Top 3 Motorcycle Routes to Explore Around Seattle, USA

Thinking about Seattle the first thing that comes to mind is either sleepless in Seattle, nirvana, or pearl jam. To make it easier we can all agree that Seattle brings you closer to art. However art is the only thing that you will get to experience once you visit Seattle, you will see that being a diver city, and you will get to see some of the most exquisite cultural and artistic references.

Motorcycle Routes to Explore Around Seattle, USA

Unlike most cities that are connected to art, Seattle is not a hustling city. Although it offers everything that you might want to see and avail in a big city it will still offer you a very calm and realistic environment. People in Seattle are very joyous and helpful so once you start traveling you will see that if you try to seek help, it is relatively easier as well. With the perfect blend of an industrial city with cultural and cosmopolitan vibes, while marinating its basic city vibes, Seattle offers you something that other cities might never be able to offer.

Being a motorcyclist, if you want to explore the beauty of the city you will get some of the best places to explore. However, you also need to keep in mind that going to Seattle on a motorcycle road trip is completely different than going for a road trip in your four-wheeler. One thing to keep in mind is that you will not struggle with luggage because everything is easily available in the city, however, if you don’t weatherproof your motorcycle, you might have to struggle a little.

The main issue is that being a city located in the Pacific Northwest, you have to keep in mind that it rains a lot. Naturally, even the smoothest and fully paved roads will test your abilities. Most beginners slip due to rain, others find it difficult because they continue to ride with the same old motorcycle tires. To start a tour, you have to start by analyzing the condition of your motorcycle as well.

Motorcycle Routes to Explore in the United States

With the help of this article, we will mainly list some of the best routes and destinations that you should explore on your Seattle road trip. Since we have already mentioned the basic issues, you have to keep in mind how you will be analyzing your motorcycle performance and adjusting your luggage options.

Top 3 Motorcycle Routes to explore Around Seattle

Seattle is a gorgeous place to visit especially if you want to travel on your two-wheeler. This is the place that you have to visit once you decide to go on your first solo trip. Most people, especially beginners who have just learned how to ride a motorcycle and not go on a trip can enjoy the Seattle road trip because the roads are paved and smooth so you will not fear any issues related to off-roading experience, or curvy paths, or narrow roads.

Leavenworth – Motorcycle Routes to Explore Around Seattle

This is a one-day road trip and you will get to travel around 289 miles on this route. The best thing about this route is that you will not only get to experience the natural view but also some of the best and picture-perfect places as well. While traveling on this route, Snoqualmie Falls along with the Cascade Mountains will lead you to Leavenworth.

One day trip to Leavenworth

If you want to know in detail about Leavenworth town you can imagine it as an exquisite mountain town that you will get to fully enjoy. The roads here are not very different yet offer the best view. People who find Cascade Loop length boring usually choose Leavenworth as an easy and relatively shorter option. The town of Leavenworth was remodeled into a very different Bavarian-style town. The customs, traditions, and culture along with the food options and local cuisine show the impact of German tradition as well.

Puget Sound

Traveling to Puget Sound will be a one-day trip where you will get to travel around 217 miles. When you travel to Puget Sound, you will get to travel all the way to the west side of the cascade and motorcycle routes to explore around Seattle. The best thing about this tour is that you will get to experience the best and most breathtaking view. You will see mountain peaks along with lush green forests and some of the best coastal views as well.  While traveling you will get to cross the Tacoma Narrow Bridge, after that, you will pass through the lush farms and villages as well.

Traveling to Puget Sound will be a one-day trip

You will also pass through the Kitsap peninsula. From two hours just outside Seattle, you will get to reach Shelton which has a good place to shop. In fact, if you want to shop for things or you want to have something missing this will be a great place to restock. Most people know this place as the Christmas tree capital as well. Next, you can visit Hood Canal, Port Townsend, and other Victorian-style places to visit.

Mt. Rainier

This is another one-day road trip where you will get to travel around 221 miles. This is another great route that you can explore. However, this is recommended for an intermediate to a professional rider because of some sharp turns and twisty roads.

the best place offering some of the most scenic views and some fun-filled adventurous roads

This is a perfect day trip offering a good view. You will get to start the trip with Enumclaw and it will take just 43 miles to reach Seattle because it is just 1.5 hours away on the eastern side. You can then get to the Enumclaw and from here you will go to Chinook pass. This is the best place offering some of the most scenic views and some fun-filled adventurous roads as well.

Bottom Line

To sum it all up, Seattle is a good place to visit considering you will be enjoying the natural beauty without thinking about staying away from the city. Seattle offers everything that you can ever think of, in fact, if you forget to carry your full luggage with you, there will be so many shops where you can easily stop and buy all the necessities without considering the price fluctuation because of limited options. However, you need to keep in mind that whatever you wear and how you adjust your motorcycle will be very important.

You need to make sure that changing weather doesn’t impact your motorcycle routes to explore around Seattle so make sure to carry your rain boots and raincoat along. Another very important thing that you need to do is to get a weather app on your smartphone and track the weather conditions for the days you will be visiting. This will help you pack accordingly.

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