Top 12 Best Airlines to Fly International Ranked 2023

Skytrax conducted an online travel survey and extracted a list of the best airlines to fly around the world in which Singapore Airlines won the contest for 2023’s best airline in the aviation industry by beating the previous seven times winner of Qatar Airways.

These airlines are ranked according to the parameters like seat comfort, no delays or cancellations, best onboard services, etc.

Let’s get into the detail of the top 12 best airlines to fly internationally ranked 2023 that helps to make your journey more pleasant and fun.

1. Singapore Airlines 

Singapore Airlines 

Singapore Airlines received the 2023 World Airline Awards in the gala ceremony held at Paris Air Show.  According to the Chief Executive Officer, Goh Choon Phong, the award is a testament to the tireless work and sacrifices of your workers.

Singapore Airlines is the best airline to fly because of its world’s best first-class cabins, comfortable seats, and other amenities.

The largest airline has a fleet of 180 aircraft that fly to 5 continents and 75 international destinations. Its meal is created by the best chefs and gives a high in-flight entertainment system to customers by offering to choose a wide range of movies, games, and music.

2. Qatar Airways 

Qatar Airways 

Qatar Airways is a 5-star airline because of its best staff services, onboard products, and the quality of its airports. The airlines make an alliance with other airlines such as Alaska, American Airlines, British Airlines, etc. to deliver a higher level of services while covering 900 destinations around the globe.

You can also earn special privileges and rewards when you choose Qatar Airways. Its 200 aircraft are always ready to take its customers to any travel destination, you intended to visit.

3. Emirates


Emirates is one of the largest airlines in the Middle East with 262 fleet of aircraft that is owned by the Government of Dubai. The airline is the best to fly because it provides fantastic services from first class to premium economy.

The airline also has the latest aircraft in service as A380 and Boeing 777 that fly to various destinations in the world as the Middle East, North America, Europe, Africa, and Asia.

Emirates is expanding its route network by adding new destinations such as Santiago, Panama City, and Mexico City to provide a comfortable travel experience to its customer through these places too.

4. Japan Airlines

Japan Airlines

Japan Airlines was established in 1951 and comprises 230 modern aircraft that take its customers to more than 90 travel destinations around the world. It’s the best airline to fly that focus on offering the best customer experience during flight and continues to expand its destinations. You can get various classes in the plane from first class, business class, economy, and premium economy class.

The seats of the aircraft on Japan Airlines are spacious while the gourmet menu is created by Micheline Starred chefs. The airline is renowned for its Japanese-style hospitality services termed Omotenashi.

5. All Nippon Airways 

5. All Nippon Airways 

All Nippon Airways is also the largest Japanese airline that was founded in 1952. You can travel by ANA airline to both domestic and international destinations. The airline received several awards because of its fuel-efficient aircraft. ANA has many of its subsidiary companies for providing regional, low cost and charter services including ANA Wings, Vanilla Air, and Air Japan.

On Skytrax, ANA is a 5-star Airline because of offering comfortable seats in its aircraft, amenities, food, cleanliness, etc.

6. Turkish Airlines 

Turkish Airlines 

Turkish Airline is not very famous compared to Qatar Airways or Emirates but the airline has been working for the last 88 years to become a global powerhouse for its customers. You can travel to almost all destinations in the world by using this airline because its network route consists of 120 countries.

The travel experience becomes more cherished with world-class Turkish and international catering options. The airline has one of the wider ranges of 300 aircraft that provide a world-class travel experience to customers.

7. EVA Air 

EVA Air 

EVA Air is most younger airline but manage to make its position among the world’s best airlines to fly. EVA connects mainland China to Europe, Asia, North America, and Oceania. You can travel with EVA Air to more than 60 major destinations that keep on expanding with time.

It also makes alliances with other airlines to increase its capability to cover more destinations. It’s the EVA Air that introduces the first Premium Economy Class. It became the trendsetter for other airlines too and is a source of great comfort for leisure travelers and business tours.

8. Delta Air Lines 

Delta Air Lines 

Delta Air Lines is the best American airline to fly that is committed to connecting people through its airline services while striving to adopt sustainable circular solutions. You can fly with Delta Airlines to more than 60 countries on the six continents. Most of the flights of airlines come on time and the probability of on-time arrival is much higher by other the other US airlines.

You will never face the issue of lost luggage when you travel by Delta because the mishandling percentage or lost luggage percentage is 0.6% that what makes Delta the top airline to fly internationally.

9. Cathay Pacific Airways

9. Cathay Pacific Airways

Cathay Pacific Airways is a Hong Kong base airline that makes your journey a more pleasant experience even if you choose economy class. When you request onboard services, it will be delivered to you within minutes. The ground staff is always ready to help the passengers to carry heavy bags. Most travelers choose to purchase a business class or first class tickets to sit on the luxury Cathay Pacific lounges at the Hong Kong International Airport.

10. Etihad Airways

Etihad Airways

Etihad Airways is the leader in the aviation industry because it continues to improve its customer services, inflight experience, and technology. You will be delighted to have a flight with the best airline which is evidenced by its nomination and winning the award as World Leading Airline.

Whether for city breaks, beach holidays, luxury holidays, or winter holidays, you can choose Etihad Airways to fly to more than 60 destinations in the world.

11. Air New Zealand 

Air New Zealand 

When it comes to the best economy class experience, always choose Air New Zealand to travel. It serves around 17 million passengers every year with 3400 flights per week to the best destination in the world.

The airline also has partnership or alliances with other airlines from the United States, Hong Kong, China, and Singapore.

12. Iberia 


Iberia airline cover 64 international destinations from Africa, America, Asia, and Europe. When you travel frequently through Iberia, they will give you a reward on the basis of mileage and number of flights you take with them. It’s a multinational airline that is formed by the collaboration between Spain and the United Kingdom. They use innovative and latest fleets such as A 319, A 320, A 321, etc.

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