Top 10 Cheap Caribbean Vacation Destinations for Couples

It is a dream of every couple to explore the blue seas, enjoy a “calm environment, take sunbathe, and spend quality time in some Cheap Caribbean destinations”. But due to limited budgets, many couples are not able to manage their trip to such beautiful places.

 Cheap Caribbean Vacation Destinations for Couples

You don’t need to worry about it, we have enlisted many “cheap Caribbean vacation destinations for couples” where they can enjoy, take pictures, create memories, and enjoy their quality time.  Try to travel in the off-season to save a big amount from the room rent, air tickets, and food.

In this article, we have discussed the top 10 cheap Caribbean vacation destinations for couples:

1. Nicaragua

Matagalpa Nicaragua Ometepe Island Lago Cocibolca Nicaragua

The Central American country covers both the “Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean”. These moderately eastern shores comprise “mangroves, fishing villages, and secluded beaches”.

Nicaragua is considered one of the most “affordable and cheapest vacation destinations” which is famous for its “beaches, surfing, volcanos, and many other amazing natural attractions”.

If you are planning to visit Nicaragua with your partner, the best time to visit this Caribbean vacation destination is from November to April due to the dry season, occasional rain, and warm temperatures.

Best time to visit this Destination: From November to April

Famous for: Volcanoes, Beaches, and Lakes

2. Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico

Situated just three hours from “Miami” with direct flights from different airports in the United States. Puerto Rico is one of the beautiful destinations to travel for couples, it offers a wide range of stunning beaches and different places to stay with your partner at a low-cost budget.

The best thing about this place is to explore the history of the country by visiting “Old San Juan and EI Yunque national forest”. You can also visit and witness the “attractive scenery of sunny beaches”.

Enjoy your trip with your partners by visiting local restaurants and eating delicious food in Puerto Rico.

Best time to visit this Destination: From December to April

Famous for: Old San Juan, Puerto Rico beaches, Puerto Rico’s coral reefs.

3. Cancun, Mexico

Cancun, Mexico

Cancun is cheap but one of the best places to visit for tourists. Additionally, there are many places to visit without any fee, for example, there are many “beaches and free and low-cost” activities that help you to enhance your enjoyment such as you can do “snorkeling, swimming, and sunbathing” in this tourist area.

You can also enhance your enjoyment with colorful art, street food, markets, and stunning views with a stroll along the Malecon Tajamar.

Best time to visit this Destination: December to April

Famous for: Water sports, white sand beaches, Mayan Ruins, All-inclusive resorts

4. Curacao


Curaçao is a hidden gem and a cheap Caribbean vacation destination for couples. This will be a bold statement but you visit this place with your partner and explore the quaint southern island to discover what this island has to offer.

There is everything a tourist wants such as multi-acre national parks, famous for their striking beauty, and incredible beaches in the Caribbean like Playa Laguna, etc. Furthermore, there are also ostrich farms where tourists can go, stay for a moment and play with baby ostriches and enjoy safari rides.

Best time to Visit this Destination: December- Mid-April

Famous for: Diverse culture, historic town, Orange Liqueur, and Colorful Handelskade.

5. Belize


Free from people and filled with adventures, Belize is a secreted steamy dream on the Caribbean coast of Central America. No matter are a hiker, diver, or a calming person, Belize has everything to offer you.

You can scuba dive, explore ancient Maya ruins, hike to waterfalls, lounge on the beach, and helicopter over the Blue Hole.

Belize has endless and amazing adventures that will never get you bored during the trip with your partner. Furthermore, if you love forests and nature, Belize has jungles, wildlife, sandy beaches, and clear crystal water with lively coral reefs.

Best time to Visit this Destination: Between January-May

Famous for: Natural Wonders

6. Bahamas


Do you know there are 16 main islands are there in the Bahamas?  Do you know that the Bahamas is the 3rd largest barrier reef all over the world? Besides all these things, the Bahamas has stunning beaches, nature, unique biodiversity, and an amazing place to visit with your partner.

This is also one of those cheap Caribbean vacation destinations for couples. This is a worthy destination that offers a lot of adventure, amazing scenery, and beautiful sunsets.

Some of the famous places of the Bahamas include “pint sand beaches, the best casinos, Lucayan National Park, Tropic of Cancer Beach, Dean’s Blue Hole, and many other places.

Best time to Visit this Destination: From December-Mid April

Famous for: Natural Wonders, Big major cay, Andros Barrier Reef, pink sand beach

7. Colombia


There are many tourists who are afraid to travel to Colombia because of its history and bad reputation. But now Colombia is known as the most popular travel destination in South America. So, remove that bad reputation from your mind and visit one of the cheap Caribbean vacation destinations for couples.

Colombia is known for its amazing fruits, aromatic Arabic coffee, and superior-quality emeralds. You can visit this place with your partner and enjoy the parties there. You can also spend some quality time with each other by visiting attractive beaches and exploring the fascinating culture, history.

Best time to visit this Destination: From December-March

Famous for: Tayrona National Park, Salt Cathedral, Cartagena, and Ciudad Perdida.

8. Trinidad & Tobago

Trinidad & Tobago

Trinidad & Tobago island is situated in the southeastern West Indies. These islands are also known as sister islands. Furthermore, there are many tourists who think that these are two different countries; No, these are two separate islands but actually the same country.

These two islands are separate with minor differences. If you love to visit resorts, sandy beaches water sports then Tobago Island is for you.

On the other hand, if you are going for a business travel destination, and want to explore the booming oil, and natural gas industry, Tobago is the best option for you.

Best time to visit this Destination: From January-May

Famous for: Indian and African Culture

9. Grenada


If you are looking for cheap Caribbean vacation destinations for couples, Grenada is the place to go. This tourist attraction is famous for its spices and is also known as Spice Isle.

The locals grow cloves, ginger, cinnamon, and many other useful things. Despite all these things Grenada is also a tourist attraction and there are many sightseeing places such as Grand Anse Beach, underwater sculptures, seven sister falls, and Fort George.

Best time to visit this Destination: Between January-May

Famous for: Vibrant culture, spices sandy beaches, coastal towns.

10. Dominica


This might be possible that Dominica is not so famous that it comes on your travel radar but it is one of those cheap Caribbean vacation destinations for couples.

This tourist area is covered with volcanic landscapes, secret forests, wildlife, and adventurous places. There are approximately nine volcanoes that make this place differ net from all other tourist attractions.

Another amazing fact about this place is here is the second-largest boiling lake. So, add this amazing and untouched tourist area to your bucket list and create a memorable trip with your partner.

Best time to visit this Destination: Between December-May

Famous for: Stunning views, lush scenery, rainforests, flora and fauna.

Wrap Up

These all are the cheap Caribbean vacation destinations for couples where you can spend quality time with your partner, and create a lot of memories. So, if you have a limited budget, then there is no need to worry about it. Just add all these places to your bucket list and enjoy your journey with your partner.

Explore sandy beaches, amazing cultures, mountains, clear crystal water, and many more attractions in all above-mentioned places.

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