Top Five Instagrammable Locations In Lisbon To Visit This Year

The Portuguese capital, Lisbon, is the largest city in Portugal. According to Wikipedia, it is known as an alpha-level global city, the second oldest city in Europe. Lisbon is the ninth most visited city in southern Europe, with over 3,500,000 visitors in 2018. With all this traction in tourism, Lisbon does not disappoint when it comes to the number of pictures you can take for instagram.

The city itself is structured on what is called ‘ A Cidade das set Colinas or ‘The city of the seven hills.’ There is no lack of places to take memorable, instagrammable pictures because Lisbon is enriched with old and new charm and sites. You might want to put the camera down and maybe sport some video recording glasses at some point.

Lisbon has so many places with breathtaking views and swipe-stopping pictures you’ll ever find on the net. So, here’s a list of the most popular Instagrammable Locations In Lisbon to visit if you’re after that Instagram-worthy shot.

1. The Famous Lisbon’s Pink Street

Located in Baix, it’s one of the most vibrant and brightest parts of the city. The pink street is just as the name describes. It’s a pink street at the heart of the city center of Lisbon. There’s a bridge that goes across the street, making pink street the best spot to take fun, unique photos.

The best time to start taking pictures is early in the morning, just as businesses start to open. This is the time when the street is clean, and you’ll find a smaller crowd. You can take the funicular in the morning as only a few people will be riding around 9:30 am.

It should be noted that this area tends to get pretty crowded as the day goes on. And it becomes one of the liveliest and busiest during the night.

2. The Lisbon Cathedral

Located between Alfama district and Arco da Rua Augusta and is only a 23-minute walk from the city center. The cathedral holds so much history and architectural beauty. You’re bound to come across it regardless, and pictures of the outside of the cathedral would be enough to draw in your audience alone.

The cathedral is still being used as a church, and it’s best to exercise respect and restraint while you visit this amazing place. And one of the best time to visit this place is early morning.

3. Miradouro de Santa Luzia

The Miradouro de Santa Luzia gives you a scenic view of the city’s red rooftops and Lisbon’s beautiful waters. You’ll want to get to the terrace near sunrise, where the view is breathtaking and, again, fewer people are. Its magnificent mosaic tiles and intricate columns are covered with a whole array of colorful plants and flowers. It makes this another perfect place to take Instagram-worthy photos.

You have to do some climbing to get there, which is a given with a city perched on seven hills. It is one of the most photo-perfect places for your photo ops. The Miradouro de Santa Luzia is about a 7-minute drive from the city center.

4. Belem Tower

Another and probably the most popular location to take instagrammable pictures is the Belem Tower. It stands as the most crowded and anticipated photo spot in Lisbon because of the gorgeous sunset from the bridge. Both access and distance add to the difficulty of getting a great photo alone. This is mainly because it’s the perfect spot to take the perfect sunset photo, which is also why it receives a lot of attention from tourists.

Belem Tower Lisbon

The public has no way to cross the bridge before the Tower opens and after it closes since they shut it. Well, no legal way. There’s a barrier placed across the bridge when the Tower is closed. You might find some Instagram posts where people managed to get a picture anyway. It’s important to note that the authorities drive through the area to monitor it. The best advice is don’t attempt to enter when the Tower is closed.

The Belem tower gets very crowded during the day, especially at sunset. So, you have two options. Get there early in the morning to beat the crowd on the bridge or take pictures from the Tower. Getting there early will allow you to take photos while no one’s around. However, there might be a line waiting for the Tower to open during the summer. You can take pictures from the Tower of the bridge as your backdrop during sunset time. Preferably around 45 minutes before it closes, starting from top to bottom.

There might be very little chance of ever getting a picture of yourself on the bridge alone during sunset. So, make sure you keep that in mind before planning a trip and go there.

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5. Praça do Comércio

Along the waterfront, located at the bottom of the city, is Praça do Comércio. The plaza is actually more popular since you can get pictures of the statues through the arch.

It is likely to be crowded during weekday winter mornings since it aligns with work commutes.

However, in summer, you don’t have to worry about this. It is always advisable to get up early to take pictures without other people in them. Also, the morning sunlight falls beautifully on the side of the arch, so keep that in mind while visiting.


Lisbon is an absolutely gorgeous city to visit and makes for one of the best spots to take Instagram photos. It has a rich history splashed with so much vibrancy and colour. Just about every corner holds magnificent places of wonder, beauty, and art, from bookstores to art galleries to churches and unique sculptures. Lisbon has almost everything to provide you with instagrammable photos that will get you many likes. And maybe capture some beautiful, fun memories along the way.

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