Visit in Vienna, Austria:Incredible Places to Visit in Vienna, Austria

Vienna is one of the great travel destinations and an ideal travel spot for families and lovers. It is a perfect blend of fun and class both at the same time. It is popular for its local market, cuisine, high-class bars, chick restaurants with incredible architecture. Vienna is the safest travel destination with a lot of amusement parks. There are thousands of lively experiences in Vienna, one of the best holiday destinations. Some of them are Climb aboard (the most beautiful big wheels in Europe), whistle Strauss’ Blue Danube (perfect for marriage proposals), Schönbrunn Palace (self-treatment or you may learn cooking here especially “Strudel”).

5. Cascais, Portugal:Cascais is truly a treat to eyes and one of the best places to visit in the world

Cascais is truly a treat to eyes and one of the best places to visit in the world. It sides with the beautiful and prestigious coastal destination Biarritz. Cascais is located on the Lisbon Coast. It boasts a perfect view with bewitching locations like Mafra: The Portuguese Versailles, Ericeira: World Surfing Reserve, Sintra: UNESCO Heritage Site, etc. With its moderate climate, the “Portuguese Riviera” offers an exquisite variety of striking landscapes making it one of the most attractive and top travel destinations. It gives the new definition of travel i.e., eco-based tourism spot with the sun, sea, and other water sports.

6. Pay An Adventourous Visit to Sibiu, Romania:Pay An Adventourous Visit to Sibiu, Romania

Well, if you are still wondering which other spot is instagrammable, then add Sibiu (in Transylvania) to your list of the best holiday destinations in Europe. This is another trendy destination enriched with culture and gastronomy and is as romantic as Rome or Venice. It is one of the most popular vacation destinations which depicts poetry and beauty from every bit. This city has preserved its 800 years of history yet it is the modern city in Europe. It attracts the attention of photographers, hikers, or Instagrammers towards its beauty.

7. Namur, Belgium:Best places to visit in Belgium

Namur is a must-see destination for those who love shopping, nature walks, or are foodies. It is an extremely endearing spot with the Belgian surrealism of Brussels. It is one of the most popular vacation destinations that depicts the romanticism of Budapest and warmly welcomes its visitors. Namur has excellent restaurants and unique cultures. It is a developing city where numerous tourism spots open every day. It just not only offers relaxation and pampering but also offers dozens of activities which includes hiking, paddling, and other outdoor sports. Amuse yourselves with a romantic cruise on the Meuse or climb to the top of Citadel.

8. Rijeka, Croatia:Wonderful visit with your loved ones in Croatia

Rijeka is said to be the most fashionable city in Europe. Travelers add it to their wish list. It is one of the must-see destinations of Europe that offer unique views to its visitors,  named as “European Capital of Culture”. It gracefully depicts the traditions and history, one of the perfect spots for the people who love to see culture, nature, tradition, and modernity at its best. Rijeka Carnival is a treat to the eyes, so, do not miss this. Visit the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, if you are an art lover.

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