Experience Comfort on the Road with Leisure Travel Van

Are you looking for a comfortable way to travel on the road? Look no further than the Leisure Travel. In this blog post, we will take you through all that you need to know about this unique and versatile vehicle.

From discovering its uniqueness and impact on your travel experience to unwrapping its key features such as comfortable sleeping options, versatile living spaces, a modern kitchenette, and more. We will also explore customization options that can enhance your comfort and help you choose the right floor plan.

Moreover, we’ll connect you with the Leisure Travel community where you can share experiences with fellow travelers and find your nearest dealer. So, if you’re planning a road adventure anytime soon, read on to find out if Travel Van is the right fit for you!

Discovering the Leisure Travel Van: A Brief Overview

Leisure Travel Van

Experience unique style, luxury, and innovative use of space with the Travel Van. Limited chassis availability due to supply constraints. Take a virtual tour for a glimpse of comfort. Cruise control ensures a smooth ride.

The Uniqueness of Leisure Travel Vans

Travel Vans stand out with innovative floorplans, glass doors for immersive views, abundant natural light, premium appliances, and convenient storage.

Impact on Road Travel Experience

The Travel Van’s patented leisure lounge system provides versatile seating and sleeping options, enhancing the travel experience. With its panoramic window, you can enjoy breathtaking views on the road.

The redesigned galley and spacious lavatory add to the comfort, and the swivel chairs and standard booth dinette create comfortable dining and living spaces. Additionally, the power recliners create a cozy and relaxing atmosphere.

Key Features of Leisure Travel Van

Leisure Travel Van

Comfortable sleeping options include a Murphy bed, rear lounge, corner bed, twin bed layout, and unity rear twin bed floorplan.

Comfortable Sleeping Options

Explore the variety of sleeping options in Travel Vans, such as Murphy beds and power sofa beds, for a comfortable rest on the road.

Versatile Living Spaces

Experience the convenience and comfort of customizable living spaces in Travel Vans. Enjoy easy maneuverability and sustainable technology for a comfortable road trip.

Efficient & Modern Kitchenette

Experience the efficiency and modernity of the kitchenette in Leisure Travel Vans, complete with essential amenities and high-quality materials.

The Significance of Floorplans in a Leisure Travel Van

Floorplans in a Leisure Travel Van

Floorplans determine the layout and functionality of your  Travel Van, catering to different needs such as sleeping arrangements, kitchen space, and bathroom facilities. Analyze the flow of living spaces and look for features like storage, entertainment options, and convertible furniture.

Navigating Different Floorplans

With a variety of wonder models, choose the class c floorplan that suits your needs and preferences, from captain’s chairs to large galleys, in a Travel Van.

How to Choose the Right Floorplan

Consider your needs for sleeping arrangements, kitchen space, and bathroom facilities when choosing a floor plan.

Unpacking the Amenities of the Leisure Travel Van

Discover the luxurious master bedroom, panoramic window, spacious lavatory, premium appliances, and in-van entertainment system.

The In-Van Entertainment System

Immerse yourself in a mobile theater system with a sound bar, LED TV, and virtual tour for a luxurious experience. Relax in power recliners and swivel chairs with night modes and the leisure lounge system.

Storage Provisions

Utilize natural light and exterior storage, removable shelving and cubby system, innovative use of space, glass door, and spacious storage options.

Safety Measures & Conveniences

Experience the convenience of cruise control and air conditioning, ensuring safety with innovative swivel tables and modern cabinetry finishes. Travel worry-free with the travel van.

Exploring Customization Options for Your Leisure Travel Van

Discover unique interior finishes, perfect floorplans like the Unity twin bed, and the right chassis for your comfort. Customize with swivel chairs, booth dinette, removable shelving, and an inflatable mattress kit.

Choosing the Right Upgrades

Upgrade your leisure travel van with immersive unity rear lounge views, a luxurious master bedroom, and innovative unity twin bed floorplans. Select the Unity Murphy bed for an enhanced travel lifestyle and premium appliances in the Unity rear lounge.

The Role of Chassis in Enhancing Comfort

Experience the smooth ride and handling while enhancing comfort with limited chassis availability. Choose the nearest dealer for expert assistance in selecting the right chassis. Benefit from innovative space utilization and chassis enhancements.

Connect with the Leisure Travel Van Community

Share your travel experiences, find the nearest dealer, and join the community of like-minded travelers. Stay informed about the latest models and supply chain constraints.

Sharing Experiences with Fellow Travelers

Connect with the travel van community through forums, and social media groups, and attend rallies and events to meet fellow travelers. Join clubs and associations to connect and learn from others.

Finding Your Nearest Dealer

Discover the convenience of locating the nearest leisure travel dealer for expert guidance and support.

Is Leisure Travel the Right Fit for Your Road Adventure?

Looking for superior comfort and luxury on your road adventure? The Travel Van might be the perfect fit. With innovative floorplans, panoramic windows, premium appliances, and spacious lavatories, it provides everything you need for a comfortable and enjoyable journey. Discover the ultimate road travel experience with Leisure Travel.

Comparing Leisure Travel Van With Other Brands.

Experience the unique style and innovative use of space, luxury and comfort, limited chassis availability, virtual tour, and plan ahead for wait times.

Frequently Asked Questions

What features make Leisure Travel a comfortable option for road trips?

Leisure Travel offers a range of features for a comfortable road trip. With a well-designed layout, convertible beds, and seating areas, these vans maximize living space. Amenities like a full kitchen and bathroom, insulation, heating/cooling systems, and optional solar power contribute to a comfortable travel experience.

Are there any customization options available for Leisure Travel?

Customization options are available for Leisure Travel. Customers can choose from various floor plans, interior designs, and luxury upgrades like leather seating and premium entertainment systems. This allows for a unique and personalized travel experience.

What are some of the benefits of traveling in a van versus other forms of transportation?

Traveling in a van offers flexibility to change plans on the fly. It’s cost-effective compared to flying or staying in hotels. Vans provides an adventurous experience and access to off-the-beaten-path destinations. Their compact size allows for intimate travel experiences.

Are there any recommended routes or destinations for those traveling in a Leisure Travel?


In conclusion, Leisure Travel offers a unique and comfortable road travel experience. With its versatile living spaces, comfortable sleeping options, and efficient kitchenette, it provides all the amenities you need for a memorable trip.

The various floorplan options allow you to choose the layout that suits your preferences and needs. Additionally, the in-van entertainment system, ample storage provisions, and safety measures enhance the overall convenience and enjoyment of your journey.

If you’re considering a Leisure Travel, take advantage of the customization options available to tailor it to your specific requirements. And don’t forget to connect with the vibrant Leisure Travel community to share experiences and find your nearest dealer. Start your road adventure with Leisure Travel and experience comfort like never before.


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