A 360 Google Review of Riteway Auto Patchogue

My Volkswagen had a problem with suspension that took me to the Riteway Auto Patchogue. After looking at the satisfactory auto services they provided, I decided to write a review on them. The review is for the purpose of guiding other customers who are looking for reliable auto services for their precious cars.

I will try to give you a full glance of their services in the review that you can get in chunks from different places like Google reviews and rating sites. It can be considered a comprehensive google review that covers 360 of the services of Riteway Auto Patchogue. Let’s delve into the details of services.

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Overview of Riteway Auto Patchogue

Repairing your car is not a DIY project. That needs professional care and expertise to understand the problem deeply and try to solve them on the same merits. Riteway Auto Patchogue offers high-quality auto services for all kinds of cars like Acura, Alfa Romeo, Aston Martin, Audi, BMW, Bentley Motors, Volkswagen, Bugatti, etc.

It’s a family-owned business that is present in the area of Patchogue. You can get a range of satisfactory auto services from their trained and certified experts. They also guide you completely after the services so you could keep your car in peak condition. Their more prominent services include brake pad replacement services.

Riteway Auto Patchogue tires inspection, engine inspection, and oil changes include a special discount offer for customers. All repairs are done by the master technicians so that the high quality of the car services could be guaranteed.

A Glance at Riteway Auto Patchogue Team and Customer Feedback 

 They have been giving their services to the locals of Suffolk country, New York for years. 

All the customers’ reviews on Google and Yelp are not less than five stars and four stars. It reveals that customers are satisfied with the work of the auto technician at Riteway Auto Patchogue.


In case of inspection, the technicians perform a standard test of 150-point inspection that starts from the visual, tires, cooling system and all the way goes to overall engine inspection. By taking permission from the owner, the mechanics at Riteway Auto take the test drive of the car to scrutinize it completely. 


The diagnostic tools used by the master technicians are the latest and most accurate like their professional auto scanners tell the exact problem of the vehicle just within a few minutes. All the technicians at Riteway Auto have more than ten years of experience with ASE certifications.

Availability of All Essential Auto Services 

Riteway Automotive Center Inc


Engine Coolant Flushing

Engine coolant is the fluid that is added to the radiator of the car to remove its residual heat. With the passage of time, rust and other particles start to accumulate in the cooling system that decreases the efficiency of the radiator. When you bring your car for the repair of a cooling system or overhearing, Riteway removes all the unnecessary particles and makes it easy to transfer the heat in the cooling system. 

Battery Replacement  

If in cold weather your car is not starting easily, it’s because of the faulty battery. You need to charge your battery from the Riteway Auto. If the problem stays, you need to replace your car battery. You can get the best batteries available at Riteway Auto with a full one-year warranty with free of cost replacement.  


Engine Tune-up 

The engine is a multi-component assembly where all parts move synchronously for the motion of the car. Riteway Auto technicians will tell you about the owner’s handbook of your car and guide you about the frequency of tuning up the engine. In a normal tune-up of the engine, the auto experts will change the air filter, fuel filter, engine oil, and test the engine ignition timing.    


Brake Pad Replacement 

When brake pads wear out, an indicator starts blinking on your dashboard instrument cluster. When you visit Riteway Auto, they will show you in your car manual the necessary thickness of the pad required that is usually more than 2 mm on the pad backing plates. It is the best service that you can get from the same auto garage. 


Wheel Alignment 

If your car is drifting on one side while driving, it means that the car wheels need alignment service. Riteway Auto technicians will skillfully help to align the rear wheel of the car with the front wheel. During the test drive with you, they ensure that your car remains on the road even when you are not holding your steering wheels for a while. 


Suspension Repair

If your car ride is not smooth and comfortable, you probably have an issue with the suspension. When you come with a faulty suspension of your vehicle in the auto garage, they repair the suspension while taking into consideration what type of suspension is present in your car. Is it the basic suspension, dependent or independent one? After suspension repair, you will never feel any jolt even driving on a bumpy road. 

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Additional Perks

Experienced Auto Technicians: The experienced technicians at Riteway Auto are shaping the auto industry by having robust experience and Auto Service Excellence (ASE) Certificates. They keep on updating their auto service knowledge by getting new certificates and skills.

Best Customer Service: You can get all sorts of auto services at affordable prices that are available 24/7. You don’t need to worry about the issue with your vehicle. Just leave it on Riteway Auto, they will take care of it properly.

High-Quality Diagnostic Tools: They use one of the latest and best diagnostic tools that help them to pinpoint the problem and resolve it in order to keep your car in high performance.

Transparency: Every part changed at the auto garage, is going to be reserved until you see it in its original condition. Riteway Auto uses genuine parts and gives the guarantee of the new parts for two years with 24,000 miles after replacement.

Professionalism: When you are in the auto garage, you will observe that every auto expert is conducting oneself and others with respect, is excellent at the job, and has high integrity. You will experience the environment of a disciple that is on another level.

What is the phone number for Riteway Auto Patchogue?

Riteway Auto Patchogue offers auto garage services and they also provide services on-site. If you have a problem with your car in the middle of the road, you can call them at (631) 207-2146 and an expert will come to fix your car.

Where is the Riteway Auto Patchogue location?

You can find them at 192 Waverly Ave, Patchogue, New York. The location is just a few minutes away from the main cities. You can check Google Maps to take directions.

What are the Opening hours of the Riteway Auto Patchogue?

Riteway Auto Patchogue is available from Monday to Friday from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM. On Saturday the opening time is the same but the closing is contracted a bit till 12:00 PM. Sundays are off.

What are the Services that You get at Riteway Auto Patchogue? 

You can get all sorts of services from exterior body repair to engine repair from experienced and certified auto experts.

Riteway Auto Patchogue Google Reviews

Riteway Auto Patchogue Google Reviews

Here is another Happy Customer of Riteway Auto Repair:

Riteway Automotive Center Inc Google Reviews


Final Thoughts 

Riteway Auto Patchogue is a one-stop solution for all the issues of your vehicle. Professional auto technicians are good at repairing and communicating with customers to maintain a high level of transparency and trust. You can get 2 years of warranty with 24,000 miles on replacement of any parts of the car. These are the things that make Riteway Auto the best auto garage in the region.


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