8 Best International Travel Apps to Use While Traveling

Our mobile phone is an important lifestyle part which can also be used to get directions while traveling. There are many travel apps that help you save money and ensure you have an enjoyable trip.  Travel guide helps you plan your vacations depending on your budget. Start with these 8 best International travel apps if you have a trip coming up your way.

1. LoungeBuddy:loungebuddy-travelistia

LoungeBuddy is a great app that helps you with benefiting as much as possible from your airport experience whether you are traveling for leisure or business. LoungeBuddy lets the travelers access any of the lounges without any memberships, first-class tickets, or elite statuses required. You can get instant lounge access by using this app. LoungeBuddy helps you find a place to relax, freshen up, and be productive. This app is great for people traveling alone. This app is free and easy to use.

2. Enjoy the Travel Services of Hopper:hopper - travelistia

Hopper is an advanced booking app for travelers. Its forecasting software alerts you about the changing price tickets and helps you buy your ticket in a good time. You can find cheaper tickets by using this app. All you need to do is enter your travel plans and the Hopper app will let you know about the best time to book your flight. The app also explains the policies of flight changes, seat selection, and checked bag prices.

3. Book Hotels During Solo Trips Using HostelWorld:Book Hotels During Solo Trips Using HostelWorld

HostelWorld is a leading travel app for travelers who are traveling on a budget. It is a hostel booking application for solo travelers. HostelWorld has over 17,700 hostel properties allowing you to book hostels based on customer reviews. Its messaging feature helps you to chat and connect with your HostelWorld traveler. It is a great trip planner app for backpack travelers for international travel. It offers instant confirmation and does not charge any booking fee.

4. Airbnb:Airbnb - travelistia

Airbnb is an application where you can rent out your houses or rooms for people who are looking for accommodation in a particular location. Airbnb is inexpensive and is less than the cost of a hotel room. Airbnb provides a great opportunity for hosts to earn some income from their property. Guests can search the Airbnb database by amenities, price, and type of property. Airbnb also offers additional services that include restaurants and experiences. This app is great for people who are planning a solo trip.

5. International Travel App Duolingo:International Travel App Duolingo-travelistia

Duolingo is the most popular and downloaded language app in the world. It helps people in learning a new language in an entertaining fashion. Duolingo is designed like a game and is proven to be effective. The app covers language courses in Japanese, Russian, French, German, Spanish, and many more. This app is fun and easy to use. The app is accessible without any charges however it provides a premium service with fee. Duolingo app is accessible to both Android and iOS users.

6. Traveling By Yourself Using TripAdvisor:Traveling By Yourself Using TripAdvisor-travelistia

TripAdvisor is the largest online travel site in the world. This app is best for finding recommendations. It features reviews on travel experiences, tourist destinations, specialty lodging, restaurants, hotels, and rental properties. This app is available in 28 languages and is free on both iOS and Android. You can follow travel experts for advice that matches your interest. You can view travel videos and can also write your own reviews.

7. Singles Travel International Made Easy With Couchsurfing:Singles Travel International Made Easy With Couchsurfing

Couchsurfing is an app that helps you connect with the locals and allows travelers to stay at their homes for free. The accommodation is not fancy and helps you keep your budget intact. You can get a chance to learn about the culture, language, and customs of a country by living with the locals. You can use the Hangouts feature to meet other travelers and to enjoy your trip. This app is great for people who are planning to vacation alone. The locals can help you travel cheaper, better, and longer.

8. Roadtrippers – Best App For Singles Travel International:Roadtrippers - Best App For Singles Travel International

Roadtrippers is a mobile app that helps travelers to plan road trips by allowing them to plot points on a map. This app is very easy to plan a road trip. You can map your route with up to 7 waypoints without any charges. After 7 waypoints, you need to upgrade to Roadtrippers Plus for a fee. You can also find out what is along the route. You can also find out the tourist information center for getting advice from locals by using the Roadtrippers app. The app also suggests roadside attractions, scenic stops, and local food options.

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