10 Beautiful Castles That Don’t Feel Real 

Castles! It feels amazing to stroll down the lavish halls of beautiful castles that remind you to live in their heydays. Every castle, whether a grand Victorian mansion or a sprawling country manor, has its unique personality, echoed from a time when it once aligned with life and plans of political intrigue. Stepping into these phenomenal architectures is like entering a frozen moment in time and sparking a unique joy about the beautiful castles that don’t feel real.

Let’s dive into the past through the pivotal point of the beautiful castles that don’t feel real and get a strong motivation to keep exploring more.

1. Neuschwanstein Castle

Neuschwanstein Castle in the Swabia region of Bavaria, Germany is one of the beautiful castles that don’t feel real. It was built in 1868 by King Ludwig II to escape from the political turbulence and find some solitude away from the public eye. The castle sits in the foothills of Apls and attracts loads of tourists because of its majestic beauty.

Neuschwanstein Castle welcomes around 1.3 million people annually reaching 6,000 visitors daily in the summer season. It’s a great example of castle romanticism as it exhibits the best contemporary architectural fashion of its time.

2. Edinburgh Castle 

Edinburgh Castle 

Edinburgh Castle in Scotland’s capital shows a sense of nobility and authority from the castle rock and is considered the most enchanting castle in the world. The castle has a long history and has a presence that dates back to the Iron Age. However, its royal history is only traced back to the 12th century and met with King David I.

Edinburgh Castle remained the pivotal place for historical conflicts like the Wars of Scottish Independence to the Jacobite rising. It’s still a mystery as to who was the first settlers or human inhabitants of the place.

3. Bran Castle 

Bran Castle 

Bran Castle in Romania is surrounded by spooky anecdotes as it is connected with the iconic 1897 novel, Dracula. The castle was built on the mountaintop between Transylvania and Wallachia around 1377. During the 15th century, it was used as a torture cell for Vlad. it’s the ruler’s bloodlust that inspired Stoker’s notorious tale to be famous about the castle.

The Bran Castle was presented as a memento of appreciation to Queen Maria when Transylvania became part of Romania.

4. National Palace of Pena 

National Palace of Pena 

The National Palace of Pena in Portugal is influenced by the European Baroque and Middle Eastern architectural styles with a unique colorful flair. It makes the Palace of Pena one of the most Ravishing castles that don’t feel real. The initial purpose of Pena Palace was to give a charming refuge to the royal family during the summer season.

The National Palace was frequently used by the royals till the revolution of 1910. Now it’s classified as a UNESCO World Heritage site because of its vibrant red and yellow shades on the hilly landscape.

5. Chateau de Chambord 

Chateau de Chambord 

Chateau de Chambord in France displays the magnificent French Renaissance architectural trends that make the castle one of the most famous castles in the world. It’s a captivating masterpiece built by the French monarchy reflected in its 400 rooms, 80 staircases, and 280 fireplaces. In 1519, King Francois included some of Leonardo de Vinci’s work by constructing a double helix staircase by an Italian polymath.

The castle served as a sign of the lasting influence and power of the French Monarchy that used to be a monumental residence for royalty.

6. Windsor Castle 

Windsor Castle 

Windsor Castle in England has been an official royal residence for the last 900 years and become the largest and oldest inhabited castle in the world. Its construction was inaugurated back in 1070 in the western part of London by William the Conqueror. There are loads of renovations seen by monarchs including the Queen Victoria private chapel.

Most of the popular royalty events are held at St. George’s Chapel and royal family members also escaped to Windsor for some restful weekends.

7. Palace of Versailles 

Palace of Versailles 

The Palace of Versailles in Paris is a splendid former royal residence and one of the most magnificent castles that don’t feel real. The palace is administered by the French Government and attracts around 15 million visitors annually because of its unique gardens, museum, and other architecturally refined giant buildings.

The castle was built by King Lois XIV but letter kings like Louis XIII also added some monuments to the structure as a hunting lodge on a hill.

8. Alhambra 


Alhambra Castle in Spain became a symbol of Spanish rich history and is one of the most beautiful castles that don’t feel real. From the Nasrid dynasty, Ibn al Ahmar was the one who commissioned the hilltop destination for the palace construction in 1238.

There are dedicated buildings according to their functions such as a quarter for the court officials, a military base, and a quarter for the royal family.

9. Prague Castle 

Prague Castle 

Prague Castle in the Czech Republic is considered the largest ancient castle complex in the world. Its construction was inaugurated in 870 when the first building, the Church of the Virgin Mary, was erected.

The castle spewed with coming rulers such as Vretislaus I and Duke of Bohemia added the Basilica of Saint George and Basilica of St. Vitus in the 10th century. It also has Gothic-style structures that were fortified during the reign of Charles IV.

10. Hearst Castle 

Hearst Castle 

Hearst Castle on the Central Coast of California was built by William Randolph Hearst and it’s one of the most enchanted castles that don’t feel real.

Heart named the castle “La Cuesta Encantada”, which means enchanted hills. Now it has become a National Historic Landmark and has been converted into a Museum that is open to the public.

The castle also has a world-famous swimming pool that become a real delight for photographers with its brilliant turquoise hue. The hilltop castle is the main attraction in the twin tower city with three sumptuous guesthouses and 127 acres of terraced gardens.


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