15 Safest Places in Mexico for Solo Living and Adventurous Explorations

Mexico is a vibrant country famous for its rich culture, history, warm welcome, and exceptional landscape. From coastal towns to serene cities, Mexico offers diverse experiences to cater to solo living and adventure spirits.

Are you dreaming of a solo adventure in Mexico?  Mexico is a top-rated destination for solo traveling. However, many travelers are concerned about the safety given by Mexico. In this post, we share the 15 safest places in Mexico for solo living and adventures.

10 safest places in Mexico are as follows:

1. Mérida

Merida Yucatan

Merida is the capital of the Yucatan state and is famous for its rich culture, colonial architecture, and friendly ambiance. It is an ancient city, which is a blend of Mayan and Spanish elements, thus considered the safest travel destination for the world’s travelers.

Merida is also known as a “white city” and the expat communities ensure a safe and secure environment for solo adventurers.

Public Transportation

The public transportation for travelers in Mexico such as buses, taxis, or cabs, is quite safe.

Streets Crimes

Merida tends to safest city in Mexico as compared to other regions. The street crime average is also low here.

Safety at Night

At night the center spots and travelers’ destinations are well illuminated to make the place secure.

2. Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta is home to stunning beaches and boardwalk. It offers travelers plenty of sports and outdoor activities. LGBT-friendly venues are safe for nightlife scenes and adventures. Indeed, Puerto Vallarta is heaven for nature lovers.

The well-developed tourism industry in Mexico makes it possible for solo travelers to go anywhere securely.

That is why, Puerto Vallarta is completely safe for solo travelers. Street crimes are rarely reported, and the famous attractions or surrounding areas are highly isolated at night by security providers. Lastly, public transportation is also convenient and safe for all.

3. San Miguel de Allende

San Miguel de Allende

San Miguel de Allende is one of the best places to visit in Mexico. The emigrant community enhances the welcoming and friendly environment. It offers ultimate art galleries and workshops to engage travelers. Overall, San Miguel de Allende is considered a safe destination for solo visitors.

All in all, are you plan a trip to San Miguel de Allende, it will definitely be a trouble-free trip.

Local Crime Rates

The local rate in San Miguel de Allende is quite lower than in other cities of Mexico.

Safe Transportation

The transportation is reliable and safe for all. The city offers good services for travelers in the shape of businesses, rental cars, and taxis the drivers are also well-mannered and professional.

4. Querétaro


Easy to reach from the Mexican capital, Querétaro is the major city in the state of the same name. It is a lovely, amazing colonial city to visit. Querétaro is a blend of colonial architecture, history of culture, and thrilling culinary scenes,

The safe and secure city invites thousands of visitors throughout the year to explore the exciting and stunning site. The sites include cultural attractions crunches historic sites like museums etc.

5. Playa del Carmen

Playa del Carmen

Generally, Playa del Carmen is a safe place for visitors whether you travel with a group or solo. There is less chance of crimes because the locals of the small city offer a laid-back atmosphere to visitors and friendly behavior makes the place super safe.

Playa del Carmen maintains a relaxed and tourist-friendly environment but cautions are always necessary. All things considered, Playa del Carmen offers a safe and enjoyable travel environment.

6. Campeche


Campeche offers quiet streets and a relaxed atmosphere for travelers. It is the best destination to explore the ancient history and Mayan sites.

Solo visitors can stroll through the city explore its colorful streets and outdoor activities, and savor mouthwatering cuisine with security concerns. All in all, Campeche offers excellent safety to the visitor to make the most of their adventures.

7. Mazatlán


The Pacific Coast city of Mazatlán is home to active Malecón and fine sandy beaches. Solo tourists find the seaside gem appealing due to its safety insurance and welcoming residents.

Mazatlán located on the Pacific coast of Mexico the most preferred place by visitors. Mazatlán is a popular tourist destination that offers a blend of sea, sun, and culture without the crowd.

Are you a solo visitor and looking for a genuine Mexican beach experience? Well, Mazatlán is a safe and enticing destination because of its laid-back ambiance and friendly people.

8. Guanajuato


The lively plazas and steep hills of Guanajuato offer a unique venture for traveling. The city’s small size and streets that are favorable to everyday traffic make it safer for people to explore its antique paths.

It offers charming alleyways and streets to make your adventure memorable. An interesting underground road network (Callejón del Beso) ensures a friendly and secure city for lone travelers.

9. Cuernavaca


In general, Cuernavaca offers a modest level of safety for travelers traveling alone. As with any trip, it’s important to keep awareness of your surroundings and keep attentive.

Public spaces are usually busy and safe during the day. On the other hand, it is directed to stay away from distant locations and exercise caution when traveling at night. It is possible to make the trip safer by using trustworthy cab services.

10. Tulum


It’s usually safe for t travelers to go alone to Tulum. Most people in the region are helpful and kind, however, it’s best to be careful when it comes to private stuff.

Avoid walking alone at night in places outside of traveler zones and avoid showing expensive personal things in public are mutual precautions. Before engaging in any independent ocean activities, make sure you can swim surely because the range waters can get great at times.

11. Mahahual


Mahahual offers a safe and enjoyable travel environment to all. For solo visitors traveling, Mahahual is commonly a safe destination. There is a slight chance of any major crime because the city is tiny, and has a great, friendly atmosphere, and lovely people.

Protections should be taken as with any travel target, such as remaining alert of your area and avoiding darkened areas. Additionally, it is better to avoid unnecessarily displaying valuable possessions in public.

Mahahual offers great protection to visit and makes their journey remarkable with extreme security.

12. Cholula


It’s relatively safe for solo travelers to discover Cholula. Worldwide visitors are often welcomed to the city because of its rich cultural tradition and well-known milestones like the Great Pyramid of Cholula.

To prevent robberies, it’s crucial to always use caution, stay away from insulated regions, especially at night, and keep your properties safe.  Cholula offers safe transposition and the safety providers always check out the attractions for visitor’s safety.

13. Progreso


Progreso is the best place to visit and is usually regarded as safe for travelers traveling alone. Since it’s a well-liked tourist point, security is usually increased. As with any trip, you should, still, take reasonable safety actions including avoiding unsafe locations, mainly at night, and being aware of your environment.

Public transport in Progreso is safe but by yourself make sure you always utilize reliable moving services as well.

14. Coba

Coba Sacbe

Coba is a popular travel attraction known for its antique Mayan ruins.  For solo travelers it is greatly safe to travel or navigate during the day, However, whether you are alone or with friends precautions are compulsory.

If you want to go out at night, don’t go alone, book a cab from a reputable transport service. avoid no-go areas. Overall, Coba is the best place in Mexico to use proper precautions.

15. Bacalar


Last yet not least, Bacalar is one of the famous places to visit, if you are in Mexico. Bacalar is a safe place for all kinds of travelers whether you travel alone or in groups. it’s a peaceful, unhurried location with fewer crime occurrences however, recommend using common sense and caution.

Be aware of your environments and belongings at all times and never travel alone at night in weird places.

Summing Up

Mexico is a home of adventure, diverse cultures, and extremely exciting outdoor activities. Whether you travel in groups or alone, you will find many safest places in Mexico to discover.

Wherever you go precautions and awareness of your surroundings are key to making your travel secure. So, remember not to show your precious things in public, avoid dark or strange areas, and book a cab or a taxi from a reputable transport provider.

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