Where Exactly is Bali Located? A Guide for Travelers

Most American find it difficult to discover the amazing southeastern island on the map, Bali, and just ask out of curiosity, where is Bali located? It’s the small Indonesian Island that always attracts tourist attention because of its crystalline beaches, world-class diving, gorgeous waterfalls, and iconic rice fields. Whatever your budget, age, and interests are, the island will fascinate and engage you profoundly.

Where Exactly is Bali Located? A Guide for Travelers

Bali is one of the incredible islands between the largest group of Malay Archipelago that consist of around 17,000 islands of Indonesia and roughly 7000 of Philippines. The region is sometimes considered as East Indies. It’s the best travel destination in the world because of its magical blend of culture, people, activities, nature, nightlife, and phenomenal accommodations.

Exploring the Size of Bali:

How Large Bali Is?

Bali is an island of the size of Goshen County, Wyoming which is around 2,232 square miles. It’s the province of Indonesia that is adjacent to the other neighboring islands such as Penida, Nusa, Nusa Cenignan, and Nusa Lembongan.

What does the US Travel Advisory Say about Bali?

US Travel Advisory gives a green signal because the US Department of State considers Indonesia including Bali as a Level 2 region, “Exercise Increased Caution”. That means the region is not completely safe but it’s quite manageable to explore the island. The only two provinces are Level 4 territories (Do Not Travel to), the provinces of central Papua, and Highland Papua due to civil unrest.

What Type of Culture is there in Bali?

Kecak Dance Chedi Club Bali Tari Kecak Kecak Dance Bali

Balinese culture is predominantly influenced by Hinduism. The people stick to their traditions even after mass tourism and globalization. They are descendants of the migrants from Chinese, Javanese, and Indian regions. It will be great to harmonize with locals and recognize their culture through traditional dances, art, and architecture.

What is the Highest Point of Bali?

Bali is a mountainous region with the highest point of 10,308 ft at Mount Agung. It also has an active volcano that erupted in 1963 and also influences the rainfall pattern of the island. The flora and fauna of Bali very much resemble Java Island.

Is it Expensive to Travel to Bali?

Is it Expensive to Travel to Bali?

A trip to Bali is a little expensive as you need around $3,000 USD for a couple to spend two weeks on the island. It includes accommodation, food, activities, flights, and other transportation cost. According to Numbeo, the cost of living in Bali for a single person is around $500 USD without rent which is lower than the living cost in Amsterdam.

What are the Weather Conditions in Bali?

The weather remains pretty much hot on the Island with high humidity which is an essential characteristic of tropical regions. Bali is located just 8 degrees south of the equator which provides it with two distinct seasons, dry and wet. The dry season lies between April to October and the wet from November to March on the island.

When Should You Visit Bali?

It’s between April and October, the dry season of the island. The weather conditions remain ideal for tourists in the mid-season months. On the other hand, shops, and restaurants would be less congested which provide you with extra space to extend your visit and explore more.

How Far Bali is from the United States?

It’s the long haul flight of around 20h from San Francisco to Denpasar Bali Ngurah Rai for a $788 USD round trip. The famous airlines that are working include Korean Airlines, Singapore Airlines, and China Airlines.

What is the Official Language and Currency of Bali?

Basa Bali is the official language of the Island and Indonesian Rupiah (IDR) is the currency of the region that is not very strong such as 1 USD= 15,000 IDR.

What is the Best App for Transportation in Bali?

If you are looking for any Uber-version in Bali, you can use Grab which will send you a taxi or motorbike for your destination. On the other hand, Go-Jek is also used for ride share or delivery Apps.

What are the Attractive Things to Do in Bali?

What are the Attractive Things to Do in Bali?

If you are looking for an adventure seeker’s paradise, you must ask the question that where is Bali located? As it’s the travel spot that appeals to retirees, young couples, and families equally. When you explore the island, you will realize that Bali lives up to its reputation as the best travel destination in the world.


Surfing in Bali

Catching waves on the Bali beaches remain the dream because these islands have world-class records for the highest waves that are even enough to test any pro surfer. You can surf easily on Kuta Beach without taking your personal board because of the presence of board rental standing on the beach.

Take a Safari Tour

bali Take a Safari Tour

Visit West Bali National Park for enjoying the experience of wildlife. It’s the place that usually remains out of the radar of tourists and locals too. You can watch the sambar deer galloping through the grounds. On the other hand, you will have a better chance to sight the world’s rarest birds, Bali starlings.

Sunrise on Mount Batur

bali Sunrise on Mount Batur

It will be an extraordinary moment when you stand at the 1,717 m summit of Batur Volcano and look at the spellbinding tropical sunrise.  Most tourists wake up around 3 am to see the real morning of the world in Bali and hike the Mounts for a solitary experience.

Waterfalls of Bali

Waterfalls of Bali

Bali is located in a tropical region that causes profound rainfall leading to breathtaking waterfalls. You can visit Tegenungan Waterfall (a 15 m drop) where you will be happy to celebrate the beauty spot by swimming under it. Nungnung Waterfall is even more spectacular to explore which is just 75 min away from the Ubud by car or motorbike.

Rollercoaster Ride from Ubud to Sidemen

When you drive from Ubud to Sidemen, you see a beautiful road that shines with the sunlight. It’s the real hideaway that deserves a visit so you could analyze the art of nature in its finished form.

Dive to Watch Bali Reefs

Dive to Watch Bali Reefs

You can have a world-class diving experience on the shore of Menjangan or other Bali islands. In the depth of the sea, you will be closer to rays, turtles, sharks, or sometimes with whale sharks. Pemuteran and Lovian are the types of reefs that are easily accessible from the beach.

Taste the Culture

Taste the Culture Bali

It’s been the tradition for centuries when farmers with their buffalo take a walk for grazing them on the open grounds. It’s just extinct from the planet because of the arrival of machinery but you can follow it in Bali through the pink buffalo walk.


After visiting the island, if someone comes to you and asks the same question about where is Bali located, you will instantly reply “In my heart”.  It’s the travel destination that will provide you with every opportunity to have a thrilling and memorable experience that will stay with you forever. The beauty of the island is like a magnet that will pull you again to explore its new dimensions.

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