6 Monasteries on Earth That Don’t Feel Real

Monasteries on earth that don’t feel real traveling aspirations are not the same for everyone. Some like to go on solo trips, some enjoy an energetic, adventurous pack with buddies, and some like to enjoy the scenic views of ancient ruins. If you are one of those who is highly fascinated by beautiful monasteries, then you must read this article to add more places to your travel list. 

1. Meteora Monasteries, Greece

Meteora Monasteries, Greece

Do you want places to go on your next trip, or do you just need to pick a spot? Here are the three main reasons why you should definitely visit Greece and especially explore the place of Meteora at least once in your lifetime:

UNESCO sites. 

The first site was inscribed as an individual Cultural Heritage by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) in 1988.o It must be seen by anyone: the exceptional joining of the huge cliffs with the Greek Christian Orthodox Monasteries founded on them.

One can’t deny visiting Meteora, which is one of the most breathtaking places in the heart of Greece.ҽ Do not lose this opportunity of seeing this geological phenomenon as well as appreciating the monasticities which is a great thing for humanity because it was the outcome of ingenuity, belief coupled with patience.

The traditional feel at Kastraki.

The picturesque old neighborhood surrounding the high rocks of Meteora amphitheatrically creates the old village. Kastraki has been a popular starting point for climbers who come from all over the world to see the greatness of nature through massive rocks. Walking along the ancient tracks of the villages, hiking in the narrow paths where big rocks stand, and visiting the cloisters or little churches is worthwhile for the visitor.

A stunning sunset on top of the hills.

Monasteries on earth that don’t feel real anyone who plans to have a day stay at the Meteora cannot afford to miss the breathtaking sunset in this region.

You would make it by joining the Majestic Sunset on Meteora Rocks Tour led by our well-versed local guide at Meteora Thrones Travel Agency, who would explain the legends, myths, and story as well as the general history of Meteora region once there, the different hues of the sun will amaze you.

There is one certainty in this – you are leaving with the best pictures of your travel. The opportunity is yours to exit and leave behind your greatest moment on earth. 

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2. Tiger’s Nest Monastery (Paro Taktsang), Bhutan

Tiger's Nest Monastery (Paro Taktsang), Bhutan

Monasteries on earth that don’t feel real Settled alongside a cliff at an altitude of 3,120 m from the sea, however tough it may sound – Tiger’s Nest Monastery really provides worthy experiences. The history of many Buddhists lies in the monastery.

According to legend, Padmasambhava, the second Buddha, meditated in this place for three months while bringing tantric Buddhism to Bhutan. The legend has it that he came in on a winged dragon while some people had to make a hard hike uphill, which took them about two hours.

The hike is an experience on its own. You should enjoy the view from above as you climb but still watch out for the trail without looking at what lies under your feet. The mist-covered cliff tops surrounding the monastery further add to its aura of spirituality and history.

In addition, they always remind you how far you are above the ground, and when you finally arrive at the summit, it is a feeling of accomplishment.

While the scale of the cliff is overwhelming, the paths have been well maintained and are relatively robust; a great number of locals visit the Tigers’ nest site each day. Mothers from Bhutan can also walk with their younger ones through the same paths to staircases cut inside rocks’ edges.

One can go into a monastery comprising various floors and three temples. Finally, as you go further into the complex, you reach down to the well-known cave where they say that Padmasambhava meditated.

Anyone who wishes to have some cultural and real adventure tourism to Bhutan should pay a visit to Tiger’s Nest Monastery at all costs.

3. Alchi Monastery, India

Alchi Monastery, India

Monasteries on earth that don’t feel real one of the oldest and most popular Buddhist monasteries located in Ladakh is Alchi Monastery, which dates back to either the 9th-10th Century or the 11th Century.

It is a repository of rare old art pieces like fine wall paintings, wooden sculptures, and statuary. The paintings are considered to be the oldest surviving in Ladakh, and they reflect the artistic and spiritual influences of both Hindu and Buddhist traditions.

