5 Most popular beaches in Da Nang, Vietnam

If you are looking to soak up some sun on the Most popular beaches in Da Nang in your adventure holidays, you need to consider some amazing places to travel in Vietnam. Here are the 5 most popular beaches in Da Nang that you need to visit in your next holidays.

1. My Khe Beach:

My Khe beach is believed to be the most sparkling and lively beach in Da Nang. It is recorded as the ‘World’s most luxurious beaches’ in Forbes Magazine. It is recognized in Vietnam for its vibrant silky sand, blue sky, and warm water which is surrounded by coconut trees.

My Khe Beach

Entertaining and challenging activities can be booked on the spot which includes banana boats, fishing, jet-skiing, surfing, wakeboarding, and kayaking. My Khe beach is reached through Da Nang International Airport which is served by a few flights per day across Asia. Da Nang government offers free entry to the tourists and offers great facilities for accommodation.

2. Lang Co beach:

Lang co beach is known for its natural landscape. LangCo bay is famous for its charming scenery, mountains and forests, clear crystal blue water and white sand. Visitors highly recommend making a stopover at Lang Co to enjoy the scenic views. LangCo resorts are styled according to the reminiscent of an old Vietnamese village.

Lang Co beach

LangCo beach resorts provide great hospitality, rich culture, and remarkable taste. It also offers massage services and free Wi-Fi access. LangCo beach resort is a smart decision for explorers to hue. LangCo is not only renowned for its romantic beauty but also attracts tourists for relaxing and swimming on emerald seawater.

3. Bac My An Beach:

Bac My An Beach is recognized as the most fascinating site in Da Nang tempting both domestic and international tourists. The blue water, gentle waves, and the cool breeze leave an alluring impression on tourists. Many luxurious hotels are found around the Beach. Tourists can choose their hotels depending on their financial ability.

Bac My An Beach

Hotels provide free private parking to travelers. Hotels offer many exiting services such as entertainment and recreation. Besides hotels and resorts, tourists can also enjoy themselves with traditional cuisine. Various fun activities such as windsurfing, diving, and canoeing can be done on the beach. The perfect time to visit Da Nang is from February to May.

4. Non Nuoc Beach:

Non Nuoc beach is listed as one of the most mesmerizing and captivating beaches according to Forbes 2005, the leading magazine of America. This beach has soft white sand, gentle slope, pure water, and mild waves during all the seasons. The pure blue water tempts the number of tourists to bathe and enjoy themselves.

Non Nuoc Beach - Travelistia

This beach is popular for its seaweed that has a high level of exports. Hotels and resorts are also found at this beach. They provide entertainment services which include photographs, massage, tennis, and gymnastics. The best time to visit Non-Nuoc is between April and September.

5. Thanh Binh Beach:

This is the beach that is closest to the Da Nang city. Thanh Binh Beach is recognized for its breathtaking natural scenery. It is the perfect spot for people who admire nature. The sea is calm, blue, and clear. It offers many fun activities such as canoeing, yachting, windsurfing, and paragliding.

Thanh Binh Beach- Travelistia

All these activities are performed in the presence of trained professionals. This beach covers mid-range hotels and local food restaurants. People believed that Thanh Binh Beach is a quiet beach that provides space for people and visitors.

In Vietnam, These are the best places to go on vacation with your family and friends and enjoy the summer season. Comment below and tell us which beach you like the most.

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