I’m Michael James, a professional travel writer and photographer passionate about adventure travel. Together, through my writing and photos, let’s discover the hidden gems and must-see wonders of our planet.

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We are a team of travel experts, determined to share our valuable experiences with other tourists whether they are beginners or experts to make their journey and quest for discovering new horizons easy. The same passion has been reflected in our travel blogs related in various categories including top travel destinations, family adventure travel, overseas adventure travel, US travel guides, tips & travel tricks, and exploring the latest travel news around the globe. 

Travelistia, a well-known travel blog, provides updated insider travel tips with multiple epic articles from locals and expert perspectives about both popular and underrated travel destinations. Our platform is a great helping hand for promoting emerging travel locations, tourist destinations, and cultural destinations.

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Offering Passionate Adventure Travel Moments 

Adventure travel blogs are the most refined pieces of our travel experiences where you can feel our fast heartbeats with a mixture of nervousness and courage before jumping from the bungee platforms or putting our convoys in the middle of gushing waters. We also share how adventure travel can improve your physical and mental health. 

Cultural Travel That Makes You Mentally Rich

We believe in diversity! Our cultural travel blogs are intended to indicate the centuries-old local traditions, beliefs, cuisines and exhibit the different dimensions of lifestyle as both simplistic and lavish. The purpose of cultural travel is to discover something new that is separate from western culture and fascinating enough to retain its existence for years. 

Discovering New Ocean with Top Travel Destinations

You can choose the most fascinating travel destinations that are shortlisted by our reader survey, experts, and current trends. These travel blogs are easy to digest for readers and help them to build a better understanding with well-structured and insightful information that is backed by first-hand knowledge and other authentic sources. 

Experience Festival Travel 

Local and regional festivals are the perfect time to immerse in the culture and local community. Our festival travel blog expresses these festivals as giant-themed parties where an immense number of like-minded people get together and celebrate the classical theaters, contemporary art, and music. Our world-class travel data published on our website is available for the reader to make decisive decisions about where to travel for the coming local festival.  

Reviews & Recommendations

Review is the most interesting category of our travel blog site because it gives us an escape from breaking the realm of the travel industry and finding something fascinating for you. It could be a review of the best book we read during our journey, or a review about interesting restaurants. It could vary from the best car repairing sites to how to take care of your spine with a travel pillow. 

Solo Travel 

Travelistia blog will take away your hesitation to travel alone and provide you with a reason to have an enriching experience with solo travel. You can find more than 100 rewarding articles about solo travel written by individuals who take the leap to travel the far lands and explore not only the pristine landscape but also inner confidence with it. 

Travel Accessories 

You will never remain uncertain about what to pack when you try to prepare your travel gear. We have compiled a list of the best blogs that not only advise you on travel accessories but also provide you with functionality so you comprehend why you need to carry them across boundaries. 

Get Benefit from Our Free Travel Guide 

Our travel guide will help you to determine the best travel tips, tricks, and hacks without charging you anything. You just jump on the site and extract the most authentic itinerary for your desired destination around the globe. With your expert advice, it will become easy for you to find places to stay, activities to enjoy, and things to do at your travel destination. 

Multicultural Travel News 

Traveling is the right way to build your own opinion and collect the updated information about multi-cultures. It helps you to avoid all sorts of biases, prejudices, and propaganda. Our travel news aims to provide pure and uncensored research and experience-based information that will offer you a solid ground to construct your views. 

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