Mauritius’ Underwater Waterfall: A Place that Doesn’t Feel Real 

The underwater waterfall is a weird thing to imagine but it’s the landmark of an African country Mauritius situated in the Indian Ocean a few kilometers away from Madagascar.

It’s dramatic to see how the water current exhibits the waterfall which will make you curious about where the water is falling especially when you don’t know the actual reason behind the Mauritius underwater waterfall.

Mauritius' Underwater Waterfall

Stay with us to find out the reality of Mauritius’ underwater waterfall and discover the natural beauty that makes it a place that doesn’t feel real.

Unraveling the Magic of Mauritius’ Underwater Waterfall

Unraveling the Magic of Mauritius' Underwater Waterfall

The underwater waterfall is a real natural beauty that doesn’t feel real because of the enthralling phenomena going on in the azure water of the Indian Ocean, off the coast of Le Morne Brabant Peninsula.

The spot is surrounded by an extensive network of coral reefs where you can see the incredible plunge of the waterfall from a seaplane or helicopter ride. Underwater Waterfall is also included in the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Understanding the Science behind the Underwater Waterfall

Understanding the Science behind the Underwater Waterfall

Apology for spoiling the illusion, the Underwater waterfall is an optional illusion that has a driving force arising from the currents of water with sand and reflection of light combined. Mauritius’ underwater waterfall is not a waterfall, when water flows slowly from the lagoon to the open sea, the depth of the continental shelf changes rapidly.

So the sediments in the bottom create the shapes of falling to the sea that can be easily captured through photography.

What Causes the “Underwater waterfall” Effect in Mauritius?

Understanding the Science behind the Underwater Waterfall

The ocean current drives the coastal sand with it and reaches the place where the continental shelf, the bottom land in the sea, falls rapidly. It produces the effect of the underwater waterfall as if the current will suck down the whole island with it.

How to Experience the Underwater Waterfall?

Understanding the Science behind the Underwater Waterfall

You cannot watch the underwater waterfall from the boat or simply swim in it. You need to book a helicopter ride that will circle around the spot and show the imagery of the waterfall.

The right time to see the underwater waterfall is from September to December when rainfall is lesser to disturb the helicopter ride.

Planning Your Visit to Mauritius’ Underwater Waterfall

As a US citizen, you don’t need any visa to visit Mauritius, only a valid passport with 6 months of validity will be sufficient to enter the country. You can take any amount with you because of no currency restrictions for entry and exit.

Is it Possible to Swim in the Underwater Waterfall?

You can have all sorts of water sports on the travel spot from swimming, and snorkeling to surfing. It will be a great experience to dive deep inside the water to explore the network of coral reefs in the ocean’s topographic location. The reefs act as a barrier for sandy sediments to enter the lagoon.

Safety Measures for Visitors

According to US Travel Advisory, Mauritius is a quite safe place to visit because on the precautions spectrum, it’s present at Level 1 where you need to exercise normal precautions.

Other Attractions in Mauritius

1. Black River Gorges National Park 

Black River Gorges National Park 

Black River George National Park is located in the southwest of Mauritius and consists of unstoppable green carpeted mountains spread over the region of around 67 square kilometers.

It’s home to more than 300 species of plants with various birds, and animals such as deer, giant fruit bats, etc. The highlighted spot of the park includes Gorges Viewpoint, Alexandra Falls, and Piton de la Petite Riviere Noire.

2. Chamarel 


Chamerial is the southwestern popular travel destination of Mauritius that has seven colored earth geoparks with vibrant colors that shine more in the sunlight.

The color dunes in the park vary from red to brown, blue to yellow, and purple.

3. Le Morne Brabant 

Le Morne Brabant 

Le Morne is also included in a UNESCO World Heritage site because of its stunning beauty where you can also hike on the 556-meter steep summit.

The mountain has a historical reason for becoming a famous place as it used to be the shelter for fugitive slaves.

When you reach the top of the mountain, it will provide you with a 360-degree rewarding view of nearby beaches.

4. Tamarind Falls 

Tamarind Falls 

Tamarind Falls is a series of cascades located in the southwest canyon of Mauritius closer to the Black River Forges NP.

The region is best known for its greater number of waterfalls with deeper ponds where you can also swim. For a hiking experience, take a guide with you because of the absence of indicated trails.

5. Boat Trip to Ile aux Cerfs 

Boat Trip to Ile aux Cerfs

Mauritius is surrounded by many pristine islands that are smaller in size and not inhabited, Ile aux Cerfs is one of them.

It’s incredible to spend at least one day on the white sandy beaches with your family and friends. You can also take the Mauritius catamaran cruise to discover the historic Ile aux Fouqusts.

Where to Stay? 

The Outrigger Resort 

The Outrigger Resort 

You can stay at Outrigger Resort which is situated in the Bel Ombre nature reserve, the four words that sound like a promise to exhibit the biodiversity with endemic flora and fauna of the land spread to 2500 acre.

Be Cosy Aparthotel 

Be Cosy Aparthotel 

Be Cosy Aparthotel is just 50 meters away from the beach and offers outstanding amenities to its guides with an outdoor pool and a sun terrace with self-catering options.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Was the Underwater Waterfall in Mauritius Formed?

It is a natural optical illusion that is formed because of water currents, slow movement of sands, and slit towards the rapid depth of the continental shelf of the Indian Ocean near the baseline of a Mauritius coast.

What is the Best Way to View the Underwater Waterfall in Mauritius?

You can book a seaplane and helicopter ride over the region to take the best view of an underwater waterfall in Mauritius.

Are There Any Safety Precautions to Consider When Viewing the Underwater Waterfall in Mauritius?

No, the underwater waterfall is not a dangerous place to visit as it’s not more than an optical illusion formed because of the water current.

What Other Natural Wonders Can Be Found in Mauritius?

Mauritius is blessed with an immense number of places that include the Seven Colored Earths of Chamarel, Le Morne Creband Mountain, Botanical Gardens of Curepipe, etc.

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