Travelistia is accepting travel related guest posts now.

Please review requirements below:

  1. Content should be 100% unique
  2. There should be Minimum 750 words in an article
  3. Non-copyrighted images should be used in the article
  4. Sentence length should not be more than 20 words.
  5. Use Active voice maximum times. Avoid using Passive voice
  6. Promotional and spin content is not allowed
  7. Backlinks will be provided where maximum relevency occurs in the content
  8. You can add wikipedia, enterpenuer, business insider and other high authority travel site links in the content
  9. dead , spammy and solely prmotional links are not allowed
  10. 1 internal link and 1 external link (depends on the quality of the content)
  11. Adult and sexual content is not allowed
  12. Document shouold be in docx format with 3 Subheading atleast

Kindly Go through all requirments before sennding us your content.

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