What are the top travel destinations to visit in South America in 2022?

South America is the world’s fourth-largest continent and offers a list of top travel destinations to visit in 2022. It has many different regions, ranging from the world’s driest desert to towering Andean peaks and the lush forests of the Amazon. Because of this diversity, there are variations in weather conditions among different areas of South America throughout the year.

Some destinations are top travel destinations in 2022 that can be visited year-round; however, others have defined wet and dry seasons, though these are generally not severe enough to deter travel. Whether you want to track wildlife, see glaciers, visit ancient ruins, or party all night long, there will be ideal conditions somewhere on the continent whenever you want to go.

Below are our recommendations for South America according to climate (monthly averages and recommended months for each top travel destination in 2022).

Head for Peru – Top Travel Destination in 2022:

If June is the month you’ve chosen to explore Peru, start in the capital, Lima. Head south to meet curious Humboldt penguins and sea lions on the Ballestas Islands. Continue east and up over the Andes to reach the plateau once inhabited by the ancient Incas.

If you’re into hiking less crowded spots, head north instead and discover the magic of the Cordillera Blanca. Meanwhile, water levels are dipping dramatically in Peru’s southern Amazon basin—making for gratifying lodge-based adventures.

Enjoy Visiting Top Tourist Destinations like Chile:

The beautiful Torres del Paine National Park stretches over mountains, glaciers, lakes, and rivers in southern Chilean Patagonia. The park can be explored by doing the famous W – trek for five days, hiking for eight days doing the O-circuit as we did, or by several one-day hikes.

Multi-day backpacking hikes in the park were challenging, carrying food and gear for the whole expedition, but were an amazing experience. The park is located 112 km north of Puerto Natales. You can enjoy one of these amazing top travel destinations in 2022 in the coming summer season.

Explore Argentina & Brazil in your summer break in 2022:

Travel to one of the largest countries in South America: Argentina or Brazil, both of which have coastlines along the Atlantic Ocean. This season has great deals and is an ideal time to visit these two diversified countries as these are considered top tourist destinations in 2022. The shoulder season is upon us again, and Brazil and Argentina offer the traveler ample opportunity to extend their visit to South America. Flights between both countries are plentiful throughout October, allowing travelers to experience various aspects of the two nations cheaply.

Recharge your batteries with a warm welcome from Uruguay on your next travel visit in 2022.

One of the few South American countries not yet impacted by mass tourism. From Buenos Aires, take a ferry to Montevideo and immerse yourself in the country’s exciting capital city with its rich blend of European and Latin American heritage.

Discover Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia:

Salar de Uyuni, located in Bolivia, is one of the world’s largest salt flats. It was formed as a result of transformations between several prehistoric lakes and is 10,582 square kilometers in area. Several interesting sites can be found on these salt flats and it is a very popular tourist attraction. A couple of hotels have been built on the salt flats using blocks of salt.

Exploring this area as a 4-day trip from Sucre is one of the most popular ways to cross over into Chile as this is one of the top travel destinations.

The trip usually involves exploring the flats for a couple of days, but taking photos with interesting backgrounds and taking videos are often encouraged; tourists should bring toys or props that can be incorporated into such photography sessions. Let the Travelistia team know your wish list and we will assemble all the details necessary to write about Bolivia.

Venezuela as one of the Top Destinations in 2022:

Table Mountains (tepuis) in Venezuela contain unique rock formations, quartz fields, and insect-eating plants. The unique fauna and flora on top of these mountains developed in complete isolation over millennia. We visited Mount Roraima for eight days to explore the off-the-beaten-path sites, which inspired writers and moviemakers for decades.

Venezuela is a controversial country to visit because its government has been accused of human rights violations. It has some of the most incredible places to visit in South America and is ranked as one of the top destinations in 2022.

Columbia – Top travel destinations in 2022:

In Colombia, the town of Salento is located in the heart of the coffee-growin1g region known as the “coffee triangle”.

It is considered by many to be one of the top places to visit in South America. The valley of Cocora can be reached by a 30-minute jeep ride from Salento. Hiking to this valley takes five hours round trip and involves descending into the jungle and passing through several cloud forests.

Try picking up some top travel destinations for your tour in 2022. South American regions are the best because of their diverse climate and topography. South America is an ideal tour destination for travelers interested in ecology, adventure, history, nature, and culture.

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