Bucket-List Mexico: Top Tourist Destinations to Visit in 2023-2024

While developments in recent years have made it one of the world’s top tourist destinations, this land of ancient history, maverick personalities, and diverse landscapes remains a hidden gem. Where traditional beach resorts and package holidays have failed to impress, Mexico is waiting to welcome you with open arms.

The country is one of the top tourist destinations and one of the most incredible places globally; known for its historically rich destinations and breathtaking tourist spots, Mexico is a must-visit. If you are planning a trip but don’t know where to start, here’s a bucket list of some of the most incredible places to visit.

1. Mexico City – Top Tourist Destinations 

Those who have been to Mexico City agree on one thing: this city has unlimited cultural and historical sites and great food, and it is generally filled with friendly people. If you join us for any of our upcoming trips to Mexico City (or any other place in Mexico), you will never regret it. For those seeking a more exotic escape, Mexico City offers a window into the heart of urban Mexico.

2. Cancun, Mexico

Cancun is today undoubtedly the number one tourist destination in Mexico. It beats all the other popular Mexican cities with great beaches and Caribbean charm. If you’re looking for sun and fun, you might think about heading to the beaches at Sunny Cancun. However, there are fabulous resorts here that cater to family vacations and plenty of well-preserved Mayan ruins that allow you to explore the depths of this fascinating culture.

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3. Los Cabos, Mexico

Plan your next Mexico vacation in style with Los Cabos, the world-renowned resort destination. With these vacations, you can stay at any gorgeous resorts, relax on the beach, enjoy spa treatments, play golf, and explore the area’s history.

4. Chichen Itza

The Mayan ruins of Chichén Itzá are an awe-inspiring real-world spectacle and one of the most spectacular sites in Mesoamerica. They are nothing short of stunning, and it’s a must-do day trip when you’re traveling with Contiki’s Soul Seeker tour option through Mexico.

5. Teotihuacan

Teotihuacan is an ancient city, but everyone knows about its pyramids. Instead of trying to top the pyramids, why not take a hot air balloon ride over to an equally beautiful ancient city? Tixcacalco has just as beautiful pyramids but much fewer tourists.

6. Oaxaca – World Top Tourist Destinations

Experience the beauty of Oaxaca’s architecture, take a cooking class, or watch a Mariachi band perform. This trip comes with so many activities; you’ll be able to plan this vacation and have something new to do every day.

7. Manzanillo, Mexico

 If you have ever dreamed of visiting the most beautiful places in Mexico, you must consider experiencing Manzanillo! Although it is a lesser-known destination than Puerto Vallarta and Riviera Maya, it has a lot to offer, including delicious seafood and even fishing opportunities. Although it’s not as famous as other beaches in Mexico, Manzanillo is a great vacation spot. You’ll enjoy delicious seafood while meeting new friends and trying new activities such as fishing.

If you’re looking for a place to get away from the crowds, consider spending time in Zihuatanejo. It’s a charming beach town in Mexico—an exceptional blend of colonial architecture, year-round greenery, sunny weather, and golden beaches. Most tourists visit during the winter months when temperatures are in the high 80s.

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8. Punta de Mita

With its rich culture, gorgeous views, and warm climate all year round, Punta Mita is the perfect location for your next vacation. Whether you’re looking for relaxing beach days or want to explore the nearby mountains and rainforests, this top travel tourist destination in the world is for you.

9. Tequila

Whether you’re a fan of tequila, you should visit the city it’s named after. Tequila is one of the best places in Mexico for nightlife and distillery visits/ tastings. You’ll probably try some authentic Mexican tequila to convert you into a fan.

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