How to Get the Best Deals on Hotels?

Embarking on a journey is an exhilarating experience, but the costs associated with travel can add up quickly. One area where you can significantly cut expenses is in hotel bookings. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk you through a step-by-step process to not only find the best hotel deals but also share insider tips on changing your location on an iPhone for added convenience during your travels.

1. Unlock up to 30% of Savings with a Registered Account

hotel booking account

One of the first steps to securing unbeatable hotel deals is creating accounts on popular booking platforms like Booking, Agoda, and While it’s not mandatory to register, the benefits are substantial. Exclusive discounts and promotions are regularly offered to registered users, providing instant savings of up to 30%. This initial investment of time in creating accounts can result in significant long-term savings for frequent and occasional travelers alike.

2. Maximize Benefits with Hotel System Features

Maximize Benefits with Hotel System Features

Beyond the basics of booking, many hotel systems offer additional features to enhance your experience. For example, boasts a Genius discount program for loyal users, while Agoda allows you to link your frequent flyer account to accumulate miles for future flights. These additional perks go beyond the standard discounts and contribute to a more rewarding travel experience.

3. Use a VPN

how to use veepn proxy

A VPN has many advantages that allow you to book a hotel cheaper. All you need to do for this is change the location on your iPhone or other device. To achieve your goal, you can download VeePN and connect to a server in the country where you are going to travel. This helps you get the best deal.

Why it works:

Your interests cannot be tracked. Most hotel booking sites collect information about you. It is also used against us. If the site’s algorithms understand that you are interested in traveling to a certain city, hotel prices can immediately increase by 10-30%.

You can find more accommodation options. Almost all countries have hotels and hostels for local residents. They are much cheaper but less promoted. Often they are not even displayed in search results or are very far away. VPN allows you to fake your location and see the search results that locals see.

Difference in currencies. Prices are often higher for foreigners as booking sites convert your payment at an unfavorable rate. You can get a better price if you are recognized as a local and pay locally at the same price as on the website.

4. Direct Booking for 5-10% Savings

Direct Booking for 5-10% Savings hotels

Cutting out the middleman can lead to significant savings. Utilize aggregators to find appealing hotels and then seek direct communication with owners or management. Negotiating better deals, requesting upgrades, or securing personalized discounts becomes more feasible when booking directly. This age-old hack continues to be a valuable tool for frugal travelers looking to make the most of their budget.

5. Discount Strategies

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Beyond the obvious strategies, there are additional ways to maximize savings. Consider the tactic of initially booking a standard room and then contacting the hotel closer to your stay. If rooms are available, hotels may offer complimentary upgrades. Another approach is exploring last-minute bookings, which can unlock substantial discounts. Additionally, check if your bank or credit card offers cash back options for hotel reservations, providing an extra layer of savings.

6. Continue Searching After Booking

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Flexibility is key when seeking the best deals. Opt for options with free cancellation, allowing you to continue the search for better deals even after securing a reservation. This approach ensures that you can adapt to changing circumstances or opportunities for more significant savings that may arise closer to your travel dates. If you just learned about the possibility of using the VPN iOS app to get discounts, you can check the method in your conditions. Did you find the best offer? Just cancel your reservation and book a better option.

7. Explore Local Hotel Directories

Explore Local Hotel Directories

While major platforms like Booking dominate the market, many small establishments prefer to promote their rooms through local websites. These platforms often charge lower commission fees, which translates to potential savings for both the hotel and the guest. A quick Google search can reveal these hidden gems, providing an opportunity to experience unique accommodations at a lower cost.

8. Book Directly on the Hotel’s Website

Book Directly on the Hotel's Website

In the age of online booking platforms, it’s easy to overlook the potential benefits of booking directly on a hotel’s official website. After finding a hotel on Booking or similar platforms, take a moment to visit the hotel’s website directly. Some hotels offer lower prices, exclusive deals, or additional perks for guests who choose to book directly. This manual verification step ensures that you don’t miss out on potential savings.

9. Early Bird Gets the Savings

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A common misconception is that last-minute bookings yield the best deals. However, seasoned travelers swear by the strategy of early bookings. Planning and securing flights and accommodations six months to a year in advance can result in substantial savings – up to three times the cost compared to last-minute arrangements. Early birds not only secure budget-friendly options but also enjoy a broader range of choices, avoiding the stress of limited availability.

10. Expand Your Search

Savings on hotel booking

You can save some money by avoiding the city center for accommodation while still having convenient downtown access through nearby public transportation. For instance, in Chicago, you can book the Hyatt Regency O’Hare for $152 per night. It’s just a short walk from the Chicago Transit Authority’s Blue Line, which allows easy transportation to both the airport and downtown Chicago. In contrast, staying at the downtown Hyatt Regency would cost you $299 per night.

Final Thoughts

Savings may not necessarily be expressed in money. Perhaps with the tips listed, you will spend the same amount of money but book a much better hotel or room. This can also be considered a savings, since otherwise you would have to pay extra.

To sum it up, to save money you need to remain flexible, learn to bypass “custom” offers from booking sites that mark up prices, and use loyalty programs. By spending a little more time searching, you can save up to 20%, and sometimes even 50% of the cost. Is it worth a few tens of minutes of your time? I think yes.

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