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City of Witches novel is a thrilling story with a lot of twists and turns. You will see throughout the tale how a protagonist deals the conflicts with a Mexican Drug Dealer and solve them with a huge struggle. It is a masterpiece of writing by the author, Gary Nei. The book is not too long as it only consists of around two hundred worth reading pages.

Brief Story of City of Witches Novel:

It’s the story of Tommy Romero who is a popular driver and becomes the Mayor of Laredo, Taxes. He encountered a Mexican Drug Supplier Estaban Ruis Flores, who considered himself an invulnerable wizard. Estaban continuously attacks Romero but never succeeded because Romero is protected by a mysterious White Witch, La Bruja Blanca.

Action and Humor

Once you start the novel, City of Witches, because it’s so engaging and full of action, you will never leave the book until you read it cover to cover. It will take you deep inside the dark world of the Mexican drug trade. The humor in the book will hold your attention and soften the environment of the mafia business.

Touch of Romance

One of the protagonists is the white witch, La Bruja Blanca, who is scary and attractive at the same time. There is a touch of romance that is so beautifully illustrated by the author. When you read that book it looks like you are painting a picture and every character is just moving before your eye just like a reel of the movie.

Spellbinding End of the Novel

The author of “City of Witches” honed his talent for explaining the different scenarios with ease that will definitely amaze you. The most important part of the novel is the end that is so spellbinding and fascinating. It’s not like the Author who leaves the end open-ended. Don’t worry it’s not a tragic story. The end of the novel is pretty happy and satisfactory.

Main Characters of City of Witches Novel

Tommy Romero (Famous Driver)
Estaban Ruis Flores (Mexican Drug Dealer)
La Bruja Blanca (Mysterious White Witch)

Other Details
Author – Gary Nei
Pages- 231
Publish- 2013

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