10 Tips For Traveling While You Are Pregnant

Traveling alone while being pregnant is a very challenging task for pregnant women. Before traveling, it is important to consult your doctor and travel agent about your travel plans and complications that could happen during your travel. Get some useful and handy travel tips and travel guides as it is always a good idea to plan your travel to avoid discomfort during traveling.

Traveling while being pregnant can be difficult but here are some travel tips you could follow to enjoy an easier, comfortable, and safe journey.

1. Consider Your Time Wisely:travel tips - travelistia 

The best and safest time to travel for pregnant women is the second trimester between 14 and 28 weeks because the first and third trimester is a little uncomfortable. Several pregnancy complications may occur during the first and third trimester like morning sickness, nausea, insomnia, breathing problems, etc. Every woman faces a different pregnancy phase but the second trimester is the most comfortable phase for pregnant women to travel internationally.

2. Pick the Destination Wisely:travelling alone - travelistia

Be careful while choosing your destination to travel. Make sure that you are traveling to the safest destination where there is a good weather trend, fresh air quality, good medical facilities, and no risk of foodborne diseases. Buy any travel tips guide or broucher for a thourghful summary of travel precations. Be mindful of the nearby hospital if you encounter an emergency. Don’t travel to the countries that require travel vaccinations.

3. Pack Extra Light:
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Heavy weight lifting is not encouraged during pregnancy. So it is important to avoid packing a heavy and overstuffed suitcase. Pack as light as possible to avoid dragging heavy luggage or heavy backpacks. Carry the necessary items in your backpack as they are more comfortable and light to carry. Pack things that could serve as multifunctional and avoid packing beauty products, toothpaste, and other nonessentials items that could also be found at your international travel destination.

4. Pack Healthy Snacks and Drinks:travel juies - travelistia

It is very important to carry healthy snacks and drinks no matter which mode of transportation you are traveling to. A woman is more starving and becomes dehydrated while being pregnant, so it is important to have healthy snacks or whatever you need on hand. Carry nutritious snacks that have more energy, protein, fiber, and healthy fats.

5. Bring Sanitizers and Sanitizing Wipes:traveling alone - travelistia

In addition to packing your healthy snacks and drinks, don’t forget to pack an alcohol-based hand sanitizer. Sanitizing or washing your hands frequently is the best way to ward off germs from your hand. Sanitizing wipes can be useful to disinfect germs on surfaces and your hands. Pregnant women need to wash or sanitize their hands before eating food.

6. Pack a First-Aid-Kit:first aid kit - travelistia

It is important to bring a small first-aid-kit while traveling. First-aid-kits are important for short term survival that provides useful items for pregnant women. Don’t forget to bring essential medicines for heartburn, headaches, nausea, bloating, or other pregnancy-related illnesses while traveling alone.

7. Get Travel Insurance: travel insurance - travelistia

Travel insurance for pregnancy is very important for pregnant women. It will be useful for treating complications during pregnancy and childbirth. These policies vary as some policies will cover only up to 38 weeks or 32 weeks of your pregnancy. If you are traveling on a plane, check the airline rules regarding pregnant women as some airlines don’t let you travel if you are past 36 weeks. Travel insurance for pregnant women also provides personal liability, medical repatriation, flight cancellation, and medical expenses. Seek travel information from authentic travel insurance agents for better reconciliation.

8. Take Breaks:travel tips - travelistia

Pregnancy can be stressful and some women feel tired more often. If you are traveling in the car, don’t sit for more than five hours to be less stressed during the journey. Stop at the various stops to take a fresh breath and to stretch your legs. Being not able to move for long hours can cause high-risk complications for pregnant women such as blood clotting. Take short breaks to be more comfortable if you are feeling tired.

9. Be Mindful About Picking Activities:travel activity - travelistia

It is important to avoid doing activities that put you at risk of falling. Physical activities are good for promoting strength and stamina and relieve stress. Avoid doing fun activities like water skiing, sliding, kayaking, snowboarding, etc that are not good for the baby and can make you fall. Also, avoid going into the hot tubs as high-temperature heat is not good for the baby.

10. Ask For Help: travel help

Traveling during pregnancy is very difficult and worrying as there is a risk of many complications. Don’t be shy for asking help or travel tips from someone if you need it. Don’t hesitate to ask for help to lift your bags, if you need anything to eat, or asking someone for their seats. People are always happy to help pregnant women.

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