Helpful Tips to Protect You When Renting a Car in Dubai

Safety Tips for Renting a Car in UAE

Helpful Tips to Protect You When Renting a Car in Dubai

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There are so many reasons it’s great to rent a car in the UAE. But regarding safety, rental cars can be a bit tricky. Different rental companies have different policies regarding dealing with damage or loss. 

For example, when you book aex rental cars, the charge includes certain insurance coverage. So, in unforeseen circumstances, the insurance covers the expenses.

However, it’s better to always stay safe as an insurance company may not take the liability for every situation. This article sheds some light on how to stay safe when renting a car in the UAE.

Tips to Staying Safe in a Rented Car in the UAE

Rented Car in the UAE

A lot can go wrong when you rent a car in the UAE, especially if it’s your first time. This is why we’ve put together a few tips to enlighten you on how to stay safe in a rented car in the UAE. 

Always Inspect the Car during Pick-up

When you book a rented car in the UAE, pick-up is a crucial time. Even though you’re renting from a reputable car rental company, don’t forget to inspect the car. Check everything from the interior to the exterior and the engine. Ensure everything is up to par as per the agreement. 

If there is any deviation from what is written in the agreement, ensure you bring it to the attention of the car rental company before leaving with the vehicle.

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Pay for Securities with a Credit Card

You will often be asked for a security deposit when booking a car online. So, it’s best to pay with your credit card, even though some rental companies allow payment through cash or other means. 

When you pay the security deposit with your credit card, the car rental company can automatically return the deposit when you return the car. But when you pay the security deposit with cash, there’s often a long back and forth trying to sort out refunds months after you’ve returned the car. 

Park Safely

Avoid the mistake many tourists make when driving a rented car in the UAE, which is parking anywhere. The UAE is a very orderly country, and parking in undesignated zones can lead to fines. Moreover, reckless parking is a safety issue as it exposes you to theft. So, when you’re going anywhere in Dubai, always find information online about the safe parking areas to use.

Beware of Speed Limits

The speed limit is another thing to be wary of when driving in the UAE. Even though you are a tourist or driving a rented car, breaking the speed limit will attract fines. 

Look out for the round white sign with a red border by the roadside, stating the speed limit for any area you are in. Moreover, obeying the speed limit ensures a safe journey.

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Understand How the Toll System in the UAE Works

The UAE has a peculiar toll gate system that uses an electronic device equipped with RFID technology. This technology automatically deducts the toll fee when a motorist drives through any toll gate. 

It is worth noting that the toll fee also applies to motorists in rented cars. So, if you intend to pass through any toll gates in the UAE, ensure you pay the fee to prevent a fine. The different types of toll gates in the UAE include:

Dubai – Salik 

Ras Al Khaimah – Aber 

Abu Dhabi – Darb 

Always Lock the Car

It is essential to always double-check that the door of the rented car is locked. Locking the car ensures the total security of your car. So, if anyone tries to break into the car, the vehicle alarm will alert you, and you can instantly stop the culprits from stealing the rented car. 

Also, ensure that valuable items are kept out of the car. And if you must leave anything of value in the vehicle, ensure that you store it out of sight. Keeping valuable items openly in a rented car certainly invites the thief to pick an interest in the rented car. 


Keeping the few tips highlighted in this article at the back of your mind will ensure you are safe in the UAE. And besides the precautions mentioned above, ensure you choose to rent a car model you are comfortable driving. Also, if you are interested in renting a flashy or luxurious car, remember it might attract burglars, so take extra precautions with where you visit or park the vehicle.


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