14 Jaw-Dropping Mykonos Beach Hotels That Will Make Your Stay Memorable 

Mykonos is a popular Greek beach that has a match between St. Tropez and Ibiza. The beach makes its visitors hold their chins while enjoying the postcard-perfect views from the Balcones of Mykonos Hotels. You can find all sorts of the finest hotels on the high-profile island such as Mykonos Beach Oceanfront Hotel, Mykonos Beach Luxury Hotel, Mykonos Beach Hotels at affordable prices, etc.

Let’s get into the list of jaw-dropping Mykonos Hotels that will make your stay memorable and thrilling.

1. Santa Marina 

Santa Marina 

Santa Marina is one of the best Mykonos Beach Hotels that offer you a variety of rooms like resort rooms, superior sea view rooms, Akro rooms, and Deluxe Sea view rooms. If you are with your family, you can book the family retreat sea view suite that provides you with a complete oceanfront view. On the other hand, Villa Coral and Villa Emerald provide extraordinary amenities with private pools to the guests.

2. Katikies Mykonos 

Katikies Mykonos 

Katikies Mykonos is Mykonos Beach 5 Stars hotel, located at Agios Ioannis in Mykonos. It’s one of the best Mykonos Beach oceanfront hotels that offer the right essence of chic seaside living with a view of the shimmering sea.

The hotel is full of colors and vibrant enough to touch the pulsating spirit of its guests with superior, senior, and junior open-air jetted tube sea views. Additionally, you just need to cover 4 km to move from this Mykonos Beach Hotel to Mykonos Town.

Mykonos Beach Hotel Contact (Katikies Mykonos): +30 2860 71312

3. Anax Resort & Spa 

Anax Resort & Spa

Anax Resort will provide you with Greece’s concept of luxury where you can immerse yourself in a private oasis. You will get exclusive benefits at the hotel including best rates, special discounts, and personal concierge service.

There are plenty of rooms available at the Mykonos Beach Hotel with a pool: Aegean sunset deluxe double room, grand exclusive suite, exclusive suite with private pool, etc.

Anax Resort Contact:  +30 22890 77600

4. Mykonos Grand Hotel & Resort 

Mykonos Grand Hotel & Resort 

Mykonos Grand Hotel is the Mykonos five-star beachfront luxury hotel that offers the perfect setting for personalized services and rare moments.

The hotel is the right example of optimal conform and ultimate isolation leading to the embodiment of gentle style and seamless play luxury. The most typical rooms of the hotel include elegant rooms, spacious suites, and premium sea-view rooms.

Mykonos Grand Hotel & Resort Contact: +30 22890 25555

5. Amazon Mykonos Resort 

Amazon Mykonos Resort 

Amazon Mykonos Resort is designed to provide you with home-like comfort with stylish accommodations extended to 60 luxurious suites. The dominant soothing shades of the hotel consist of beige and warm wood elements that provide coziness and comfort to the guests. You can also lounge in the private infinity pool or simply perch in the Jacuzzi under the open stars.

Amazon Mykonos Resort: +30 22890 77773

6. Royal Myconian Resort & Thalasso 

Royal Myconian Resort & Thalasso 

The Royal Myconian is a luxury resort where you find the dramatic cues crafted by the Greek designs with a blend of new-age fantasy and antiquity. The hotel offers cool sanctuaries to foreign visitors with vast terraces and private balconies to premium standards of comfort.

The extraordinary amenities include state-of-the-art conferencing facilities where you observe the finely honed competence of the hotel management.

Royal Myconian Resort & Thalasso: +30 22890 72000

7. Saint John Hotel Villas 

Saint John Hotel Villas 

Saint John Hotel Villas is one of the best Mykonos hotels that is a masterpiece of architecture silhouetted against the blue skyline of the island. The hotel presents luxury and elegant amenities to their guest that are only expected by the sheer 5-star hotel in Mykonos.

When you experience the gracious hospitality, magnificent cuisine, and impeccable services, you will realize that the hotel lives up to its reputation.

Saint John Hotel Villas Contact: +30 22890 28752

8. Myconican Utopian Relais & Chateaux 

Myconican Utopian Relais & Chateaux 

Myconican Utopian Relais & Chateaux is located 300m above the Elia beach and presents sophisticated hospitality by adhering to the highest standard. It has an ultra-glamorous interior created by hand-cut stone and sustainable material.

The hotel has the perfect setting for couples and honeymooners who are seeking for amazing gateway. You can also swim into the pool that becomes alive with the wink of shining stars above or just enjoy the view from your rooms, suites, or villas.

Myconican Utopian Relais & Chateaux Contact: +30 22890 76060

9. Myconian Avaton Resort 

Myconian Avaton Resort 

Myconia Avaton Resort is also located at Elia Beach and is a great example of singular beauty. The hotel is much more than its mere location with panoramic decks, private balcony views, and dramatic double volume.

It’s the kind of hotel that will take your privacy and personalized experience to another dimension with infinity pools, fine dining, and exceptional design features.

Myconian Avaton Resort Contact: +30 22890 76100

10. Petasos Beach Resort 

Petasos Beach Resort 

Petasos Beach Resort is the new addition to the luxury Mykonos Hotels that have incredible suites and rooms for travelers to stay and enjoy the Aegean blue waters.

The dining options of the hotel include the local cuisines and also provide you options for personalizing your menu for the meal. The beachfront rooms offer you a garden and sea view without compromising the isolation and privacy.

Petasos Beach Resort Contact: +30 22890 23437

11. Mykonos Kosmoplaz Beach Hotel 

Mykonos Kosmoplaz Beach Hotel 

Mykonos Kosmoplaz Beach Hotel & resort is a 4-star hotel with stunning beach views and amenities for the guests that provide a charming touch of luxury to your vocations.

You can book your suite with the private pools and chill in the warm waters to have a lavish experience. The hotel never falls short of offering you an outdoor Jacuzzi or sauna for delving into the intimate escape.

Mykonos Kosmoplaz Beach Hotel Contact: +30 22890 25127

12. Chora Resort Hotel

Chora Resort Hotel

If you haven’t ever visited Mykonos Beach and wondered about the types of accommodations and hotels at the beach, you don’t need to because It has plenty of Mykonos beachfront hotels, one of which is the Chora Resort Hotel. It contains all sorts of rooms, suites, and villas for the visitors to reside and enjoy the Agean view.

Chora Rersort Hotel Contant: +30 22860 41590-4

13. Manoulas Beach Mykonos Resort 

Manoulas Beach Mykonos Resort 

Manoulas Beach Mykonos Resort is one of the best Mykonos Beach hotels that is newly refurbished and has cutting-edge facilities. The hotel has a spectacular setting and provides heartfelt service with superb food. The best thing about the hotel is the availability of 24/7 personalized services.

Manoulas Beach Mykonos Resort Contact: +30 22890 22900

14. Aphrodite Beach & Resort 

Aphrodite Beach & Resort 

Aphrodite Beach Hotel claims to be one of the best hotels at Mykonos Beach Hotel where serenity meets sizzle. It offers plenty of rooms for travel from standard classic twin, family superior room, family room with garden view, etc. You can also have the best dining experience at the resort which will delight you with a variety of dishes.

Aphrodite Beach & Resort: +30 22890 71367


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