Complete Guide on How to Travel With a Cat

People love to take their pets when they travel. However, it can become worrying and somewhat irritating if your furry friend is not used to traveling. In this guide, we will discuss few tips and tricks about how to travel with a cat.

For the feline, it can be stressful because of the confined space and places. Especially if your pet is used to staying at home.  Cats like to live in a routine, they do not like change. The change and travel stress them. So if you are planning on spending the vacation, it is a wise choice that you leave them at home. You can ask your neighbor to keep an eye and or you can hire a pet sitter.
But in case you do not feel comfortable leaving the cat at home then we have few tips that can help you along the way. Let’s explore some quick tips if you are looking for the answer of how to travel with a cat.

1.  Cat Carrier:

The first thing is to make sure that your cat is relaxed and at ease in the cat carrier.  The carrier must be comfortable for the cat and must have enough space for cat to move around.  Make sure there is some type of padding on the bottom of the carrier, preferably not something that slides around in the floor, but something that remains firm.

2.  Cat Tags:

You may want to talk to your vet about having an ID tag microchipped on your cat if it is not currently microchipped. Register the microchip before you decide to leave. If your cat becomes distressed in a new environment or runs away in this case, even if she wanders off she can find her way back home all you have to do is run id check online to know her location.

How to Travel with Cats

3.  Find a Vet Where You’re Traveling:

It is a good idea to search for a veterinarian or 24-hour veterinary hospital nearby where you are vacationing. Just to be safe, make sure you bring your vaccination records. So if something happens to her you know where to go and who to visit in an emergency.

4.  How to Travel with a Cat in Air:

If you are planning on taking your cat or kitten on a flight, before your departure date, contact your airline to learn their policies. You should be aware of the restrictions, and additional charges that may apply to your pet travel.

Make sure if they allow pets. There are certain breed restrictions at American Airlines and United Airlines. The last thing you want is an airport surprise!

5.  Travel with Cats Empty Stomach:

It is best not to feed the cat during the morning of your trip. Cats tend to become nervous during traveling. The best bet is to carry a cat in a car is with an empty stomach. You must remember this whether you’re taking an airplane, a car, or a train.

How to Travel with Cats

6.  Travel Packs and Water Bowls

Before traveling make sure to pack meals and water containers for your cat. It’s a good idea to bring the food your cat prefers rather than trying to give them something new. Unexpected food changes can cause upset stomachs in cats, and you don’t want them to feel more stressed

Providing a stress-free travel experience to your cat is important. You need to take all the precautions and do the homework so you have a better understanding of how to make the travel experience great for you and your pet.

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