Alchi Monastery lies in this beautiful little village at the edge of the Indus River, among forested hills. This village has been associated with peace, tranquillity, and a vibrant culture and background. Take a walk around the village and talk to the villagers; they are very welcoming. You can also enjoy the natural beauty and tranquillity of the river and the landscape.

Alchi Monastery is part of a group of monuments that span three villages: Alchi, Mangyu, and Sumda Chun. The uniqueness of these monuments is also seen in their styles as well as the quality of their crafts, which reflect the heterogeneity of this land.

These are other historic monuments you can take a tour of and understand their story and secrets as well. You can also compare and contrast the different features and elements of each monument.

Alchi Monastery is a place for learning and practicing Tibetan Buddhist teaching. The venue is a peaceful and silent place for meditation. It has good auras or vibrations, making people who step in feel good. There are also rituals and monastic practices that you can witness, as well as monastic chants and prayer recitals.

4. Mar Saba Monastery

Mar Saba Monastery

One of the most seniorly occupied monasteries in the world is the Mar Saba Monastery. Saint Sabbas was an esteemed Christian ascetic who built it in the fifth century. Centuries ago, the monastery served as the center of pilgrimage and religious studies for people.

A cliff of the Kidron valley overlooks the monastery. The structures are built with blocks that are found locally and linked together through passages and steps. There are more than a dozen cave churches in the monastery whose walls bear Byzantine frescos.

Monks in Mar Saba Monastery lead a highly restrictive and self-denying lifestyle. Their day is marked by praying, working, and studying. People are also permitted to visit in order to watch what monks do in a day and how they live according to tradition. Cited Monastery is situated in a beautiful spot in the desert of Judaea.

There are various plant and animal species that surround different hills and valleys in this area. Mar Saba Monastery is an oasis of peace. However, the visitors could use it as a point for prayer meditation or just admire its serene beauty.

Mar Saba Monastery is a place that you should visit for a spiritual and exceptional trip.

5. Ipoh, Malaysia, Sam Poh Tong Temple

Ipoh, Malaysia, Sam Poh Tong Temple

Monasteries on earth that don’t feel real in an off-beaten track in Malaysia, there is a hidden peaceful narrative at the back of the Ipoh city famous for its delicious white coffee and intriguing street arts. W Poh Tong cave temple lies here.

It is reported that this sacred building is dated at 1912 when the Chinese monk who dwelled on it for twenty years found and explored a big cave.

Translated roughly as the cave of triple gem (despite there not being any gem visible), this complex is the cave temple, the monastery, the crematorium, and the beautiful garden replete with ponds, lanterns, rocks, and fishes. Visitors can feed the huge ‘‘turtle lake” with native turtles or just feel it too soul-less.

The story of this monastery becomes very touching since, nowadays, there remains just one old monk in that complex despite its great interest and apparent beauty. It lives in a monastery until its demise along with a monk alone.

6. Fountains Abbey – Yorkshire, England

Fountains Abbey – Yorkshire, England

Hidden away in the beautiful countryside of Ripon in Yorkshire is the grand set of ruined monastic buildings of Fountains Abbey, the greatest surviving monument to medieval monachism in England.

Amazingly, most of these relics do remain despite their being constructed nearly 800 years ago. Your day trip will give you a sense of stillness and calmness, as well as an impression of life in some earlier ages monks’ order.c

In the twelfth century, thirteen Benedictine monks who became frustrated by how some of their brethren monks were living in York decided that they would want to go back to a stricter and simpler way of life founded Fountains Abbey. They wore coarse wool habits, had prayer and meditation, and every season blood-let their bodies too!

Using laborers as stonemasons, farmers, and handymen, the monks started constructing Fountains Abbey. Therefore, they used all their moments for worshipping God. The monastery also had a lot of wealth by taking care of crops and livestock that they would sell in local markets.

Fontevraud Abbey’s order lasted for 400 years, excluding giving refuge to fellow pilgrim monks.

Henry V of England dissolved in 1539 all Catholic monasteries; the roof was stripped off and the stone was taken to build other abbeys. The monks were forced to desert it because of its unfit condition and, hence, look for safety elsewhere.

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