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We love travel guest posts (write for us + travel | travel write for us | write for us travel). They’re a great way to tell your story and connect with people interested in what you have to say. Plus, if you write for us, we’ll promote your post all over social media to get maximum exposure!

We Love Travel Guest Posts – Write for us Travel

We love to share the travel stories of our readers. We want to help you get more exposure, build your brand, grow your business, and reach new customers.

But what if you don’t have time for a blog post? What if there’s no way to get in touch with someone who can write one? Well, then we’ve got an answer for that too!

We know How to Do SEO Right

We know how to write for search engines.

We have a team of expert writers who work with us and they’re always keeping their ears open for what’s working in the industry—and what isn’t.

We’re constantly testing new travel content, new travel stories and ideas, and refining our process until we find something that works best for our readers.

Our Audience is Loyal, Engaged, and Interested in What You Have to Say

As a fast growing travel website, we know that our audience is loyal. They want to read what you have say about the places they love and are always curious about new places that inspire them.

Our write for us travel blog team has been working for 4 years and has built up an audience of loyal followers who trust us with their time and money by visiting our site repeatedly.

If you’re looking at other travel websites or blogs when considering whether or not your content would be accepted on ours, consider this: We’ve been doing this since 2018; there aren’t many sites offering similar experiences as ours!

The same goes for any write for us travel guest posts written by us – they’re all published under our own brand name (Travelistia), so anyone who reads one of these articles can easily find out more information about us as well as be able to follow us on social media accounts like Twitter or LinkedIn where we share travel tips & tricks exclusively related towards traveling bloggers themselves!

How To Submit Your Travel Content on our Website?

We are not that strict…! You only have to write an article related to Travel category and content should be more than 800-2500 words.

Once you are done with the writing, submit your article to us via email in google docs format. One of our team members will proof read it and once approved, we will post it on our website within 1 to 2 days.

Please Review Write for us Travel Post Requirements Below:

➔ Content should be 100% unique.

➔ There should be minimum of 800 words in an article.

➔ We do not accept AI Generated Content of any form or type.

➔ Non-copyrighted images should be used in the article.

➔ Sentence length should not be more than 20 words.

➔ Use Active voice maximum times. Avoid using Passive voice.

➔ Promotional and spin content is not allowed.

➔ Backlinks will be provided where maximum relevancy occurs in the content.

➔ You can add Wikipedia, entrepreneur, business insider, and other high authority travel site links in the content.

➔ Dead, spammed, and solely promotional links are not allowed

➔ 1 internal link and 1 external link (depends on the quality of the content)

➔ Adult and sexual content is not allowed. CBD, Crypt and other harmful content types are not allowed.

➔ The document should be in Doc.x format with 3 Subheading at least.

Editorial mail: travelistiausa@gmail.com

Find the Example Guest Post here: Step into Paradise: The Best Day Hikes In The World

Contact For Promoting Your Videos on: Travelistia YouTube Channel.

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