Top 12 Cheapest Places to Travel in 2023

Looking for the cheapest places to travel in 2023? There are plenty of places you can add to your bucket list with a limited budget.

You can explore nature, mountains, breathtaking views of sunsets, and many other destinations by staying within your budget.

In this article, I have mentioned the best and cheapest places to travel in 2023:

1. St. Louis, Missouri

St. Louis, Missouri Cheapest Places to Travel in 2023

St. Louis is located in the heartland of the USA and considers one of the cheapest places to travel. This city is affordable because of drivable destination for many tourists from Midwest to the South.

It is famous for its fiercely loyal sports fan, iconic Gateway Arch, and blues music scene. There are also many places you can visit free of cost.

Free Tourist Attractions:

The St. Louis Zoo:

The zoo is one of the top attractions of this city. You can enjoy the wildlife animals such as tigers, lions, bears and many more.

Forest Park:

Forest Park is considered as one of the largest Urban parks in the USA. The covered area of this park is almost 1300 acres and you can explore cultural centers, lakes, bathhouses, trails, and, museums.

2. Vietnam

VIETNAM cheapest place to go

Vietnam is also one of the most amazing and affordable places to travel in 2023. This country is filled with stunning mountain ranges, attractive beaches, and delicious cuisine. The weather also remains pleasant all the time.

Despite all these things, the best part to visit Vietnam is sticking to your budget. You can spend a day around $20 per day which makes this country the cheapest tourist attraction across the globe. Additionally, the food of this country is outstanding and hospitality is also tremendous.

Danang Golden Bridge Golden Bridge Vietnam

Top Cities to Travel:

➜ Ho Chi Minh City

➜ Hanoi

Da Nang

Cheapest Destination:

➜ Saigon

➜ Hanoi

3. Thailand

Thailand cheap places to go

Thailand is the favorite place for backpackers just because of its affordability, idyllic islands, delicious cuisine, and rich culture.

Thailand is also filled with one of the best and most stunning beaches across the globe such as Maya Bay and many more. There are plenty of cheap places you can visit in Thailand and you can easily spend your day for just $28.

Chaya Mai and Pattaya city both are the cheapest cities in Thailand where you can explore the rich culture, modern amenities, beaches, city life, and rainforest.

Top Cities to Travel:

➜ Koh Samui

➜ Bangkok

Cheapest Places to Travel in Vietnam

➜ Chiang Rai

➜ Chiang Mai

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4. Turkey

Cheapest Places to Travel in Turkey

Turkey was the most traveled country in 2021 but for last many years, Turkey is going through economic crises. Lira is declining gradually which makes this country even more affordable for tourists.

You can spend a whole day for just $45 and explore the real beauty of this beautiful country. You can also explore the beautiful cities of this country such as Istanbul, and Bodrum.

Istanbul City

Istanbul is famous for its grand bazaar, and delicious cuisine, and Bodrum is famous for the beaches and the Aegean Sea with Greece. The Aegean Sea is also the best place to capture your gorgeous pictures.

Top Cities to Travel

➜ Antalya

➜ Istanbul

➜ Bodrum

Cheapest Places to Travel in Turkey

➜ Antalya

➜ Istanbul

➜ Izmir

5. Peru

Peru is located in South America

Peru is located in South America and is considered one of the most popular and cheapest places to visit in 2023.

This beautiful city is filled with the oldest archaeological sites across the globe. You can also explore the towering mountains, stunning views of waterfalls, and pristine jungles.

You can also participate in different activities such as hiking, cycling, swimming, and taking a bath in a waterfall. Peru is one of those destinations which is ranked as the cheapest places because of accommodations and transportation.

Top Cities to Travel

➜ Cusco

➜ Lima

➜ Trujillo

Cheapest Places to Travel in Peru

➜ Chachapoyas

➜ Lima

6. Mexico

Zocalo Mexico

If you are looking for the cheapest destinations to spend your holidays, add Mexico to your bucket list. This country is one of the cheapest countries, you can visit in these inflation times.

There are many things you can explore in this beautiful country such as delicious food, friendly people, nature, and many more things. Tulum is one of the most famous cities in Mexico and is ranked the top 3 most visited cities during the winter season.

Mexico City Ciudad Mexico

This city is also famous for its cenotes. You can travel around Mexico at affordable prices.

Top Cities to Travel

➜ Mexico City



➜ Isla Cozumel

Cheapest Places to Travel in Mexico

➜ Sisal

➜ Sayulita

➜ Huatulco

➜ Queretaro

7. Argentina

Cheapest Places to Travel in Argentina

Argentina is also suffering from economic crises for the last few years. This is the reason why Argentina is also on the list of cheapest places to travel in 2023.

