Hunting Guide: Top Scopes for Popular Rifles

A marksman rarely thinks of a single scope for his rifle. Because different scopes are required in other conditions in the same rifle.

But some popular rifles in America are suited with some standard scopes. In this article, we have discussed five of America’s most popular rifles and the top scopes for them.

The scopes selected here are used by most professionals and enthusiasts with the corresponding rifle. These scopes are selected based on their versatility, coordination with the rifle’s capabilities, and other topics.

Popular rifles and the perfect scopes for them

Hunting Guide: Top Scopes for Popular Rifles

Here are some of the top favorite rifles of Americans and the scopes they go with.

Winchester Model 70 – Leopold 4.5x14x50

This is a pretty average rifle. You will shoot around 400 yards or 350 meters. However, the range of the rifle is much more than that.

And you are going to be hunting all kinds of animals with that. So, you need a pretty versatile scope. So, going too high or too low on magnification won’t be a good idea. Anything in the range of three to sixteen would be good.

The Winchester models give you good eye relief, so the exit pupil should be large. And you would also want a wider objective lens.

These are the metrics for a perfect scope for model 70. Considering all of those and other standard requirements from an average daylight scope, Leopold 4.5x14x50 would be the best.

This is a 100% American scope that is durable from every angle. It has elevation adjustment, zero lock system, CDS system, glare reduction, and a lot of other fancy features.

Winchester Model 94 – Leopold M8-4x compact scope

There are thousands of these rifles in the second-hand market, and scopes for them are as available. You need a very classic scope for this.

Yes, I am talking about an old-school fixed magnification scope. In particular, I like the Leopold M8-4x compact scope. This scope makes the .30-30 what it was intended to be.

You can find this scope in the used market for very cheap. It will be good for standard situations. 100 to 150 yards of deer hunting will be very good. If you want to increase the range, you can go for scopes like Bushnell Trophy TRS-25.

I would suggest you go for the classical one. You won’t be doing anything too fancy with this rifle. So, you don’t need big scopes. But do ensure a long eye relief.

Remington 700 – Vortex crossfire 6-24×50

This is one of the most popular scopes. With these scopes, you can aim for long-range kills. That’s why my favorite one is Vortex Crossfire 6-24×50. For the features it has, you can call it a budget option in the current market. You can always read more about other scopes for this rifle.

Along with this rifle, the scope can handle long-range or short-range games. Large or small animals can be your target with it. This scope is great for people with glasses.

Elevation, windage, parallax, you have all of those standard modern features. The only thing that it misses is its low-light performance. But how much can you ask from the scope of this budget?

Weatherby Mark V – Leupold VX-3HD 3.5-10×40

All of the rifles from Mark V are great. We have multiple of them. And one scope can go with almost all of them.

I am talking about the Leupold VX-3HD 3.5-10×40.

First of all, you will only need up to 10x zoom. However, this lesser magnification gives you a wider field of view and better clarity.

This scope performs in low light. It has some design features like ergonomic control, touch-sensitive knobs, a rigid dial, and a smooth mount, making it a true luxury.

Ruger 10/22 – UTG 3-9X32 BUGBUSTER

I don’t use UTG that much. However, it went really well with my Ruger.

It has some interesting features that I particularly require for the Ruger. It includes AO technology, ease of handling, and easy adjustments.

Moreover, it has a very rugged build and looks aesthetic on the Ruger.

On top of everything, you won’t need to spend much on these scopes. With this money, you get a crisp view that no other scopes of this price can bear with the modern features the UTG scope offers.


I know America has more than five popular rifles. But you will not read if I write about all of them.

Rifles from Browning, Tikka, SPRINGFIELD, etc, are very popular. Setup of these rifles may include Meopta Optika5 2-10×42, EOTech Vudu 1-10×28, Zeiss LRP S5 3-18×50, Maven CRS.2 4-16×44, etc.

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