Where is Tahiti – Map & Location

Tahiti is a region of Society Island, French Polynesia but it’s not a part of Europe. So the question is if it’s under the French government and doesn’t exist in France, where is Tahiti then? It’s an overseas territory of France present in the middle of the South Pacific Ocean.

What is the total area of Tahiti?

It’s the largest Island in French Polynesia with an area of 403 square miles that becomes one-third of the total region. It’s not very populous as according to World Bank, Tahiti is scarcely populated with only 304, 032 people.

Is there any Live Volcano Present in Tahiti?

No, there are two volcanic cones but they are dead. One is Tahiti Nui and other Tahiti Iti. They are connected with each other by a narrow strip of land termed Taravao.

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Is Tahiti a Mountainous Island?

Is Tahiti a Mountainous Island?

Tahiti is a mountainous island. One of the top mountains of the region is Mount Orohena with a height of 7339 ft. It also has a stream like Papenoo in the north that plunges from the mountains and gushes through to make its way. 33 miles long island is decorated with the vibrant color of coral reefs and lagoons. The island is also bestowed with natural vegetables such as tropical fruit trees, pandanus, and coconut palms.

What are the Weather Conditions of Tahiti?

On the basis of frequent rain, Tahiti is divided into two parts. One is the southern portion that receives more than 100 inches of rain annually while the other northern portion is a bit dried region with 20 inches of rain. During the July to August session, the average temperature remains at 24 0C however, in January and February the temperature reaches 29 0C.

What Type of Culture is there in Tahiti?

Tahiti is the center of all the Polynesian culture that means it is a bridge between other Society Islands. The political system of the Tahitians is based on a graded system of rank and authority controlled by extended families that are connected with temples. Moreover, society is much under the influence of French culture.

Is Tahiti an Autonomous Region?

Society Islands are autonomous regions but their defense and foreign policy affairs are the responsibility of the French Government. They also have a representative in the French Parliament which gives a little say to the people of Polynesia.

How do Travelers Enter Tahiti Island?

Travelers enter Tahiti through Papeete Trans-Pacific Port or Faaa, the international airport near Papeete. The French artist Paul Gauguin lived on the island and his paintings are also present in the Gauguin Museum.

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How much Time Does It Take to Reach Tahiti from New Zealand?

Tahiti is about 7h and 5m flight away from New Zealand including all the transfer time.

What is the Official Language of Tahiti?

Tahitian have French as their official language but inside their homes, they usually use the Tahitian language.

Who is the Nearest Neighbor of Tahiti?

Moorea, it’s another Island present just 12 miles away from Tahiti towards the Northwest.

What are the Attractive Things to Do in Tahiti?

Is Tahiti a Mountainous Island?

Visit La Plage de Maui

You will be surprised by looking at the white and soft sand beach that stretches for miles. It just boosts the black hue of the volcano in the background. The crystal clear water is the signature of the incredible beach that is just waiting for visitors.

Fautaua Waterfall

The most exciting time to visit Fautua Waterfall is the rainy season. You will be lost in the dazzling sound of falling water and absolute silence around you. The water cascades through the mountains due to high rain that paints breathtaking landscapes.

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What’s Tahiti Location? It is worth asking questions for opening a new opportunity in the Southern Pacific Ocean. It’s a place to visit that is dominated by the black theme because of the presence of giant volcanos. You can also snorkel on the clear lagoons and scuba dive with coral reefs. Tahiti has everything to offer you that will leave everlasting memories in your mind.

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