If we talk about the budget and expected expenses to visit Argentina then, you can easily spend your day in between $25-$37 per day. This country looks similar to Peru and is famous for its attractive outdoors.

The dynamic landscapes of this country offer unlimited opportunities to explore rock climbing, skiing, ice climbing, and much more. Argentina is also famous for its delicious food and the national dish of Argentina is Asado.

Top Cities to Travel

➜ Buenos Aires

➜ Rosario

➜ Cordoba

Cheapest Places to Travel in Argentina

➜ Mendoza

➜ Buenos Aires

➜ Cordoba

8. Cuba

Cheapest Places to Travel in Cuba

Cuba is a wonderful island and the best place to spend your vacations in 2023. This place is also affordable as compared to the Caribbean islands but a little bit more expensive than other areas such as Central America, Mexico, and Latin America.

You can spend a good day in Cuba for around $35/day. Cuba is filled with vibrant-colored buildings, delicious food, powder beaches, and much more to explore.

This island is also considered one of the safest countries for tourists.

Best time to Visit Cuba:

➜ November to April

Top Cities to Travel

➜ Santa Clara

➜ Havana

➜ Santiago de Cuba

Cheapest Places to Travel in Cuba

➜ Havana

➜ Holguin

➜ Matanzas

9. Egypt

Ancient Egyptian Pyramids

Egypt is one of the oldest and most historical places where the pyramids were built. There are many places to explore. If you are a history lover, this place will be heaven for you.

The illustration, aesthetics, and beauty, are everything you will find here. Although this country is not much cheap as well as not too expensive. You can easily spend a day for just $50.

Cheapest Places to Travel in Egypt

Cairo is the capital of this country where you can witness the famous Egyptian Museum and the beautiful Nile River. Alexandria is also one of the big cities along with the Mediterranean Sea.

Best Time to Visit Egypt

➜ Between October and April.

Top Cities to Travel

➜ Cairo

➜ Alexandria

➜ Sharm El-Sheikh

Cheapest Places to Travel in Egypt

➜ Luxor

➜ Dahab

➜ Cairo

10. Colombia


Colombia is one of the cheapest places to visit in 2023. If you are not preferring the popular restaurants, the accommodation is also inexpensive.

You can easily find cheap and delicious food as well as convenience is also cheap. You can spend your good day from $70 to $100 per day.

Additionally, Colombia is famous for its superior quality emeralds, and aromatic Arabic coffee. You can also explore the unique ecosystems, rainforests, and metropolitan cities.

Best Time to Visit Colombia

December to March

Top Cities to Consider in Colombia

➜ Cartagena

➜ Medellin

➜ Bogota

Cheapest Places to Travel to in Colombia

➜ Bucaramanga

➜ Barranquilla

➜ Minca

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11. Portugal

Best Time to Visit Portugal

Portugal is one of the most famous, beautiful, and affordable European destinations to visit in 2023. This country is famous for football as well as its rich culture, stunning nature, delicious cuisine, great wine, and much more.

If you want to visit Portugal but are tight on budget, you can visit this place in Autumn.  The average cost is between $100 to %125 per day in Portugal. Add this country to your bucket list to spend your summer holidays full of fun and enjoyment.

You can also enjoy the breathtaking views of stunning beaches.

Best Time to Visit Portugal

➜ Spring and Fall

Top Cities to Consider

➜ Lisbon

➜ Porto

➜ Lagos

Cheapest Places to Travel to in Portugal

➜ Braga

➜ Faro

➜ Lagos

12. Croatia

Cheapest Places to Travel to in Croatia:

Croatia is one of the cheapest countries to visit in Europe. This city is famous for sharing the Adriatic Sea with Italy. You can spend a good day for just $80 to $140 per day.

There are plenty of tourist attractions you can explore in Croatia. You can witness the powdery white sand, cliffside hill, clear turquoise waters, and many more.

Don’t forget to visit the National parks in Croatia that are filled with breathtaking and stunning views. You can also explore the architecture of Old Town Dubrovnik.

Best Time to Visit Croatia

➜ May to October

Top Cities to Consider

➜ Rijeka

➜ Pula

➜ Dubrovnik

Cheapest Places to Travel to in Croatia:

➜ Osijek

➜ Rijeka

➜ Zagreb

To Conclude, there are plenty of the cheapest places to travel in 2023. You can explore nature, wildlife, stunning beaches, powdery sand, historical places, beauty and delicious cuisine, rich culture, and much more by visiting above mentioned places.

As these places are considered as the safest countries for tourists but you still need to be careful while going outside.

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