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Geek with style a Toronto lifestyle blog for geeks’ is a blog that will inspire you to familiarize yourself with Canadian culture & art, tech, and new restaurants. The blog is reshaping the landscape for readers to take better and more informed decisions while wandering in Toronto. The newsletter of Geek with style will update you about the new trends with in-depth insights and quality articles.

Here is all the detail about Geek with style, a Toronto lifestyle blog for getting the right info about Toronto. Let’s get started.

Best Source for Event Posting on Geek with Style, a Toronto Lifestyle Blog for Geeks

Geek with Style has a calendar on their site where people post upcoming vital events in Toronto. If you are local or a visitor, you can become part of the discussion and directly interact with the event organizer to get all the exclusive info. The format of the event included titles like “key Toronto stand-up comedy is arriving at club legendary” and the bit description with time.

Tech Updates on Geek with Style

Tech is continuously changing our way of life and transforming the style of business as well. You can skim plenty of articles on the blog about tech. For instance, an article on Geek with style tells about the driverless high-tech robots that are impacting pizza delivery.

They have the ability to navigate autonomously in the cold weather of Canada and make sure that you get your pizza on time without any delay. The delivery robots are built by a California-based company, Serve Robotics.

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News About Art Exhibition on Geek with Style

It’s always a golden opportunity to explore foreign artists’ original artwork when especially an exhibition is happening in Toronto. You celebrate the creativity of artists without leaving your city. A piece of news about Keith Haring’s artwork is displayed on the Geek with Style, a Toronto lifestyle blog just exiting. These kind of exhibitions act as a window into the life of famous artists in order to understand their artwork and personality.

The other interesting news is about the annual exhibition recurrently arranged on Toronto’s Woodbine Beach. The event will be held on April 3, 2023, in the same place. The theme of the year is very unique that is embracing change as a new normal “radiance”.  It’s a powerful way of projecting brilliant qualities like inner security, kindness, and gratitude.

Top Rated Tourist Attraction on Geek With Style

Toronto is the capital of Ontario and the home of Niagara Falls that is the focal point of the city. It’s not the only destination, there are more amazing sites that you will get on the blog Geek with style is a Toronto lifestyle blog for geeks. For instance, the CN tower is 553 meters high on the bank of Lake Ontario. It takes four years to build the structure back from 1972 to 1976. CN tower used to be the tallest building in the world.

If you like history, Royal Ontario Museum is must-visit destination for you in Toronto. You will find the article on the blog about the global collection of the museum from natural history, culture, and art. In 2007, the Royal Ontario Museum was expanded with the addition of Michael Lee-Chin Crystal.

Fashion Trends Given by Geek with Style

Fashion is all about maintaining your external look. Following a new trendy style will save you a lot of time for you to purchase appropriate dresses. Every event and time has its specific aspects that need to care for merged in society. For instance, black color is used in mourning in the western society, so it’s critical to take this into consideration when you are attending a tragic situation.

At geek with style, you will know about the new fashion trends in Canada meanwhile, the social affinity of the locals. It supports you to fill your wardrobe with hues of all dresses for winter and summer. The selection of jubilant colors according to fashion trends will save you from all eccentric outfits.

What is the Aim of Geek with Style, a Toronto lifestyle blog for geeks?

The Geek with style blog motivates you to leave the stagnation and be ready to join the flow of tech, fashion, and art. The editor and contributors are publishing the articles for making a positive perception and optimum attitude of people about the surroundings and culture of Toronto.

Details for Favorite Restaurants for Geeks in Toronto

Here is the list of best restaurants for geeks given by Geek with style a Toronto lifestyle blog for geeks on their blogs.

⦁ Sunnys Chinese

Sunnys Chinese is the best restaurant shared by Geek with style a Toronto lifestyle blog for geeks because of its regional Chinese cuisine. You will be astonished to notice the energetic dining culture. The hospitality of the restaurant is second to none. In just a short eleven-month time, Sunny Chinese launches another branch that shows the success of the restaurant.

You can taste the best Chinese dishes at affordable prices. The starter is just mount watering with a cold ribbon, sauce braised shank cooked in chili oil. Meanwhile, the lunch with king mushroom stir fry simply stunned you with the garlic and ruffly taste.

⦁ Prime Seafood Palace

Prime Seafood Palace has a yellow woody theme ambiance with the best food to offer. When you sit in the restaurant, it gives the impression that you are on a cruise because of its huge arching ceiling. You can have a complete review of the restaurant on Geek with style a Toronto lifestyle blog for geeks.

There is also a surprise for you in the bathroom, that is a secret but when you visit the restaurant, just look up. The menu is diverse enough to give immense room to choose from like Matty Matheson, caviar, lobster, and ricotta dumplings.

⦁ Alo

If you like French food and don’t find it in Toronto, Alo is the place for you. You will easily recognize the building because of its peach color in the middle of the city. Alo has a great site where you can book your table just by giving basic information or you can also find a table on arrival. Though it’s a good restaurant but still it’s not too congested.

All the typical French dishes are available on the menu like Sea Urchin with Black Truffle and Ora King Salmon. There is one special tip by Geek with style a Toronto lifestyle blog for geeks, if you reserve a table, prefer Alo’s dining room only.

⦁ Richmond Station

Richmond Station is a must-stop place for having delicious food and celebrating the exceptional hospitality of the restaurant. If you have enough to eat the same dishes, try Richmond Station because they release a new tasty menu list every two weeks. Every dish in the restaurant is inspired by the local culture and seasonal food.

Here is the secret for the restaurant shared on Geek with style a Toronto lifestyle blog for geeks, life will never have enough cheese because every dish has cheese as an essential ingredient.

The Bottom Line

When you are looking for a travel lifestyle blog that gives you robust info about Toronto, visit Geek with style a Toronto lifestyle blog for geeks. The blog has various articles about life in Toronto, tech, and culture that are great sources for travelers and locals equally.

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