4 Amazing & Adventure-Filled Things to Do in Bangkok

When we talk about adventure and amazing nightlife, Bangkok is the one-spot to enjoy the best place. This amazing destination offers incredible nightlife, restaurants and excellent hospitality.

If you’re thinking of visiting Bangkok, You are reading the right article. Millions of people around the world visit Bangkok because there are thousands of things to do, hundreds of places to visit and enjoy. Take a look at some of the most amazing and thrilling places and things that you can do while your next adventure-filled visit in Bangkok.

Nightlife at Khao San Road

A famous stop for Backpackers and other budget travelers, Khao San Road is lined with bars, restaurants, shops, hostels and more. You are likely to find many tourists all over the globe here. The area is best known during its night time as partygoers can relish the around bars, taste the street foods or shopping around the markets to get a great souvenir. If you find new people and friends than this wonderful destination serves its purpose.

Enjoy the Sunset at Wat Arun


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Wat Arun is on the iconic temple complex, located right on the bank of Chao Praya. Towering at 220 feet, this spire also reffed to as prang was constructed during the Ayutthaya period. It is also decorated with porcelain and colored glass. Historically the Emerald Buddha was once located here before shifted to its current location. The highlight of this location is that visitors can climb the top of a central tower and during sunset can witness an iconic scene showcasing the beauty of Bangkok.

Nature’s Song in Lumpini Park


Retreat to refreshing Lumpini Park from burning asphalt. Spanning over 140 acres in the business district, the park welcomes visitors to run, sailing a boat in the lake, play golf and refresh yourself from the city’s atmosphere. In winter, indulge in the serenade of the orchestra on weekend evening and expect to see various groups and clubs throughout the day as nature sings with it.

Sail and Delight on a Dinner Cruise



A cruise at Chao Praya gives a different and exhilarating experience of the city, most dinner cruises offer far from relaxed experiences. You can see them from miles away, equipped with blaring music and flashing neon lights- though not ideal if you are looking to experience the temples at night time.

Supanniga Cruise, launched in 2019 aims to give a tranquil dinner boat experience. They host over 40 guests in sunset cocktail, champagne and dinner cruises also include a six-course menu and a welcome glass of champagne, for just 3,250 baht ($107). The sister restaurant, Suppaniga Eating Room is another among the popular riverfront spots for getting that perfect sunset shot for your social media channels.

There are several more locations that are rich with culture and golden times of ancient Thailand. Just be cautious when you travel to Bangkok for your safety. So relax and enjoy the city of Bangkok, you’ll never forget it.

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