7 Tourist Destinations Under $50 a Day

The world is beautiful, and there are so many cool tourist destinations and crazy places to visit. It’s easy to spend thousands of dollars on plane tickets, hotel rooms, and tours without even realizing it. But if you’re looking for a cheap vacation tourist destination in 2022 that won’t break the bank—especially if you’re not planning on spending much time in one city—look no further than these seven cities:

1. New Orleans, LA $50/day

New Orleans is a great place to visit in the fall. The city is known for its food, music, and culture—even better when you’re there during Mardi Gras! If you’re looking for more than just the typical tourist destinations that most people associate with “New Orleans,” this city is worth checking out.

There are plenty of festivals going on throughout the year that celebrate everything from jazz to hip-hop music. During these festivals, there will be parades where people dress up as animals (usuallyigators) and many other fun things like costume contests; these events can get pretty expensive, so it might be best if you don’t try them unless they fit into your budget!

Aside from all this great stuff happening in town here, at least one thing I would say about living here is how much history there is within walking distance.”

2. San Juan, Puerto Rico $49/day

San Juan has a lot to offer tourists, and it’s a great place to visit if you’re looking for a fun city with plenty of things to do. You can enjoy the beach or learn about Puerto Rican culture.

It’s also worth noting that there are many affordable hotels in San Juan, so you won’t have trouble finding accommodations no matter what budget level you’re working with.

3. Salt Lake City, UT $50/day

Salt Lake City is the capital of Utah and is known for its ski resorts. It’s home to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and an affordable place to visit.

4. Bangkok, Thailand $42/day

Bangkok is a great place to visit if you are on a budget. It has many attractions that cost less than $50, including the Grand Palace and Wat Pho Temple. You can also visit other famous places like Jim Thompson House or The Siam Commercial Bank Building for less than $25 per day.

5. Budapest, Hungary $50/day

Budapest is a beautiful city, with a great food scene and many things to do. The weather is mild in the winter but hot in the summer. The cheapest way to get around Budapest is by tram or bus—they’re cheap and easy to use! You can also take advantage of their public transportation system if you want something more comfortable than walking around all day (though walking will undoubtedly be an option).

Budapest has many sights worth seeing: Széchenyi Baths; Castle Hill; Matthias Church; Heroes’ Square; Andrássy Avenue, where there’s a statue of József Kossuth; Heroes’ Square again…and so on…

There are also plenty more things that I didn’t mention because they weren’t worth mentioning!

6. Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam $47/day

Ho Chi Minh City is a city in Vietnam formerly known as Saigon. Located on the coast of the South China Sea and served by the South East Asian Megacity Expressway (SEAMEX), it’s one of the largest cities in Vietnam. Also, it has an airport that connects it to many other major Asian cities.

Ho Chi Minh City is famous for its food, culture, and shopping but not so much for its beaches or attractions: it doesn’t have any beaches or other tourist-friendly places like you might expect from an international tourist destination. However, if you’re looking for somewhere offbeat that still offers plenty of things, this could be your perfect vacation spot!

7. Hoi An, Vietnam $42/day

Hoi An is a small town in Vietnam. It’s known for its beautiful architecture and is one of the most popular tourist destinations.

The city has been around for over 2,000 years, with many ancient structures still standing today.

You can visit the Citadel Museum or Hanoi’s Giáp Tổng Cung Temple on your trip to Hoi An; both are well worth seeing if you want to learn more about this fascinating place!

The world is your oyster. You can travel the world for less than the cost of college tuition!

Traveling the world is one of the best ways to learn about other cultures and yourself. It’s also an opportunity to see things you might never have seen otherwise, like pyramids in Egypt or mountains in Japan. Traveling makes you more open-minded, leading to better conversations with others and a greater appreciation for life. Don’t forget to get travel insurance before flying.


These seven tourist destinations under $50 a day are worth considering if you’re looking to see the world but can’t afford a trip to Europe or Asia on your dime.

These cities offer all the amenities you need for a comfortable visit, whether exploring New Orleans culture or enjoying the beautiful sights of San Juan. Even if you don’t stay at any of these hotels for just one night, it will save money compared to paying the total price for an expensive hotel room each day.


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