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Baltimore is a significant city in Maryland, USA that represents the city of braves. The most central part of the city is the Fort McHenry National Monument where the British continuously bombarded for 25 hr back in 1815, but Americans withstand on their feet without surrendering.

There are a lot of places to visit in Baltimore. However, mishaps are part of life when you visit the city, maybe you have a shocking car accident that makes it important for you to know your right and the rules of the city. Here comes the car accident lawyer in Baltimore that will not only guide you about your rights but also support you to get out of the situation.

This blog is all about a lawyer’s perspective on the car accident in Baltimore. Let’s find out the details about the car accident lawyer Baltimore.

Take Your Car Accident Case to Court

People don’t usually know the limits of filing a case in court and waste their chances to be paid for the injuries. According to the rules of Maryland,  a person can file a case within three years of a car accident. Just make sure that you hire the best car accident lawyer Baltimore for the purpose. They will negotiate on your behalf with the insurance companies and faulty to compensate your damages by establishing powerful convincing arguments.

Important Car Accident Statistics in Baltimore

Baltimore has the worst car accidents record. There are around 500 people died every year due to car accidents. In the entire United States, the number of people who died because of car accidents was 40,000 in 2017.  So, you need to be aware when you are visiting the United States and especially Baltimore.

Typical Causes of Car Accidents in Baltimore

When a person suffers a car accident the whole family becomes a victim of the accident in the sense of financial loss. Your car might be damaged, cost of medical bills and absence from the workplace cause a loss of daily wages. The car accident lawyer Baltimore will support you not only recover from the injuries but also from the financial burdens.

Avoid Distraction During Driving: While you are driving, you need to take care of distractions like eating, conversing on the mobile, reaching for something on the car floor or backseat, etc.

Feeling Drowsy: If you are not rested enough before sitting in the driving seat, most probably you will get drowsy during driving. It will reduce your focus on the road that might cause an accident.

Avoid Drugs: Avoid all sorts of drugs during driving because it affects your ability to concentrate on the road. It could bring devastating results in return.

Avoid Aggressive Drive: Be in your lane and follow all the speed limits when you are driving. In case of any impatience or aggression, while driving, you could suffer a fatal car accident.

Common Car Accident Injuries

Common car accident injuries include internal injuries, back and neck injuries, head injuries, and fractures.

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Immediate Measure after Car Accident

A car accident is a very traumatic incident that impacts your emotions badly. In this case, you need to keep your emotions in control. Check yourself for a serious injury and try to call 911. Until the arrival of the police, find a safe spot that is a bit away from the place of the accident.

Best Way of Protecting Your Case

Taking care of the following steps will help you and your car accident lawyer to protect your case in Baltimore.

⦁ Don’t Sign Anything on the Accident Spot

Your case in the court will be strong when you don’t sign anything on the incident. It will never give any room for the defendant’s lawyer to use the contribute negligence doctrine. Only hire the best accident lawyers in Baltimore who could deal with this kind of nuances.

⦁ Discuss Your Case only with the Best Car Accident Lawyer in Baltimore

It will be a mistake to just visit the search engine and select the car accident lawyer near me rather than finding out the best lawyer for car accidents in Baltimore. Before hiring a lawyer, it’s important to look at the reputation of the lawyer and the success rate of cases.

⦁ Preparation of a Brief Written Statement about the Car Accident 

Try to prepare a written statement about the accident that will help you to communicate with your car accident lawyer. The main details must include the time, date, and location of the accident. Draw a layout of the road and mention the address of the witness.

⦁ Review the Police Report of the Accident with Your Car Incident Lawyer

Your insurance companies are going to use a police report as the first evidence to investigate the accident for liabilities. When you review the police report with the best car accident lawyers in Baltimore, they will help you to note down your errors. Car accident lawyers also prepare the witness statement again, if necessary to make your case strong.

⦁ Share Photos of the Injuries with Your Car Accident Lawyer

It will be very helpful for your lawyers to have a clear image of the entire situation in mind so that the lawyer could defend the case thoroughly. The photos of the damage are strong evidence that could be used in court.

⦁ Record All the Appointments with Your Lawyer

The best car accident lawyer in Baltimore will advise you to take a record of all the appointments with your doctor, auto repair shop, and all the other parties. If you have any business meeting that was canceled due to your injuries also mention them in the record.

⦁ Keep All the Bills and Receipts

Whatever the cost of injuries and repair you pay to anyone, keep them all in one place. Submit all those bills to your car accident lawyers so they could analyze them and in case of any flaws fill them out carefully.

⦁ Get the Certificates for Lost Wages

In case of serious injuries, you will be obviously unable to work. You need to have a certificate for your disability that clearly show the reason for your inability to work. It will aid your car accident lawyer to defend your case and ask for compensation for lost wages too.

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