Taking to the Skies: A Comprehensive Guide To Avelo Airlines Reviews

Avelo Airlines is relatively new in the aviation industry as they took their first flight on April 28, 2021. There’s a lot of Avelo Airlines Reviews available online that prove the airline is convenient, affordable, and reliable. Avelo Airlines also fly out of smaller airports which helps the travelers to save time and hassle.

Taking to the Skies: A Comprehensive Review of Avelo Airlines

Let’s get into the detail of Avelo Airlines Reviews that will support you in taking a better and more rounded decision to choose the airline for traveling purposes.

Travel Destinations 

Avelo Airlines is a smaller airline that offers only interstate travel to 40 destinations like Rochester, NY, Raleigh, NC, Wilmington, DE, etc. across the US. You can easily find the destination on the airline’s list by visiting their website and clicking “Route map”.

It will open the US map with dots that show the traveling routes when you hover over the city name. It will be easy to find and travel to your dream destination such as a weekend trip to Vegas, or choose the Pacific Northwest.

Check-in Process 

The check-in process at the airline is very straightforward. You can use their website or mobile app for Apple and Android devices for the same purpose. The check-in process will complete when you add some personal info of the passenger and agree to some security measures after arrival at the airport. Avelo Airline also sends you reminders, in case you forget to check in for your flight.

If you don’t have an internet connection on your mobile, just taking a screenshot of your boarding pass is enough for the easy check-in and other checkpoints experience. On the flip side, you can take a print for your boarding pass at the Avelo ticket counter.

Flight Change or Cancellation

If you have some emergency and won’t be able to make your flight, you can use your mobile, laptop, etc. to change or cancel your flight without any fee.

Flight Status

Avelo Airlines Reviews

There are two ways you can get info about the flight status. The first way is using the airport option from the website, where you need to provide details such as day, departing place, and arrival place. The second method is quite easy just tell about the day and flight number, that’s enough to see the flight status.

Seat Comfort

Avelo Airlines also offer you to select your seat by showing the map on the website. The seat legroom in the plane is pretty good. You can also recline the seat easily and fit in because of the better width. Other features that make a seat a perfect one is also available in them such as seat storage, seat power supply, and TV screen view. Additionally, you will never face any trouble while moving in the aisle space too.

Charter Flight

Avelo Airline also offers charter flights to its clients at must cheaper rates. The planes that are available for charter service are Boeing 737-800 and 700 NG. These planes are capable of covering 3500 miles and the seating capacity lies between 189 to 147 passengers. You can also get customized services as per your need or desire.

Booking Your Ticket 

You can book two types of tickets one for a “round trip” and the other “one way” online from the website or mobile app of the airline. Insert the basic information such as the name of the place you travel from and the place you travel to. Then add the departing and arriving date in case of a round trip while a one-way trip does not require an arrival date. The last step involves telling the number of travelers (adults, children from age 2-14, infants in a seat, and infants (under age 2) in the lap.  Press the find flight button and you will get the options for flights with rates.

Hotels and Car Booking with Avelo 

You can also book hotel and car services by using the Avelo Airlines website. They provide hotel services in six places including Los Angeles, San Francisco, Miami, Las Vegas, New York City, and Houston.  On the other hand, you can get car rental services for a day in all 40 destinations. The charges per day will vary on the basis of car type. If you ask for the standard car, economy, compact, or luxury, it will cost you accordingly.

Customer Reviews 

Hotels and Car Booking with Avelo 

On the website Airline Quality, there are 81 Avelo Airlines Reviews written by different customers. The overall rating of the Avelo Airline is 3 out of 10.  They used five parameters to draw the rating food, inflight entertainment, seat comfort, staff service, and value for money. Look at a few customer reviews to get some insight into the performance of the airline.

A review by Gillis Baugh, he traveled from Wilmington to Baltimore in Economy Class in the present month and have excellent experience regarding time, seat comfort, and staff services.

Acording to Adrian McDougal who added his experience into the Avelo Airlines Reviews, had a pretty rough experience with the airline because his bags were lost on the way. He went to Tampa for attending a wedding and his bags did not get back during the whole trip.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) 

Do I Need a Reservation for My Pet?

Yes, you need a separate reservation for your pet because the space is limited. The pet reservation will cost you add on amount that you can know by contacting (346) 616-9500.

What Type of Pets Doesn’t Need a Separate Reservation?

Small cats, dogs, birds, and rabbits don’t need a separate reservation. You can keep them in front or under your seat. Bring a container of size 14’ x 9’ x 9.5’ only.

What is the Policy of the Airline for offering Special Services and Assistance? 

If you are physically challenged, you don’t need to provide any info in advance for assistance. It’s not conditional but you can use the Add-ons link on the website and select the special assistance option. After providing info, come to the airport normally as other passenger according to your arrival time, one hour is enough.

Does Avelo Airline Liable for Baggage Lost or Damage?

The airline pays for the delivery charges or the damage to the baggage when the loss is less than $3800 USD per customer. In case of a damaged article within the bag, the airline will never pay anything. Make sure that your luggage must be checked at least 40 min prior to the flight.

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