Pedallingthrough Poland: Exploring the Scenic Wonders on Two Wheels

Are you an adventurous cyclist and trying to find a place to test your cycling skills, just visit Poland? Cycling is just embedded in the Poland culture as witnessed by the week-long annual Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) World Tour race and the crop of refined professional cyclists like Maciej Bodnar and Michal Kwiatkowski.

The country has a well-designed infrastructure for tourists to enjoy the breathtaking coastal routes and tranquil lake sites on two wheels.

In this blog, we have presented the most authentic data about Poland’s cycling trials, collected with the help of the Polish Travel Agency, ITS Poland so you could make your cycling adventure amazing and purposeful.

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Green Velo Trail

Green Velo Trail poland

In the Eastern region of Poland, Green Velo Trail is a consistently marked trail that covers a staggering 2,000 km through picturesque landscapes, natural wonders, and phenomenal villages. During your journey, you will pass through around 30 bridges and you can also stay at the cyclist service points that have benches, sheds, and bicycle racks.

Don’t forget to explore the Biebraze National Park where you can immerse yourself in the mystical beauty of the park. The park is spanning around 600 km that has countless species of plants, animals, and birds. As a cyclist, it’s the best place to visit in summer or spring when weather conditions are mild and suitable.

Mazury Lake District

Mazury Lake District poland

Mazury Lake District is located in northeast Poland and is considered the land of thousands of lakes but the district has only 2600 of them. All the lakes are interconnected with cycling trails revolving around the lush greenery. When you’re cycling, you will have the freedom to visit the Mazury Landscape Park and discover other lakes side towns such as Mikolajki and Gizycko.

The third largest lake in the region, Mazury, is Lake Niegocin which is connected with the Gizycko Canal by the incredible 100 tonnes of bridge. It’s fascinating to see how a single person operates a heavy bridge.

Baltic Coastline

Baltic Coastline

It will be great to have some adventure on the Baltic Coastline which is a highly recommended coastal cycling trail by ITS Poland, a Polish Travel Agency. You can have a delightful experience in charming seaside towns and sandy beaches. The natural beauty of the Baltic Coastline will encourage you to give yourself a break from cycling at Gdansk, a maritime city and paddle along the coast for taking pictures at the coastal resorts of Jurata and Sopot.

You can also explore a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, Slowinski National Park, to witness the seascapes of the Hel Peninsula and stunning cliffs. For Polish cuisine, taste the delicious seafood in the refreshing sea breeze.

Kraków and the Vistula River

Kraków and the Vistula River poland for cycling

The Vistula cycling trail is another largest trail in Poland that is spanning to 1200 km along the river and high mountains to the Baltic Sea. The route starts from Wisla and is divided into three different sections: Sklaskie, Malopolskie, and Kujawasko Poland. The cycling trail is well marked and tells the exact distance to the travelers regarding incoming destinations to stay. The route will take you to the picturesque towns that depict the reign of Kazimierz the Great.

There are plenty of important towns present between Cracow to Warsaw that will grab your attention because of their natural beauty and architecture like Wawel Castle. For Polish cuisine, you can soak yourself in the cultural richness while visiting the local restaurants arrive on your trip.


Poland is the place for cycling so you could have the best experience while visiting the 23 national parks, wide planes, high mountains, great forests, and more than 1300 lakes without any hassle. You will be surprised by the dedicated trails for cyclists such as Green Velco Trail, Mazury Lake District, Baltic Coastline, and Krakow & the Vistula River. Each trail has its peculiar specifications that fascinate the adventure seeker to reveal, it could be tranquility, historic charm, and breathtaking landscape.

It produces unforgettable memories for your life while you cycle freely in an immersive way. It becomes easy to squeeze more from your visit to Poland when you have a perfect cycling itinerary with the help of ITS Poland which is the best travel agency.

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